Negativity Ruins Our Lives: Adopt Positivity Live Happily

July 12, 2016|
Negativity Ruins Our Lives: Adopt Positivity Live Happily
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Negativity Ruins Our Lives Adopt Positivity Live Happily. What is Positive Thinking? The feeling of positivity within us. It is said that positive thinking is purely an internal matter. It has nothing to do with our external circumstances. There is something positive within us which helps us to keep us happy and there is something negative within us which makes us unhappy. Happy living through positivity is nothing more than that of living a normal life free from undue pressures, problems and tensions. If we want to live a happy life then we need to get rid of the negativity within us and above all we must start thinking positive which will not make us unhappy. Negative thinking always complicates the problems and increases unhappiness. Most of us do the fatal mistake of looking outwards for happiness rather than looking inwards. Think positive, be strong, be bold and be courageous every day. Even if we are having a bad day, think of some good things that may come our way, either later that day, tomorrow, next hour, month, or year. When everything seems to be beyond our control, it’s almost too easy for us to slip into the grasp of negativity. To avoid negativity, we must strive to abolish this sort of thinking through the power of thinking positively. The Art of Positive Thinking is not a complicated kind of art difficult to learn rather a simple art of positive thinking, , eating well, and living well like feeling well. What we need to do is just to tune up our mind to enjoy every moment of life and let the positive thinking follow us. This is something that needs to be looked into thoroughly. We need to focus on the positive aspects rather than on the negative setbacks. We must remember that good and happy living is the reward of positive thinking. We ought to remember, only the positive thinking can bring happiness in our lives. If we cannot think positively, we cannot live happily. Be our own teacher or adviser we ought to look everything with a positive angle. Let us find something good even in most critical moments of our life and let us make positive thinking the basis of our happy living. It’s a matter of thought that fools worry about the circumstances on which they have no control. Why worry when we cannot change anything or the climate, rather enjoy it whether it’s hot, humid, cold, cloudy, foggy and snowy. Let us all keep our internal weather mind body and soul pleasant all the time. A sound and positive happiness is all around. It’s not far away from us. If we do not want to live happy, it’s up to us. It’s our own choice. We must not blame others, nor should we blame our fate or external circumstances. Another thing is that feeling confident affects the way we perceive our situations and how we decide to manage them. Think that by being more optimistic we alter our approaches to situations and take on them in a healthier manner; we think of alternatives and act according to better outcomes. If we think positive it will be positive.

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