Musculoskeletal Cancer Surgery: Treatment of Sarcomas and Allied Diseases by Martin M. MalawerMusculoskeletal Cancer Surgery: Treatment of Sarcomas and Allied Diseases by Martin M. Malawer

Musculoskeletal Cancer Surgery: Treatment of Sarcomas and Allied Diseases

EditorMartin M. Malawer, Paul H. Sugarbaker

Paperback | September 1, 2014

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Steven A. Rosenberg, MD In the past two decades significant progress has quality of life. The use of local radiation therapy has occurred, in the management of patients with mus- had a profound impact on the ability to achieve local loskeletal cancers, that has improved both the survival control. Cooperation between surgeons and radiation and the quality of life of afflicted patients. Changes in therapists often results in the tailoring of surgical p- the management of these patients have mirrored cedures to maximize the combined application of these trends in the entire field of oncology. two effective treatment modalities. Although impact on The most significant change has been improvement overall survival has not been demonstrated due to the in the surgical techniques for the resection of musculo- addition of radiation therapy, important advances in skeletal cancers based on a detailed understanding of improving the quality of life of patients receiving this the anatomic features of each particular tumor site, as combined-modality treatment have been evident. well as an appreciation of the natural biology that affects A third change impacting on the survival of patients the local spread of these tumors. The current volume of with musculoskeletal cancers has been the aggressive Musculoskeletal Cancer Surgery: Treatment of Sarcomas and resection of metastatic deposits.
Title:Musculoskeletal Cancer Surgery: Treatment of Sarcomas and Allied DiseasesFormat:PaperbackPublished:September 1, 2014Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Principles of Management. 1. Bone and soft tissue sarcomas: epidemiology, radiology, pathology, and fundamentals of surgical treatment; B. Shmookler, et al. 2. Biopsy of musculoskeletal tumors; J. Bickels, et al. 3. The role of chemotherapy in the treatment of bone and soft-tissue sarcomas; D. Priebat, M. Malawer. 4. Isolated limb perfusion in the treatment of advanced soft-tissue sarcomas; J.M. Klausner, et al. 5. The role of radiation therapy in the treatment of bone and soft tissue sarcomas; B. Fuller. 6. The Biology and role of cryosurgery in the treatment of bone tumors; J. Bickels, et al. 7. Management of abdominopelvic sarcoma; P. Sugarbaker. 8. Management of truncal sarcoma; P. Sugarbaker. 9. Overview of resections around the shoulder girdle: anatomy, surgical considerations and classification; M. Malawer. 10. Overview of Pelvic resections: surgical considerations and classification; J. Bickels, M. Malawer. 11. Treatment of metastatic bone disease; M. Malawer. Section 2: Muscle Group Resections. 12. Buttockectomy; M. Malawer, P. Sugarbaker. 13. Adductor muscle group excision; M. Malawer, P. Sugarbaker. 14. Quadriceps muscle group excision; M. Malawer, P. Sugarbaker. 15. Resection of the posterior compartment of the thigh; M. Malawer, P. Sugarbaker. 16. Resections in the popliteal fossa and the posterior compartments of the leg; J. Bickels, M. Malawer. Section 3: Amputations. 17. Forequarter amputation; P. Sugarbaker, M. Malawer. 18. Above-elbow and below-elbow amputations; P. Sugarbaker, et al. 19. Anterior flap hemipelvectomy; P. Sugarbaker, et al. 20. Posterior flap hemipelvectomy; M. Malawer, R. Henshaw. 21. Hip disarticulation; P. Sugarbaker, M. Malawer. 22. Above-knee amputation; P. Sugarbaker, et al. 23. Below-knee amputation; P. Sugarbaker, et al. 24. Phantom limb pain; L.-A. Rhodes. Section 4: Limb-Sparing Surgery. 25. Review of endoprosthetic reconstruction in limb-sparing surgery; R. Henshaw, M. Malawer. 26. Pelvic resections (internal hemipelvectomies); J. Bickles, M. Malawer. 27. Sacrectomy; C. Karakousis, P. Sugarbaker. 28. Periacetabular resections; M. Malawer. 29. Proximal and total femur resection with endoprosthetic reconstruction; J. Bickels, et al. 30. Distal femoral resection with endoprosthetic reconstruction; M. Malawer. 31. Proximal tibia resection with endoprosthetic reconstruction; M. Malawer. 32. Fibular resection; J. Bickles, M. Malawer. 33. Proximal humerus resection. The Tikhoff-Linberg procedure and its modifications; M. Malawer. 34. Scapulectomy; M. Malawer, C. Rubert. 35. Pain management following limb-sparing surgery; A. Weinbroum, et al. 36. Rehabilitation following limb-sparing surgery; R. Oren, et al. Appendix A. Appendix B.

Editorial Reviews

`The information, particularly regarding the history, development, availability and applications of prostheses in this type of surgery, is certainly the most complete account that I have seen. This section also includes excellent chapters on phantom limb pain, anaesthetics and pain management for such large resection cases and also a discussion of the principles of rehabilitation without excessive detail. This text is an excellent and perfect reference for any surgical department but in particular for those where oncology has a high profile. It would make excellent reading for any general or orthopaedic registrar and similarly would be an appropriate addition to the library of any individual orthopaedic surgeon or surgical oncologist.' Cancer Forum, 27:3