Myths of the Rhine by X. B. Saintine

Myths of the Rhine

byX. B. Saintine, Gustave Doré, Illustrator, M. Schele de Vere, Translator

Kobo ebook | January 8, 2014

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Primitive Times. — The First Settlers on the Rhine. — Masters going to School. — Sanskrit and Breton. — An Idle God. — Microscopic Deities. — Tree Worship. — Birth-Trees and Death-Trees.....
The Druids and their Creed. — Esus. — The Holy Oak. — The Pforzheim Lime Tree. — A Rival Plant. — The Mistletoe and the Anguinufh. — The Oracle at Do-dona. — Immaculate Horses. — The Druidesses. — A late Elector. — Philanthropic Institution of Human Sacrifices. — Second Druidical. Epoch.....
A Visit to the Land of our Forefathers. — The Two Banks of the Rhine. — Druid Stones. — Weddings and Burials. — Night Service. — A Demigod Glacier. — Social Duels. — A Countrywoman of Aspasia. — Boudoir of a Celtic Lady. — The Bard's Story. — Teutons and Titans. — Earthquake.....
The Roman Gods invade Germany. — Drusus and the Dru-idess. — Ogmius, the Hercules of Gaul. — Great Philological Discovery concerning Tentâtes. — Transformations of every kind. — Irmensul. — The Rhine deified. — The Gods cross the River. — Druids of the Third Epoch.....
The World before and since Odin. — Birth of Ymer. — The Giants of the Frost. — A Log split in Two. — The First Man and the First Woman. — The Ash Ygdrasil and its Menagerie. — Thor's Three Jewels. — Freyr's Enchanted Sword. — A Souvenir of the National Guard of Belleville. — The Story of Kvasir and the Two Dwarfs. — Honey and Blood. — Invocation.....
Short Biographies. — A Clairvoyant among the Gods. — A Bright God. — Tyr and the Wolf Fenris. — The Hospital at the Walhalla. — Why was Odin one-eyed. — The Three Norns. — Mimer the Sage. — A Goddess the Mother of Four Oxen. — The Love Affairs of Heimdall — The God with the Golden Teeth.....153
Heaven and Hell. — The Valkyrias. — Amusements in Walhalla. — Pork and Wild Boar. — A Frozen Hell. — Balder's Death. — Frigg's Devotion. — The Iron Tree Forest. — The Twilight of the Gods. — Iduna's Apples. — The Fall of Heaven and the End of the World. — Reflections on that Event. — The Little Fellow still alive....
How the Gods of India live only for a Kalpa, that is, for the Time between one World and another. — How the God Vishnu was One-eyed. — How Celts and Scandinavians believed in Metempsychosis, like the Indians. — How Odin, with his Emanations, came forth from the God Buddha. — About Mahabarata and Ramavana. — Chronology. — The World's Age. — Comparative Tables. — Quotations. — Supporting Evidence. — A Cenotaph.....
Confederation of all the Northern Gods. — Freedom of Religion. — Christianity. — Miserere mei! — Homeric Enumeration. — Prussian, Slavic, and Finnish Deities. — The God of Cherries and the God of Bees. — A Silver Woman. — Ilmarinnen's Wedding Song. — A Skeleton God. — Yaga-Baba's Pestle and Mortar. — Preparation for Battle. — The Little Chapel on the Hill. — The Signal for the Attack. — Jesus and Mary.....
Marietta and the Sweet-briar. — Esus and Jesus. — Amalgam. — A Neophyte. — Prohibition to eat Horseflesh. — Bishops in Arms. — Interruption. — Come Home, my Good Friend! — Prussia and the Myths of the Middle Ages. — Tybilinus, the Black God. — The little Blue Flower.....
Elementary Spirits of Air, Fire, and Water. — Sylphs, their Amusements and Domestic Arrangements. — Little Queen Mab. — Will-o'-the- Wisps. — White Elves and Black Elves. — True Causes of Natural Somnambulism. — The Wind's Betrothed. — Fire-damp. — Master Haemmerling. — The Last of the Gnomes.....
Elementary Spirits of the Water. — Petrarch at Cologne. — Divine Judgment by Water. — Nixen and Undines. — A Furlough till Ten o'clock. — The White footed Undine. — Mysteries on the Rhine. — The Court of the Great Nichus. — Nixcobt, the Messenger of the Dead. — His Funny Tricks. — I go in Search of an Undine.....
Familiar Spirits. — Butzemann. — The Good Frau Holle. — Kobolds. — A Kobold in the Cook's Employ. — Zot-terais and the Little White Ladies. — The Killecroffs, the Devil's Children. — White Angels. — Granted Wishes, a Fable.....
Giants and Dwarfs. — Duel between Ephesim and Gromme-lund. — Court Dwarfs and Little Dwarfs. — Ymer's Sons. — The Invisible Reapers. — Story of the Dwarf Kreiss and the Giant Quadragaat. — How the Giants came to serve the Dwarfs.....
Wizards and the Bewitched. — The Journey of Asa-Thor and his Companions. — The Inn with the Five Passages. — Skrymner. — A Lost Glove found again. — Arrival at the Great City of Utgard. — Combat between Thor and the King's Nurse. — Frederick Barbarossa and the Kyffhâuser. — Teutonia! Teutonia! — What became of the Ancient Gods. — Venus and the good Knight Tannhâuser. — Jupiter on Rabbit Island. — A Modern God.....
Women as Missionaries, Women as Prophets, Strong Women, and Serpent Women. — Children's Myths. — Godmothers. — Fairies. — The Magic Wand and the Broomstick. — The Lady of Kynast. — The World of the Dead, the World of Ghosts, and the World of Shadows. — Myths of Animals

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