Muhammad: When Dementia Created the God of Insanity

Muhammad: When Dementia Created the God of Insanity

Kobo ebook | July 16, 2014

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The seventh century saw the birth of a man, who many felt left a legacy of evil that has never been really been surpassed in the history of the world. He was a suicidal epileptic who thought he was seeing visions from the devil, but his wife and a friend convinced him they were actually from God. Together they used his wife's wealth to promote the idea that he was a prophet. He gained followers promising them booty and sex slaves from raids on other tribes. After his wife died, his sexual degeneracy came to the surface and he plunged into a life of sexual degeneracy, pedophilia, and rape. The self-anointed prophet went on to create a legacy of satanic verse that is used to teach his message of evil and intolerance to the world. Unbiased historians have stated that there is much that is deplorable in the life of this false prophet of Islam. And it is certain that his teaching has increased the degradation of the nations that have come under its influence. As the Apostle of the Moon God Allah, Muhammad is the mold of every true follower of his system. His life is the standard by which the lives of his followers are tested, although he himself secretly confesses that his life was not holy because of his many indiscretions. In the Qur’an, and the earlier traditions, he is pictured as being in no way better than his fellows, and as weak and liable to error as the poorest of his contemporaries. Yet later tradition minimizes his faults and weakness, and surrounds his person with a halo of glory that makes him appear sinless and almost divine. All the doubtful incidents of his life are either eliminated and ignored, or assiduously supported and defended by his brainwashed and misguided followers. Muhammad assembled a band of cutthroats and murdered, raped, robbed, and even beheaded hundreds of innocent victims. He left an evil legacy of hatred and intolerance that still curses the earth with its presence today.
Title:Muhammad: When Dementia Created the God of InsanityFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:July 16, 2014Publisher:James CreamwoodLanguage:English

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