Myths and Legends of California and the Old Southwest by Katharine Berry Judson, Editor

Myths and Legends of California and the Old Southwest

byKatharine Berry Judson, Editor

Kobo ebook | July 20, 2013

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The Beginning of Newness - Zuni (New Mexico)
The Men of the Early Times - Zuni (New Mexico)
Creation and Longevity - Achomawi (Pit River, Cal.)
Old Moles Creation - Shastika (Cal.)
The Creation of the World - Pima (Arizona)
Spider's Creation - Sia (New Mexico)
The Gods and the Six Regions
How Old Man Above Created the World - Shastika (Cal.)
The Search for the Middle and the Hardening of the World - Zuni (New Mexico)
Origin of Light - Gallinomero (Russian River, Cal.)
Pokoh, the Old Man - Pai Ute (near Kern River, Cal.)
Thunder and Lightning - Maidu (near Sacramento Valley. Cal.)
Creation of Man - Miwok (San Joaquin Valley, Cal.)
The First Man and Woman - Nishinam (near Bear River, Cal.)
Old Man Above and the Grizzlies - Shastika (Cal.)
The Creation of Man-kind and the Flood - Pima (Arizona)
The Birds and the Flood - Pima (Arizona)
Legend of the Flood - Ashochimi (Coast Indians, Cal.)
The Great Flood - Sia (New Mexico)
The Flood and the Theft of Fire - Tolowa (Del Norte Co., Cal.)
Legend of the Flood in Sacramento Maidu Valley - (near Sacramento, Cal.)
The Fable of the Animals - Karok (near Klamath River, Cal.)
Coyote and Sun - Pai Ute (near Kern River, Cal.)
The Course of the Sun - Sia (New Mexico)
The Foxes and the Sun - Yurok (near Klamath River, Cal.)
The Theft of Fire - Karok (near Klamath River, Cal.)
The Theft of Fire - Sia (New Mexico)
The Earth-hardening after the Flood - Sia (New Mexico)
The Origins of the Totems and of Names - Zuni (New Mexico)
Traditions of Wanderings - Hopi (Arizona)
The Migration of the Water People - Walpi (Arizona)
Coyote and the Mesquite Beans - Pima (Arizona)
Origin of the Sierra Nevadas and Coast Range - Yokuts (near Fresno, Cal.)
Yosemite Valley and its Indian Names
Legend of Tu-tok-a-nu'-la (El Capitan) - Yosemite Valley
Legend of Tis-se'-yak (South Dome and North Dome) Yosemite Valley
Historic Tradition of the Upper Tuolumne - Yosemite Valley
California Big Trees - Pai Ute (near Kern River, Cal.)
The Children of Cloud - Pima (Arizona)
The Cloud People - Sia (New Mexico)
Rain Song - Sia (New Mexico)
Rain Song
Rain Song - Sia (New Mexico)
The Corn Maidens - Zuni (New Mexico)
The Search for the Corn Maidens - Zuni (New Mexico)
Hasjelti and Hostjoghon - Navajo (New Mexico)
The Song-hunter - Navajo (New Mexico)
Sand Painting of the Song-hunter - Navajo
The Guiding Duck and the Lake of Death - Zuni (New Mexico)
The Boy who Became a God - Navajo (New Mexico)
Origin of Clear Lake - Patwin (Sacramento Valley, Cal.)
The Great Fire - Patwin (Sacramento Valley, Cal.)
Origin of the Raven and the Macaw - Zuni (New Mexico)
Coyote and the Hare - Sia (New Mexico)
Coyote and the Quails - Pima (Arizona)
Coyote and the Fawns - Sia (New Mexico)
How the Bluebird Got its Color - Pima (Arizona)
Coyote's Eyes - Pima (Arizona)
Coyote and the Tortillas - Pima (Arizona)
Coyote as a Hunter - Sia (New Mexico)
How the Rattlesnake Learned to Bite - Pima (Arizona)
Coyote and the Rattlesnake - Sia (New Mexico)
Origin of the Saguaro and Palo Verde Cacti - Pima (Arizona)
The Thirsty Quails - Pima (Arizona)
The Boy and the Beast - Pima (Arizona)
Why the Apaches are Fierce - Pima (Arizona)
Speech on the Warpath - Pima (Arizona)
The Spirit Land - Gallinomero (Russian River, Cal.)
Song of the Ghost Dance - Pai Ute (Kern River, Cal.)

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