Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates

December 19, 2019|
Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates by Carol Anne Halstead


Thirteen people—of different ages, from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, pursuing different careers, on different life paths—all experienced an inner knowing that led to the Alpha Imaging website, which finally elucidated what they were each being called upon to do—to Ascend.

Through the guidance of the Ascended Masters, Angels, Cosmic Beings, gurus, shamans, and the keepers of the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand, their Ascension journeys have rapidly evolved in a modern world, allowing each of them to systematically clear their karma; leave the cycle of rebirth in a single lifetime; and connect with their Higher Selves in service to all of humanity and the entire planet. Here are their stories, recorded in their own authentic words.

Have you ever questioned whether there was more to mundane life than meets the eye? Whether there was a proven path to enlightenment, unity, heightened consciousness, higher purpose, Higher Self? These thirteen high initiates demystify this path by presenting the modern, methodical, perceptible Ascension system that successfully worked for them, and that is openly accessible to anyone seeking it. Through the sharing of their unique and personal life stories, an attainable, clear-cut spiritual path is revealed that no longer requires the asceticism and isolation of ancient days of old, aided both by Beings of higher realms as well as a community of fellow human initiates who seek to support and love you along your ascent.

Open your heart and mind to a new spiritual paradigm that encompasses the most important purpose of your existence. The opportunity to free yourself from rebirth and embody your Higher Self exists right now, and all life in our cosmos will experience the positive ripple effect of your Modern Ascension journey.

Title:Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 19, 2019
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781525554353

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