Murder by Pins and Needles

January 19, 2022|
Murder by Pins and Needles by Ardelle Holden


Murder by Pins and Needles by Ardelle Holden
.... chronicles two decades of the life and death of love, loyalty and betrayal.

It all started when Grace, Samantha’s mother-in-law, found a beautiful Attic Windows quilt in a thrift store, and gave it to Sam and Ben for Christmas.

Sam was absolutely thrilled Christmas morning until she saw the horror on Ben’s face. It hadn’t occurred to her that a menacing ‘murder of crows’ that had congregated in this Attic Windows quilt pattern would trigger Ben’s PTSD.

His reaction gave Sam pause to examine the quilt more closely, and what she discovered gave her chills. So many references to stalking, death and a blue hat? The label read:

Remember me, Nicky.
Love, Mom.

L. Bennett, 2015.

Who was this woman, L. Bennett, so tormented by suspicion she hid clues to her own murder in a quilt for her son, Nicky? Or was it a daughter? Was she murdered or is she alive, steeped in paranoia?

And would Ben allow her to find out?

Note to Reader: Murder by Pins and Needles is the third novel in the trilogy by Ardelle Holden, following A Person of Interest and Murder by Bits and Bytes.

Title:Murder by Pins and Needles
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 19, 2022
Publisher:Ardelle Holden
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781775301387

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