Multiracism: Rethinking Racism in Global Context

November 26, 2021|
Multiracism: Rethinking Racism in Global Context by Alastair Bonnett


Racism is a world problem. From Morocco to China, Brazil to Indonesia, racism is being debated and contested. Multiracism broadens the horizon on this global challenge, showing that racism has a diverse history with multiple roots and routes.

Drawing on examples of racism from across the globe, with particular focus on cases from Asia and Africa, Alastair Bonnett rethinks the origins of racism and the connections between racism and modernity. Arguing that plural modernities are interwoven with plural racisms, he explores the relationship of racism to history, religion, politics, and nationalism, as well as to anti-Black prejudice and discourses of whiteness. Empirically rich, with numerous in-depth case studies, Multiracism equips readers to understand racism in a multipolar world where power is no longer the sole possession of the West. It provides and provokes a new, international, and post-Western vision of racism for the twenty-first century.

Title:Multiracism: Rethinking Racism in Global Context
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:November 26, 2021
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781509537334

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