More Grammar Practice 2 by Heinle HeinleMore Grammar Practice 2 by Heinle Heinle

More Grammar Practice 2

byHeinle Heinle

Paperback | August 2, 2010

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Used alone or in conjunction with any grammar, reading, writing, or listening/speaking course books, the second edition of the three-level series More Grammar Practice now has more to help students learn and review the essential grammar skills necessary for effective language learning. - Accessible two-page format keeps students' practice focused on one grammar point at a time. - Clear grammar charts present the target grammar structures with full-sentence explanations.- Language Notes engage students with real-world applications of the target grammar.
Title:More Grammar Practice 2Format:PaperbackDimensions:144 pages, 10.6 × 8.3 × 0.4 inPublished:August 2, 2010Publisher:Global ELTLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1 forms of the simple present tense2 negative statements with the simple present tense3 questions with the simple present tense4 uses of the simple present tense5 frequency words and position words6 contrasting simple present tense and the present continuous tense7 non action verbs8 questions with the simple present tense and the present continuous tense9 future tense with will10 future tense with be going to 11 will versus be going to 12 simple past tense of regular verbs13 simple past tense of irregular verbs 14 negatives and questions with the simple past tense15 subject and object pronouns16 possessive forms of nouns17 questions with whose18 possessive adjectives and pronouns19 questions about the subject20 forms and uses of reflexive pronouns21 noun plurals 22 using the singular and plural for generalizations23 non count nouns24 quantities with non count nouns25 there + a form of be26 some, any, a, o, a little, a few and several27 quantity phrases: a lot of, much and many 28 adjectives29 nouns modifiers30 adverbs of manner31 adjectivies versus adverbs32 too and enough33 very and too34 for, in, during, by, and ago35 past continuous tense36 uses of the past continuous tense 37 was/were going to 38 overview of modals and related expressions39 statements and questions with modals40 must, have to, have got to and be supposed to 41 can, could, may, be able to , be permitted to, and be allowed to42 should and had better43 negatives of modals and related expressions44 will, may and might45 using modals for politeness46 overview of the present perfect tense47 statements and questions with the present perfect tense48 continuation from past to present tense49 simple present tense versus present perfect tense50 present perfect continuous tense51 present perfect tense with indefinite time in the past52 overview of gerunds53 overview of infinitives54 infinitives as subjects55 infinitives after adjectives56 infinitives after verbs 57 gerunds or infinitives after verbs58 infinitives to show purpose59 overview of adjective clauses60 relative pronouns as subjects62 relative pronouns as objects62 comparative and superlative forms63 superlatives64 equality and difference with nouns and adjectives65 overview of the passive voice66 forms and tenses of the passive voice67 classifying or identifying he subject with the indefinite article68 introducing a noun with the indefinite article69 definite articles70 indefinite pronouns