Molecular Basis of Virus Evolution: MOLECULAR BASIS OF VIRUS EVOLU by Adrian J. GibbsMolecular Basis of Virus Evolution: MOLECULAR BASIS OF VIRUS EVOLU by Adrian J. Gibbs

Molecular Basis of Virus Evolution: MOLECULAR BASIS OF VIRUS EVOLU

EditorAdrian J. Gibbs, Charles H. Calisher, Fernando García-Arenal

Paperback | November 17, 2005

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Advances in molecular biology have led to huge increases in determining the phylogenetic history of viruses. This book is one of the first solely devoted to the origins and evolution of viruses, and of the ways in which they interact with their cellular hosts and vectors. Intitial chapters cover impacts of viruses and their control. Further chapters detail genetic variation of viruses and the molecular basis of interrelation at the population level and the molecular basis and evolution of this relationship. Seventeen chapters follow on genetic origins, sources of variation, population genetics, and interactions with hosts. Practical virologists will find the chapters on phylogenetic analysis techniques very useful. The highly adaptive nature of viruses will be of particular interest to evolutionists.
Title:Molecular Basis of Virus Evolution: MOLECULAR BASIS OF VIRUS EVOLUFormat:PaperbackDimensions:624 pages, 8.98 × 5.98 × 1.26 inPublished:November 17, 2005Publisher:Cambridge University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Editors' preface; 1. Introduction and guide; Part I. The Impact of Viral Diseases: 2. Classical studies of virus evolution Frank Fenner; 3. The evolution of virus diseases: their emergence, epidemicity and control Neal Nathanson, Kathleen A. McGann and John Wilesmith; Part II. Origins of Viruses and their Genes: 4. Origin of RNA viral genomes; approaching the problem by comparative sequence analysis Alexander E. Borbalenya; 5. Origins of DNA viruses Duncan J. McGeoch and Andrew J. Davison; 6. In search of the origins of viral genes Adrian Gibbs and Paul K. Keese; 7. Cellular sequences in viral genomes Gregor Meyers, Norbert Tautz and Heinz-Jürgen Theil; Part III. Sources of Virus Variation: 8. Molecular mechanisms of point mutations in RNA viruses Bertha-Cecilia Ramíerez, Pascale Barbier, Karin Séron, Anne-Lise Haenni and Françoise Bernardi; 9. Recombination and its evolutionary effect on viruses with RNA genomes Michael M. C. Lai; Part IV. Molecular Interactions of Viruses and their Hosts: 10. Viruses as ligands of eukaryotic cell surface molecules Thomas L. Lentz; 11. The influence of immunity on virus evolution Charles R. M. Bangham; 12. Effect of variation within an HIV-1 envelope region containing neutralizing epitopes and virulence determinants Jaap Goudsmit; Part V. Viruses, Hosts and Populations: 13. Quasi-species: the concept and the word Estaban Domingo, John Holland, Christop Biebricher and Manfred Eigen; 14. The co-evolutionary dynamics of viruses and their hosts Robert M. May; 15. Population genetics of viruses: an introduction A. Moya and F. García-Arenal; 16. Origin and evolution of prokaryotes E. Stackebrandt; 17. Molecular systematics and seed plant phylogeny: a summary of a parsimony analysis of rbcL sequence data Kathleen A. Kron and Mark W. Chase; Part VI. Case Studies of Viral Taxa: Their Systematics and Evolution: 18. Evolution of poxviruses and African swine fever virus R. Blasco; 19. Molecular systematics of the flaviviruses and their relatives Jan Blok and Adrian J. Gibbs; 20. Herpesviridae Andrew J. Davison and Duncan J. McGeoch; 21. Aphthovirus evolution J. Dopazo, M. J. Rodrigo, A. Rodríguez, J. C. Sáiz and F. Sobrino; 22. Evolution of the Bunyaviridae Richard M. Elliott; 23. Evolution of the tobamoviruses Aurora Fraile, Miguel A. Aranda and Fernando García-Arenal; 24. The luteovirus supergroup: rampant recombination and persistent partnerships Mark Gibbs; 25. The evolution of the Reoviridae Wolfgang K. Joklik and Michael R. Roner; 26. Genetic variation and evolution of satellite viruses and satellite RNAs G. Kurath and C. Robaglia; 27. Molecular evolution of the retroid family Marcella A. McClure; 28. Adaptation of members of the Orthomyxoviridae family to transmission by ticks Patricia A. Nuttall, Mary A. Morse, Linda D. Jones and Agustin Portela; 29. The Order Mononegavirales: evolutionary relationships and mechanisms of variation C. R. Pringle; 30. The molecular evolution of the human immunodeficiency viruses Paul M. Sharp, Conal J. Burgess and Beatrice H. Hahn; 31. Molecular evolution of papillomaviruses Marc Van Ranst, Jeffrey B. Kaplan, John P. Sundberg and Robert D. Burk; 32. Molecular systematics of the Potyviridae, the largest plant virus family Colin W. Ward, Georg F. Weiller, Dharma D. Shukla and Adrian Gibbs; 33. Evolution of alphaviruses Scott C. Weaver; 34. Evolution of influenza viruses: rapid evolution and stasis R. G. Webster, W. J. Bean and O. T. Gorman; Part VII. Techniques for Viral Systematics: 35. The RNase A mismatch method for the genetic characterization of viruses C. López-Galíndez, J. M. Rojas and J. Dopazo; 36. Molecular phylogenetic analysis Georg F. Weiller, Marcella A. McClure and Adrian J. Gibbs; Index.

Editorial Reviews

"...a very useful addition to the scientific literature." Dr. Guy Lemay, CSM Newsletter