My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean

September 6, 2016|
My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean


Forced to surrender her female persona for most of her life, Mary Read suppresses every feminine wile in order to fit in. A woman aboard a pirate ship is a harbinger for disaster but still she is able to carve out a reputation as a ruthless but very capable pirate. When The Revenge plunders a merchant ship, she insists they offer quarters to one of the crew – an artist with questionable sea legs. How can she acquiesce to her desire to be with Will Cooper, while still allowing no one to know she is a woman? Will she be able to escape certain execution and to have a quiet life with one man?

Now, on her Judgment Day, she must explain her time in the West Indies. Sitting at the hand of God, she must recount her years aboard The Revenge – the plundering, the plotting and the killing. Surrounded by more colorful characters than she would want to admit to any Deity, she must find perspective in those years, and understanding of why her life had taken her in that direction. In the most unlikely circumstances, Mary, Will, Calico Jack and Anne Bonny learn that justice and trust take on many faces, and that along with love – physical sexuality and emotional love – they are to be embraced.

Title:My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 6, 2016
Publisher:M2K Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781927975695

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