Navigating Through Mathematics Mylab Math Access Card With Navigation Guide -- Access Card Package by Alicia CollinsNavigating Through Mathematics Mylab Math Access Card With Navigation Guide -- Access Card Package by Alicia Collins

Navigating Through Mathematics Mylab Math Access Card With Navigation Guide -- Access Card Package

byAlicia Collins, Denise Nunley

Book & Toy | July 31, 2016

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For courses in liberal arts mathematics.


Putting Students at the Helm

Navigating Through Mathematics is an innovative liberal arts mathematics program that requires students to take control of their own learning. The relatable voices of authors Alicia Collins and Denise Nunley shine through in the course's examples and videos to give students an engaging, enjoyable learning experience. The relevant and personalized content reduces math anxiety and empowers students to navigate through the course successfully. This digital program harnesses the power of MyMathLab and offers an abundance of opportunities for students to interact with the math, learn content in a non-intimidating environment, and test their understanding at point-of-use.


Built in MyMathLab

This text was built in MyMathLab, an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and engage with a variety of media resources that help them absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.


0134019547 / 9780134019543 * Navigating Through Mathematics MyMathLab Access Card with Navigation Guide -- Access Card Package

Package consists of:

0321838688 / 9780321838681 * Navigating Through Mathematics Access Card

0321844181 / 9780321844187 * Navigation Guide for Navigating Through Mathematics


Alicia Collins has a BS in Mathematics from Arizona State University and a Masters in Mathematics Education from Northern Arizona University. She taught high school mathematics for 8 years at Paradise Valley High School and moved on to Maricopa Community College District in 2005. She is currently on the mathematics faculty at Mesa Co...
Title:Navigating Through Mathematics Mylab Math Access Card With Navigation Guide -- Access Card PackageFormat:Book & ToyDimensions:10.9 × 8.4 × 0.7 inPublished:July 31, 2016Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:0134019547

ISBN - 13:9780134019543


Table of Contents

Module 1 — Logic

1.1 Statements, Quantifiers, and Connectives

1.2 Truth Tables

1.3   Truth Tables for the Conditional and the Biconditional

1.4 Equivalent Statements

1.5 Analyzing Logical Arguments

1.6 Euler Diagrams


Module 2 — Numeration

2.1 Early and Modern Numeration Systems

2.2 Base Number Systems

2.3 Computation in Other Bases

2.4 Early Computational Methods


Module 3 — Sets

3.1 Basic Set Concepts

3.2 Subsets

3.3 Set Operations and Venn Diagrams: Two Sets

3.4 Set Operations and Venn Diagrams: Three Sets


Module 4 — Probability

4.1 The Fundamental Counting Principle and Permutations

4.2 Combinations

4.3 Fundamentals of Probability

4.4 Compound Probabilities

4.5 Expected Value

4.6 Solving Probability Problems with Combinations

4.7 Conditional Probability


Module 5 — Voting and Apportionment

5.1 Voting Methods

5.2 Flaws in Voting Methods

5.3 Apportionment Methods

5.4 Flaws in Apportionment Methods


Module 6 - Statistics

6.1 Sampling, Frequency Distributions, and Graphs

6.2 Measures of Central Tendency

6.3 Measures of Variation

6.4 The Normal Distribution


Module 7 — Consumer Mathematics and Finance

7.1 Percent and Percent Change

7.2 Simple interest

7.3 Compound interest

7.4 Annuities

7.5 Installment Loans and Mortgages


Module 8 — Geometry and Measurement

8.1 Dimensional Analysis:  Length, Weight and Time

8.2 Unit Analysis:  Area, Volume, and Temperature

8.3 Triangles

8.4 Polygons, Perimeter, and Circumference

8.5 Areas of Polygons and Circles

8.6 Volume and Surface Area