Must Love Famine: Sisters of the Apocalypse, #2

April 4, 2018|
Must Love Famine: Sisters of the Apocalypse, #2 by Shelly Chalmers


Who says Famine can't love cupcakes?

Ginny Lack is about to rise as Famine, the next horsewoman of the apocalypse. And to help her gain her powers, she's agreed to an arranged marriage with a Brit, sight-unseen. Hope he doesn't mind the dirty-talking grasshopper and her dead twin chasing her down the aisle. Aligning with another powerful Famine family could be her salvation…just so long as no one figures out that the heir to Famine loves to bake.

James Derth is the family black sheep because he's determined to stop Famine, permanently. He's so certain his plan to marry the heir to his clan and stop her will work, he's promised the gods results. But when he meets his sweet, curvy, red-headed fiancée, she's nothing like the spoiled princess he expected. Her kisses are more irresistible than her cupcakes, but if he doesn't keep his head firmly in charge and stop her rise in ten days, the gods will kill them both.

Title:Must Love Famine: Sisters of the Apocalypse, #2
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 4, 2018
Publisher:​Shelly Chalmers
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781775020639

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