Most Conceited War God: Volume 1

May 12, 2020|
Most Conceited War God: Volume 1 by Ling YuanHanMo
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It was said that there was a stream of sword Qi in the myriad realms of heaven and earth, which could be condensed into the most tyrannical sharp sword. As long as a person completely possessed of this sword, they would be able to sweep across the world, ignore the limitations of any realm, and become the strongest and most arrogant person in the world.

The youth, Ling Jian, encountered a natural disaster during the Shaolin trial in his previous life. His soul transmigrated to another world and accidentally encountered this sword energy. He desired to step onto the peak of all worlds! I have one pupil that can accommodate all living things, but Na Baichuan can control all swords. If you give me a sword, I can break through the firmament. I can suppress all lands, and I can control the heavens. If you give me a single blade, I can bury the Heavens and the Earth, I can cut down outstanding individuals, and I can break through ten thousand worlds. If you shoot me, you can point to heaven, you can pass through hell, and you can stir up the winds and clouds. Close]

Title:Most Conceited War God: Volume 1Format:Kobo ebookPublished:May 12, 2020Publisher:FunstoryLanguage:English

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