Nanoparticle Technology Handbook

October 19, 2007|
Nanoparticle Technology Handbook
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Nanoparticle technology, which handles the preparation, processing, application and characterisation of nanoparticles, is a new and revolutionary technology. It becomes the core of nanotechnology as an extension of the conventional Fine Particle / Powder Technology. Nanoparticle technology plays an important role in the implementation of nanotechnology in many engineering and industrial fields including electronic devices, advanced ceramics, new batteries, engineered catalysts, functional paint and ink, Drug Delivery System, biotechnology, etc.; and makes use of the unique properties of the nanoparticles which are completely different from those of the bulk materials.
This new handbook is the first to explain complete aspects of nanoparticles with many application examples showing their advantages and advanced development. There are handbooks which briefly mention the nanosized particles or their related applications, but no handbook describing the complete aspects of nanoparticles has been published so far.
The handbook elucidates of the basic properties of nanoparticles and various nanostructural materials with their characterisation methods in the first part. It also introduces more than 40 examples of practical and potential uses of nanoparticles in the later part dealing with applications. It is intended to give readers a clear picture of nanoparticles as well as new ideas or hints on their applications to create new materials or to improve the performance of the advanced functional materials developed with the nanoparticles.

* Introduces all aspects of nanoparticle technology, from the fundamentals to applications.
* Includes basic information on the preparation through to the characterization of nanoparticles from various viewpoints
* Includes information on nanostructures, which play an important role in practical applications.

Title:Nanoparticle Technology Handbook
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 19, 2007
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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