Multiwavelength Approach to Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources: A Second Workshop on the Nature of the High-Energy Unidentified Sources by K.s. ChengMultiwavelength Approach to Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources: A Second Workshop on the Nature of the High-Energy Unidentified Sources by K.s. Cheng

Multiwavelength Approach to Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources: A Second Workshop on the Nature of the…

byK.s. ChengEditorGustavo E. Romero

Hardcover | May 2, 2005

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Nearly one half of the point-like gamma-ray sources detected by EGRET instrument of the late Compton satellite are still defeating our attempts at identifying them. To establish the origin and nature of these enigmatic sources has become a major problem of current high-energy astrophysics. The second workshop on Multiwavelength Approach to Unidentified Gamma-ray Sources intends to shed new and fresh light on the problem of the nature of the unidentified gamma-ray sources.

The proceedings contain 46 contributed papers in this subject, which cover theoretical models on gamma-ray sources as well as the best multiwavelength strategies for the identification of the promising candidates. The topics of this conference also include energetic phenomena occurring both in galactic and extragalactic scenarios, phenomena that might lead to the appearance of what we have called high-energy unidentified sources.

The book will be of interest for all active researchers in the high-energy astrophysics and related research areas as well as for scientists and graduate students interested in understanding the recent progress in high-energy astrophysics.

Title:Multiwavelength Approach to Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources: A Second Workshop on the Nature of the…Format:HardcoverDimensions:439 pagesPublished:May 2, 2005Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. The Muliwavelength Approach to Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources; D.J. Thompson. 2. Regular Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Jets; G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan. 3. The Converter Mechanism of Particle Acceleration and its Applications to Unidentified EGRET Sources; E.V. Derishev, F.A. Aharonian et al. 4. An examination of Candidate AGN Counterparts to Unidentified EGRET Sources; P.G. Edwards. 5. A search for TeV Emission from X-Ray selected AGN with Milagro; E. Hays et al. 6. Beaming Effects in GTBs and Orphan Afterflow; Y.F. Huang, T. Lu et al. 7. Pulsar Slot Gaps and Unidentified EGRET Sources; A. Harding and A. Muslimov. 8. Radio-loud and Radio-quiet, Gamma-Ray Pulsars from the Galaxy and the Gould Belt; P.L. Gonthier, R. van Guilder et al. 9. Gamma-Ray Emission from Pulsar Outer Magnetospheres; K. Hirotani. 10. Pulsar wind Nebulae in EGRET Error Boxes; M.S. E. Roberts, C.L. Brogan et al. 11. Pulsar Radio and Gamma-Ray Emission; R.N. Manchester. 12. Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources off the Galactic Plane as low-mass Microquasars; I.A. Grenier, M.M. Kaufman Bernado et al. 13. On the Nature of the variable Gamma-Ray Sources at Low Galactic Latitudes; V. Bosch-Ramon, G.E. Romero et al. 14. Spectral Properties of Black Holes in Gamma Rays; S.K. Chakrabarti. 15. Towards a Population of HMXB/NS Microquasars as Counterparts of Low-Latitude Unidentified EGRET Sources; M. Ribo, J.A. Combi et al. 16. The Large-Scale, Decelerating X-ray Jets from the Microquasar XTE J1550-564: Evidence for External Shocks Caused by the Jet-ISM Interaction? X.Y. Wang, Z.G. Dai et al. 17. Gamma-Ray Emission from Be/X-Ray Binaries; M. Orellana and G.E. Romero. 18. Low-mass Quark Stars; R. Xu. 19. The Spiral Arm Connection of EGRET Unidentified Sources; T. Miyagi, D. Bhattacharya et al. 20. Cosmic Ray Acceleration Inside Molecular Clouds; V.A. Dogiel, A.V. Gurevich et al. 21. Methanol Masers as Precursors of Gamma-Ray Sources; M. Holleran en O.C. de Jager. 22. Identifying Variable Gamma-ray Sources Through Radio Observation; J.M. Paredes, J. Marti et al. 23. Revealing the Nature of the Obscured High Mass X-Ray Binary IGR J16318-4848; S. Chaty and P. Filliatre. 24. Status and First Results of the MAGIC Telescope; J. Cortina et al. 25. The Neutrino Telescope ANTARES; J.J. Hernandez-Rey. 26. Identification of Shocks in the Spectra from Black Holes; S. Mandal and S.K. Chakrabarti. 27. An Overview of the VERITAS Prototype Telescope and Camera; P. Cogan et al. 28. COMPTEL Constraints on Unidentified EGRET Sources; S. Zhang, W. Collmar et al. 29. On the Multiplicity of the O-star Cyg OB2 #8A and Its Contribution to the Gamma-Ray Source 3EG J2033+4118; M. de Becker, G. Rauw et al. 30. Do the Unidentified EGRET Sources Trace Annihilating Dark Matter in the Local Group J. Flix, J.E. Taylor. 31. Coherent Synchrotron Radiation of Gamma-Ray Bursts; K.G. Gainullin and A.M. Zlobin. 32. Constraints on Extra-dimensions and Variable Constants from Cosmological Gamma-ray Bursts; T. Harko and K. S. Cheng. 33. Search for TeV Gamma-rays from 3EG J1234-1318 with the CANGAROO-II Telescope; T. Hattori and K. Nishijima. 34.