My Soul to Save by Rachel VincentMy Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to Save

byRachel Vincent

Paperback | December 29, 2009

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When Kaylee Cavanaugh screams, someone dies.

So when teen pop star Eden croaks onstage and Kaylee doesn't wail, she knows something is dead wrong. She can't cry for someone who has no soul.

The last thing Kaylee needs right now is to be skipping school, breaking her dad's ironclad curfew and putting her too-hot-to-be-real boyfriend's loyalty to the test. But starry-eyed teens are trading their souls: a flickering lifetime of fame and fortune in exchange for eternity in the Netherworld—a consequence they can't possibly understand.

Kaylee can't let that happen, even if trying to save their souls means putting her own at risk….
Title:My Soul to SaveFormat:PaperbackDimensions:288 pages, 8 × 5.13 × 0.76 inPublished:December 29, 2009Publisher:HarlequinLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:0373210043

ISBN - 13:9780373210046

Appropriate for ages: 14 - 17

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Rated 2 out of 5 by from My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers #2) by Rachel Vincent My Soul to Save, second book from Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent was still fast and enjoyable read, but a bit weaker than the first book. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous one, mainly because the whole plot centered around this theme. Around saving soul of someone, who gave it out in the first place, because of her pure irresponsibility and ignorance. I disliked Addison Page quite a lot, especially at first. She somehow reminded me of the old Miley Cyrus. But also because it all centered too much around media, fame, rich pop stars, ruined careers and greedy owner of multinational movie company.. Not my thing at all.
Date published: 2018-03-03
Rated 2 out of 5 by from My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers #2) by Rachel Vincent My Soul to Save, second book from Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent was still fast and enjoyable read, but a bit weaker than the first book. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous one, mainly because the whole plot centered around this theme. Around saving soul of someone, who gave it out in the first place, because of her pure irresponsibility and ignorance. I disliked Addison Page quite a lot, especially at first. She somehow reminded me of the old Miley Cyrus. But also because it all centered too much around media, fame, rich pop stars, ruined careers and greedy owner of multinational movie company.. Not my thing at all.
Date published: 2018-03-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Screamed with Joy (Originally posted at I love to re-read books. I know a lot of people who never do, but I adore it. I find you notice so many more things the second (or third, or forth, etc.) time around than you do the first and it often really adds to the story. Characters are seen in a different light, actions take on entirely different meanings, and little hints are finally noticed. In the case of My Soul to Save, it made me like the characters AND the plot line that much more. Now, I liked My Soul to Save the first time around, but it wasn't as amazing as My Soul to Take. I thought the plot was a bit out there, and I was still very frustrated with Kaylee. This time I have to say, I really saw where the plot was heading, and my respect for Kaylee was definitely more than previously. Since I don't want to give out any spoilers for future books, I can't really say what I noticed about the plot, just that it plays a role in the next few novels. One thing about the plot I was really excited to notice is the "greed" element. A little while back, Rachel Vincent wrote a blog post (WARNING: The post contains spoilers for the series) about how each book was based on a seven deadly sin. My Soul to Take was vanity, and My Soul to Save was greed. I could definitely see where Vincent took that idea, and how she threaded it through each characters story line. Really fun to read about! I also have to say, I was really proud of Kaylee. My first time reading it, I was always aggravated by her decisions and just her personality in general. This time, I could see where she was coming from and although she didn't always make the smartest choices, she made them with the best of intentions. I also loved getting to see Tod's flawed side. His sarcastic attitude and casual smirk took a backseat to his raw emotions in this book. I think it was fantastic to see a different side of him, and really added to his character. Overall, My Soul to Save grabbed me, even reading it a second time. I was pulled into the fight to save Addison's soul, Kaylee's unrelenting courage to do just that, and all the emotion turmoil that this quest entailed. It was a ride, a heart-breaker, and just generally a fantastic book. Make sure to check out Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamer series, if you haven't already. Mythical creatures, heart-breaking characters, and kissing (lots of it) all wrapped up in one delicious series! If it sounds good to you, why not make it even better and take part in the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge! It's a bit late into it, but it's very easy to catch up! These books will not let you go until you're finished! - Ciara who is lost at midnight
Date published: 2012-04-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great series! The more I read and learn about Kaylee, Nash, Tod, and the other characters in this series, the more I enjoy them. It was so hard to put down once I started reading it. Kaylee's learning more about her new world and her abilities and her limitations, Nash is so fiercely protective of her, and Tod is heart-breaking.
Date published: 2012-03-15
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great This book is awesome. honestly. Kaylee finally gets to know what she is. a sihde bean... or something like that... awesome book. im actually on the first one,, but this islike the only cover i could find. I would recomend this book to any one who likes to read because i couldint put this one down... still trying to finish it..
Date published: 2010-04-07
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great Rachel Vincent has redeemed herself with this sequel. I knew that she could have done better with the first of the series, and she definitely delivered this time around. It was very interesting. All in all a great read.
Date published: 2010-01-17
Rated 4 out of 5 by from A soul is a valuable thing indeed ! My soul to save is the 2nd book in the soulscreamers series by rachel vincent. This book was enjoyable and fast paced but not as good as the first. Kaylee Cavanaugh is a 16 year old high school student , she has a boyfriend nash who she loves and a secret, she is a banshee, she sings for the soul's of the dearly departed. This story start's off with kaylee and her banshee boyfriend nash at a concert and when the main singer dies on stage kaylee is very confuesed. Why isn't she doing her soul singing thing? When they go to investigate they hook up with tod, nashes brother and a grim reaper who says that the pop star has no soul because she sold it for fame and fortune. Well isn't that great! The three of the go to see the body and find another type of reaper there taking her demons breath away so her body can go to the hellion, and you don't wan't to go to the hellion because they will torture you for the rest of your life/death. When Tod goes to speak to the reaper he learns that there is another star who has traded her soul for the good life and this is one star tod knows very well. Addison page, bright, beautiful, talented and soon to be dead?? The interesting thing is that she use to date tod back when he had a pulse! After tod see's her, he is determined to help her and the only way to do it is to get kaylee and nash involved, which takes some serious begging on his part. When kaylee and nash sneak into addison's room they try to talk to her and tell her what exactly she has done, but when she doesn't believe her, tod appears, addison goes shell shock, and then she fully belives. From there on this book takes us on an adventure between our world and the netherworld. While kaylee is trying to save the soul of addison, she is also learning how to really be a banshee, and learning that sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Now like I said, this was a good book, however I was expecting more story about the romance between nash and kaylee and what exactly a banshee is and her full powers ect,ect. I guess we will just have to wait until the next book comes out june 2010. 2010-002
Date published: 2010-01-04
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Soul Screamers Series Continues!!... This was a great sequel with even more soul screaming action. I can't say that I loved it but... I really, really liked it! Though, I do love the whole idea of this series, I just wished this sequel was longer. In this installment Kaylee learns more about her abilities and being a bean sidhe, and now she has to help save someone before it's too late... This sequel starts off with Nash and Kaylee going to a concert, the opening performance is Addison, a singer who is also Tod's ex-girlfriend. Then, Eden comes on stage and the crowd goes wild, she leaves you transfixed with her beauty. When Eden suddenly stops in the middle of the performance, the crowd thinks that's all apart of her act, It's more than that, she then collapses right on stage, and Kaylee doesn't scream. No one knows what to think, but Kaylee, Nash and Tod were all backstage when this happened and they know exactly what happened to Eden. They look into the crowd and see Libby, a legendary reaper, and everything starts to unravel...Eden traded her soul for fame and beauty, and Libby is here to remove the replacement of which they place for your soul, Kaylee saw a thick, dark, heavy substance rise from Eden and that's no soul..It's Demon's breath. What seemed like the perfect deal for Eden turned out to be worse than it seemed...A company is making these deals, offering fame and fortune for their soul, it must be stopped before more teenagers are being lured into such a dangerous deal... Tod, Kaylee and Nash talk to Libby, and they find out more than they were expecting, Addison is going to die in a couple of days. She also agreed to the deal and traded her soul for beauty and fame. Tod is determined to do everything he can to save his ex-girlfriend, and get her soul back. He will need Kaylee's help, and she must decide if it's worth risking her life and getting involved with the Netherworld, a place where people with souls are in danger if they enter. But, Kaylee can't sit and watch Addison die in the matter of days, so she's in, and if she's in, Nash doesn't have to rethink his choice, he'll do it for Kaylee's safety. This installment brings a whole new conflict to Kaylee, she must do what she can to save Addison while keeping this a secret from her father, and coming home by curfew. Being a Bean Sidhe is more dangerous than Kaylee would have thought... I really liked this sequel, it was a quick read with a new exciting conflict, the characters are great, Tod brings humor, Nash shows loyalty and Kaylee truly is a brave character. As the plot thickened it picked up, and near the end it got even better. This was a great sequel, and I can't wait to read the third book, My Soul to Keep, which comes out June 2010!
Date published: 2009-12-27

Read from the Book

Addison Page had the world at her feet. She had the face, the body, the voice, the moves, and the money. Let's not forget the money. But advantages like that come with a price. I should have known it was all too good to be true…."What?" I yelled, my throat already raw from shouting over the roar of the crowd and the music blasting from dozens of huge speakers. Around us, thousands of bodies bobbed in time to the beat, hands in the air, lips forming the words, shouting the lyrics along with the beautiful, glittery girl strutting across the stage, seen close-up on a pair of giant digital screens.Nash and I had great seats, thanks to his brother, Tod, but no one was sitting. Excitement bounced off every solid surface, fed by the crowd and growing with each passing second until the auditorium seemed to swell with the communal high. Energy buzzed through me, setting my nerve endings on fire with enough kick to keep me pinging off the walls through high school and well into college.I didn't want to know how Tod had scored seats a mere fifteen rows from the stage, but even my darkest suspicion hadn't kept me at home. I couldn't pass up a chance to see Eden live in concert, even though it meant giving up a Saturday night alone with Nash, during my dad's extra shift at work.And this was only Eden's opening act….Nash pulled me closer, one hand on my hip, and shouted into my ear. "I said, Tod used to date her!"I rode the wave of adrenaline through my veins as I inhaled his scent. Six weeks together, and I still smiled every time he looked at me, and flushed every time he really looked at me. My lips brushed his ear as I spoke. "Tod used to date who?" There were several thousand possible suspects dancing all around us."Her!" Nash shouted back, nodding over the sea of concert-goers toward the main attraction, his spiky, deliberately messy brown hair momentarily highlighted by a roaming spotlight.Addison Page, Eden's opening act, strutted across the stage in slim black boots; low-cut, ripped jeans; a tight white halter; and a sparkly silver belt, wailing a bitter yet up-tempo lament about the one who got away. The glittery blue streak in her straight, white-blond hair sparkled beneath the lights and fanned out behind her when she whirled to face the audience from center stage, her voice rising easily into the clear, resonant notes she was famous for.I stared, suddenly still while everyone around me swayed along with the crescendo. I couldn't help it."Tod dated Addison Page?"Nash couldn't have heard me. I barely heard me. But he nodded and leaned into me again, and I wrapped my arm around him for balance as the cowboy on my other side swung one eager, pumping fist dangerously close to my shoulder. "Three years ago. She's local, you know."Like us, the hometown crowd had turned out as much for Texas's own rising star as for the headliner. "She's from Hurst, right?" Less than twenty minutes from my own Arlington address."Yeah. Addy and I were freshmen together, before we moved back to Arlington. She and Tod dated for most of that year. He was a sophomore.""So what happened?" I asked as the music faded and the lighting changed for the second song.I pressed closer to Nash as he spoke into my ear, though he didn't really have to at that point; the new song was a melodic, angsty tune of regret. "Addy got cast in a pilot for the HOT network. The show took off and she moved to LA." He shrugged. "Long distance is hard enough when you're fifteen, and impossible when your girlfriend's famous.""So why didn't he come tonight?" I wouldn't have been able to resist watching a celebrity ex strut on stage, and hopefully fall on his face, assuming I was the dumpee."He's here somewhere." Nash glanced around at the crowd as it settled a bit for the softer song. "But it's not like he needs a ticket." As a grim reaper, Tod could choose whether or not he wanted to be seen or heard, and by whom. Which meant he could be standing on stage right next to Addison Page, and we'd never know it.And knowing Tod, that's exactly where he was.After Addison's set, there was a brief, loud intermission while the stage was set for the headliner. I expected Tod to show up during the break, but there was still no sign of him when the stadium suddenly went black.For a moment, there was only dark silence, emphasized by surprised whispers, and glowing wristbands and cell-phone screens. Then a dark blue glow came from the stage and the crowd erupted into frenzied cheers. Another light flared to life, illuminating a new platform in the middle of the stage. Two bursts of red flames exploded near the wings. When they faded, but for the imprint behind my eyelids, she appeared center stage, as if she'd been there all along.Eden.She wore a white tailored jacket open over a pink leather bra and a short pink-fringed skirt that exaggerated every twitch of her famous hips. Her long, dark hair swung with each toss of her head, and the fevered screaming of the crowed buzzed in my head as Eden dropped into a crouch, microphone in hand.She rose slowly, hips swaying with the rhythm of her own song. Her voice was low and throaty, a moan set to music, and no one was immune to the siren song of sex she sold.Eden was hypnotic. Spellbinding. Her voice flowed like honey, sweet and sticky. To hear it was to crave it, whether you wanted to or not.The sound wound through me like blood in my veins, and I knew that hours from then, when I lay awake in my bed, Eden would still sing in my mind, and that when I closed my eyes, I would still see her.It was even stronger for Nash; I could see that at a glance. He couldn't tear his gaze from her, and we were so close to the stage that his view was virtually uninterrupted. His eyes swirled with emotion—with need—but not for me.A violent, irrational surge of jealousy spiked in me as fresh sweat dampened his forehead. He clenched his hands at his sides, the long, tight muscles in his arms bulging beneath his sleeves. As if he were concentrating. Oblivious to everything else.I had to pry his fingers open to lace them with mine. He turned to grin at me and squeezed my hand, beautiful hazel eyes settling into a slower churn as his gaze met mine. The yearning was still there—for me this time—but was both deeper and more coherent. What he wanted from me went beyond mindless lust, though that was there, too, thank goodness.I'd broken the spell. For the moment. I didn't know whether to thank Tod for the tickets or ream him.Onstage, soft lights illuminated dancers strutting out to join Eden as the huge screen tracked her every movement. The dancers closed in on her, writhing in sync, hands gliding lightly over her arms, shoulders, and bare stomach. Then they paired off so she could strut down the catwalk stretching several rows into the crowd.Suddenly I was glad we didn't have front-row seats. I'd have had to scrape a puddle of Nash goo into a jar just to get him home.Warm breath puffed against my neck an instant before the sound hit my ear. "Hey, Kaylee!"I jumped, so badly startled I nearly fell into my chair. Tod stood on my right, and when the cowboy's swinging arm went through him, I knew the reaper was there for my viewing pleasure only."Don't do that!" I snapped beneath my breath. He probably couldn't hear me, but I wasn't going to raise my voice and risk the guy next to me thinking I was talking to myself. Or worse, to him."Grab Nash and come on!" From the front pocket of his baggy, faded jeans, Tod pulled two plastic-coated, official-looking cards attached to lanyards. His mischievous grin could do nothing to darken the cherubic features he'd inherited from his mother, and I had to remind myself that no matter how innocent he looked, Tod was trouble. Always."What's that?" I asked, and the cowboy frowned at me in question. I ignored him—so much for not looking crazy— and elbowed Nash. "Tod," I mouthed when he raised both brows at me.Nash rolled his eyes and glanced past me, but I could tell from his roving stare that he couldn't see his brother. And that, as always, he was pissed that Tod had appeared to me, but not to him."Backstage passes." Tod reached through the cowboy to grab my hand, and if I hadn't jerked back from the reaper's grasp, I'd have gotten a very intimate feel of one of Eden's rudest fans.I stood on my toes to reach Nash's ear. "He has backstage passes."Nash's scowl made an irritated mask of his entire face, while on stage, Eden shed her jacket, now clad only in a bikini top and short skirt. "Where did he get them?""Do you really want to know?" Reapers weren't paid in money—at least, not the human kind—so he certainly hadn't bought the passes. Or the tickets."No," Nash grumbled. But he followed me, anyway.Keeping up with Tod was a lost cause. He didn't have to edge past row after row of ecstatic fans, or stop and apologize when he stepped on one girl's foot or spilled her date's drink. He just walked right through seats and concertgoers alike, as if they didn't exist in his world.They probably didn't.Like all reapers, Tod's natural state of existence—if it could even be called natural—was somewhere between our world, where humans and the occasional bean sidhe reside in relative peace, and the Netherworld, where most things dark and dangerous dwell. He could exist completely in either one, if he chose, but he rarely did, because when he was corporeal, he typically forgot to avoid obstacles like chairs, tables, and doors. And people.Of course, he could easily become visible to both me and Nash, but it was evidently much more fun to mess with his brother. I'd never met a set of siblings with less in common than Nash and Tod. They weren't even the same species; at least, not anymore.The Hudson brothers were both born bean sidhes—that was the correct spelling, though most people knew us as banshees—from normal bean sidhe parents. As was I. But Tod had died two years earlier, when he was seventeen, and that's when things got weird, even for bean sidhes. Tod was recruited by the grim reapers.As a reaper, Tod would live on in his own un-aging body. In exchange, he worked a twelve-hour shift every day, collecting souls from humans whose time had come to die. He didn't have to eat or sleep, so he got pretty bored for those other twelve hours of each day. And since Nash and I were among the few who knew about him, he typically took that boredom out on us.Which was how we'd gotten kicked out of a mall, a skating rink, and a bowling alley, all in the past month. And as I bumped my way through the crowd after Tod, I had a feeling the concert would be next on the list.One glance at the irritation glowing in Nash's cheeks told me he still couldn't see his brother, so I pulled him along as I tracked the headful of blond curls now several rows ahead of us, heading toward a side door beneath a red exit sign.Eden's first song ended in a huge flash of purple light, reflected on the thousands of faces around me, then the lights went out.I stopped, unwilling to move in the dark for fear that I'd trip over someone and land in an unidentified puddle. Or a lap.Seconds later, the stage exploded with swirling, pulsing light, and Eden now swayed to the new beat in a different but equally skimpy costume. I glanced at her, then back at Tod, but caught only a fleeting glimpse of his curls disappearing through the closed side door.Nash and I rushed after him, stepping on a series of toes and vaulting over a half-empty bottle of Coke someone had smuggled in. We were out of breath when we reached the door, so I glanced one last time at the stage, then shoved the door, grateful when it actually opened. Doors Tod walks through usually turn out to be locked.Tod stood in the hall beyond, grinning, both backstage passes looped over one arm. "What'd you do, crawl all the way here?"The door closed behind us, and I was surprised to realize I could barely hear the music, though it had been loud enough to drown out my thoughts in the auditorium. But I could still feel the thump of the bass, pulsing up through my feet from the floor.Nash let go of my hand and glared at his brother. "Some of us are bound by the laws of physics.""Not my problem." Tod waved the passes, then tossed one to each of us. "Snoozin', loozin', and all that crap."I slipped the nylon lanyard over my neck and pulled my long brown hair over it. Now that I wore the pass, it would be seen by anyone who saw me; everything Tod holds is only as visible as he is at the time.The reaper went fully corporeal then, his sneakers squeaking on the floor as he led us down a series of wide white hallways and through several doors, until we hit one that was locked. Tod shot us a mischievous grin, then walked through the door and pushed it open from the other side."Thanks." I brushed past him into the new hall, and the sudden upsurge of music warned that we were getting close to the stage. In spite of the questionable source of our backstage passes, my pulse jumped with excitement when we rounded the next corner and the building opened into a long, wide hall with a cavernous ceiling. Equipment was stacked against the walls—soundboards, speakers, instruments, and lights. People milled everywhere, carrying clothes, food, and clipboards. They spoke into two-way radios and headset microphones, and most wore badges similar to ours, though theirs read "Crew" in bold black letters.Security guards in black tees and matching hats loitered, thick arms crossed over their chests. Background dancers raced across the open space in all stages of the next costume change, while a woman with a clipboard pointed and rushed them along.