Nelson Chemistry 12: College Preparation: Study Guide by Ted GibbNelson Chemistry 12: College Preparation: Study Guide by Ted Gibb

Nelson Chemistry 12: College Preparation: Study Guide

byTed Gibb

Paperback | November 7, 2003

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Developed specifically to support Ontario's new Chemistry 12 College Preparation course (SCH4C), this highly readable resource addresses the needs of a larger and more diverse student base by placing a stronger emphasis on STSE and practical applications instead of theoretical rigour.
Title:Nelson Chemistry 12: College Preparation: Study GuideFormat:PaperbackDimensions:10.88 × 8.63 × 0.81 inPublished:November 7, 2003Publisher:Nelson Canada ElhiLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Unit 1 Matter and Qualitative AnalysisUnit OpenerUnit OverviewAre You Ready?Getting Started1.1 INVESTIGATION: Determining the Identity of an Unknown Powder1.2 Building Scientific Knowledge1.3 Early Models of the Atom1.4 The Electromagnetic Spectrum1.5 INVESTIGATION: Flame Tests1.6 The Bohr Model of the Hydrogen Atom1.7 ACTIVITY: Determining the Identity of Unknown Gases Using Line Spectra1.8 EXPLORE AN ISSUE: MRI Clinics-Fair Access?1.9 TECH CONNECT: The Breathalyzer1.10 CASE STUDY: Qualitative Analysis of Concrete1.11 INVESTIGATION: Identifying Unknown Solids Using Physical Properties1.12 The Formation of Ions1.13 Covalent Bonding1.14 Chemical Reactions1.15 Predicting Precipitate Formation1.16 INVESTIGATION: Predicting Precipitate FormationUnit 1 SummaryUnit 1 Performance TaskUnit 1 ReviewUnit 2 Chemical CalculationsUnit OpenerUnit Overview Are You Ready? Getting Started2.1 Amounts in Chemistry: The Mole and Molar Mass2.2 Calculations Involving the Mole2.3 Determining Chemical Formulae2.4 INVESTIGATION: Percentage Composition by Mass of Magnesium Oxide2.5 Concentration of Solutions2.6 TECH CONNECT: The Spectrophotometer2.7 ACTIVITY: Determining the Concentration of a Solution2.8 CASE STUDY: Biomagnification2.9 Quantitative Analysis2.10 The Mole and Chemical Equations: Stoichiometry2.11 LAB EXERCISE: Calculating an Excess Reagent2.12 INVESTIGATION: Limiting Reagents in Chemical Reactions2.13 Percentage Yield2.14 INVESTIGATION: Percentage Yield of a Chemical Reaction2.15 EXPLORE AN ISSUE: Olympic Drug TestingUnit 2 SummaryUnit 2 Performance TaskUnit 2 ReviewUnit 3 Organic ChemistryUnit OpenerUnit Overview Are You Ready? Getting Started3.1 Hydrocarbons3.2 ACTIVITY: Building Molecular Models3.3 Fractional Distillation and Cracking3.4 Functional Groups3.5 INVESTIGATION: Separating a Mixture by Distillation3.6 EXPLORE AN ISSUE: The Cost of Cold Drinks3.7 Alcohols and Ethers3.8 INVESTIGATION: Properties of Alcohols3.9 Aldehydes and Ketones3.10 Safe Use of Organic Solvents3.11 Carboxylic Acids3.12 INVESTIGATION: Properties of Carboxylic Acids3.13 Esters3.14 ACTIVITY: Synthesis of Esters3.15 Amines and Amides3.16 EXPLORE AN ISSUE: Regular or Diet?3.17 ACTIVITY: Classifying Plastics3.18 Polymers3.19 TECH CONNECT: Nicotine Patch3.20 INVESTIGATION: Making Polymers3.21 CASE STUDY: Contact LensesUnit 3 SummaryUnit 3 Performance TaskUnit 3 ReviewUnit 4 Chemistry in the EnvironmentUnit OpenerUnit Overview Are You Ready? Getting Started4.1 Water: Essential for Life4.2 Whats In Clean Water?4.3 Whats In Polluted Water?4.4 TECH CONNECT: Water Disinfection Methods4.5 CASE STUDY: Protecting Canadas Great Lakes Environment4.6 INVESTIGATION: Testing for Ions in Water4.7 Water: An Acid or a Base?4.8 INVESTIGATION: Dilution and pH4.9 INVESTIGATION: The pH of Household Products4.10 Acid-Base Reactions4.11 INVESTIGATION: Titration HCl-NaOH4.12 Acid Rain4.13 The Behaviour of Gases4.14 ACTIVITY: Air-The Gas We Breathe4.15 EXPLORE AN ISSUE: Canada and the Kyoto Protocol4.16 Making Choices4.17 Environmental Solutions-Your Role4.18 TECH CONNECT: The TAGA-Trace Atmospheric Gas AnalyzerUnit 4 SummaryUnit 4 Performance TaskUnit 4 ReviewUnit 5 ElectrochemistryUnit OpenerUnit Overview Are You Ready? Getting Started5.1 Oxidation-Reduction Reactions5.2 Redox Reactions of Nonmetals5.3 INVESTIGATION: Developing an Activity Series of Metals5.4 The Activity Series of Metals5.5 INVESTIGATION: Testing the Activity Series5.6 CASE STUDY: Piercing Problems5.7 ACTIVITY: Conductors and Nonconductors5.8 Galvanic Cells5.9 INVESTIGATION: Designer Cells5.10 Batteries5.11 EXPLORE AN ISSUE: Should Ni-Cd Batteries Be Banned?5.12 TECH CONNECT: Hydrogen Fuel Cells5.13 Corrosion5.14 INVESTIGATION: Factors Affecting the Rate of Corrosion5.15 Preventing Corrosion5.16 ACTIVITY: Cathodic Protection-Impressed Current5.17 Electrolytic Cells5.18 The Alu