My Little Husband by PASCAL BRUCKNERMy Little Husband by PASCAL BRUCKNER

My Little Husband

byPASCAL BRUCKNERTranslated byMike Mitchell

Paperback | September 9, 2014

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The diminutive Leon is the envy of all Paris when he becomes engaged to the successful stomatologist and ravishing 6ft beauty Solange, who leaves no man unstirred - including the priest who weds them. The dutiful husband happily ignores jealous remarks about the union of 'giraffe and zebra' as he sires one beautiful baby after another.But as his domestic bliss with Solange continues and their brood grows, Leon's body begins to shrink - with the exception of one vital organ - until the medical marvel is scarcely taller than a thimble. Can Solange's love for her 'Little bighorn' survive his diminished status, the onslaught of suitors at her door and his nocturnal abseiling down her body? Will Leon escape the paws of the family cat and the murderous thoughts of his children embarrassed by their father's s size?
Title:My Little HusbandFormat:PaperbackProduct dimensions:137 pages, 7.75 × 5.25 × 0.5 inShipping dimensions:7.75 × 5.25 × 0.5 inPublished:September 9, 2014Publisher:Dedalus LimitedLanguage:English

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Six weeks after the birth of Baptiste, Léon, putting on his?corduroy jacket, the one he wore when they were going out?into the country, noticed that the sleeves had stretched and?came half way down his fingers while the shoulders drooped?more than usual.?'Shit! And I had it made to measure. I'll have to take it back?to the tailor.'?He took another jacket out of the wardrobe - with the?same result. It too seemed to have grown during the night,?and the ends of the sleeves dangled down as if his arms were?mere stumps. He started to laugh. What was going on? Was?someone playing a joke on him? Ok then, he'd tuck up the?sleeves and put on a sweater underneath to bulk out his chest?and shoulders. But then when he tried his black slip-ons his?feet were lost inside them and his toes didn't reach to the end?any more. Furious, he stuffed some newspaper into his shoes?and went out with the strange feeling of having put on his big?brother's clothes.?Even though he'd decided to ignore the problem, he?couldn't help feeling slightly disturbed. He ran through?various hypotheses, each crazier than the last: as a practical?joke Solange had replaced his clothes with other, similar ones?which were just a little bit bigger. But why should she play?a trick like that on him? She'd never made anything of her?superior height. She had chosen him from among all the others?according to the principle that small is beautiful. A mistress of?euphemism, she had banished words such as 'dwarf', 'midget'?and 'half-pint' from her vocabulary and asked her guests to?abide by that rule. She even regarded exclamations such as?'You could have knocked me down with a feather!' as bad?form.?Léon decided not to mention it to her. There would always?be time for that. But two days later, when they were going out?to see friends, there was another incident. They were standing?in the lift, which had a large tinted mirror at the back, when?Solange suddenly exclaimed, 'Léon, you scatterbrain, you've?forgotten to put your shoes on! Got your head in the clouds?again, I suppose.'?Léon quivered. Not only had he not forgotten to put his?shoes on, he'd supplemented his heel inserts with two extra?inches of leather sole.?'Look at yourself in the mirror, you great ninny.'?'I assure you I am wearing them, Solange.'

Editorial Reviews

'The bizzare details of Leon's miniaturised life are comically rendered, but a darker sensibility is at play. Bruckner in this jeu d'esprit develops a less than whimsical meditation on masculinity, marriage and parenting. ' Emma Hagerstadt in The Independent