Money: Gnani Purush Dadashri

byShuddha Anami

Kobo ebook | May 18, 2015

Money: Gnani Purush Dadashri by Shuddha Anami

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Whatever money there is in the world today is all tainted and wrong. Very little of it is pure and right. There are two kinds of merit karma: One that binds demerit or sin karma and takes a person into a lower life form and the other that binds merit karma which takes a person into a higher life form. The money that will result in a birth in a higher life form is very rare in the current era of the time cycle. Where such ‘pure and right’ money exists, there is continuous inner peace, all life’s comforts and true religion.
The money of today will bind sin karma. This means it will bring pain in the next life. That is its nature. It causes clashes all around, in the home and outside. It is better if such money does not enter the home. A simple meal of bread and vegetable is better than a gourmet meal with thirty-two varieties. In this time a single rupee of the right kind will bring tremendous peace and inner satisfaction. Such money creates an atmosphere of harmony in the family filled with spiritual atmosphere.
I once asked a woman from a reputable family in Bombay whether they had any quarrels in their home. She replied, “Every morning we have quarrels for breakfast!” I told her they must be saving a lot of money on food and she replied, “No, we still have to spend money. As we butter the toast, the quarrels go on and so does the breakfast!” What kind of people are these?

All of the above are the words of Gnani Purush Dadashri, in satsang with seekers of peace, harmony and true bliss. Hundreds of thousands met him and amongst these were people who had no lack of money, but they were suffering clashes with their loved ones and business colleagues. In this book of 'Money' you will find simple easy vision and answers about wealth, poverty and the use and abuse of money, the reasons for its flow to you, and the reasons for money to leave you. There is much more, because it gives a total view of true happiness and how to attain it, regardless of being with or without money.

Please note that this is a compilation of various satsang that happened between 1962 to 1988 with Gnani Purush Dadashri, it was brought in print form by Dr. Niruben Amin, and has been shared by Shuddha Anami in the English translation version on line, for many years. Is money the cause for your prevailing unhappiness? if it is, laying your eyes on this book will help you a great deal. This book is not about how to make money, it is about how to have the right understanding about inflow and outflow of money, and how not to lose your precious time 'making' money.

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