Nelson Physics 12: College Preparation: Student Text by Alan HirschNelson Physics 12: College Preparation: Student Text by Alan Hirsch

Nelson Physics 12: College Preparation: Student Text

byAlan Hirsch, Hirsch Et Al Hirsch Et Al

Hardcover | September 25, 2003

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Developed specifically to support Ontario's new Physics 12 College Preparation course (SPH4C), this highly readable resource addresses the needs of a larger and more diverse student base by placing a stronger emphasis on STSE and practical applications instead of theoretical rigour.
Title:Nelson Physics 12: College Preparation: Student TextFormat:HardcoverDimensions:11.13 × 8.75 × 1.13 inPublished:September 25, 2003Publisher:Nelson Canada ElhiLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:0176265309

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Table of Contents

UNIT 1: MECHANICAL SYSTEMSUnit 1 Are You Ready?Chapter 1: Motion and ForcesChapter 1 Getting Started1.1 Kinematics: The Study of Motion1.2 Constant Acceleration and Acceleration Due to Gravity1.3 Forces and Free-Body Diagrams1.4 Inertia and Newtons First Law of Motion1.5 Investigation: What Factors Affect Acceleration?1.6 Newtons Second Law of Motion and Weight1.7 Newtons Third Law of Motion1.8 Friction and the Coefficients of Friction1.9 Investigation: Measuring the Coefficients of Friction1.10 Controlling FrictionChapter 1 SummaryChapter 1 Self-QuizChapter 1 ReviewChapter 2: MachinesChapter 2 Getting Started2.1 Simple Machines2.2 Investigation: Forces on Levers2.3 Torque and Levers2.4 Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency2.5 Investigation: Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency of Machines2.6 Domestic and Industrial Machines2.7 Investigation: The BicycleChapter 2 SummaryChapter 2 Self-QuizChapter 2 ReviewUnit 1 Performance TaskUnit 1 Self-QuizUnit 1 Review UNIT 2: ENERGY TRANSFORMATIONSUnit 2 Are You Ready?Chapter 3: Energy and Energy TransformationsChapter 3 Getting Started3.1 Energy Forms and Transformations3.2 Work3.3 Gravitational and Kinetic Energy3.4 Investigation: Energy Springs3.5 Thermal Energy and Heat3.6 Energy Resources and Energy Transformation DevicesChapter 3 SummaryChapter 3 Self-QuizChapter 3 ReviewChapter 4: Power and EfficiencyChapter 4 Getting Started4.1 Power4.2 Efficiency4.3 Investigation: Determining Efficiencies4.4 Using Energy EfficientlyChapter 4 SummaryChapter 4 Self-QuizChapter 4 ReviewUnit 2 Performance TaskUnit 2 Self-QuizUnit 2 Review UNIT 3: HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATIC SYSTEMSUnit 3 Are You Ready?Chapter 5: Fluids At RestChapter 5 Getting Started5.1 Hydraulics and Pneumatics5.2 Pressure5.3 Investigation 5.3: Static Pressure5.4 Pascals Principle5.5 Investigation 5.5: A Two-Cylinder Circuit5.6 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems5.7 Work and Power in Fluid SystemsChapter 5 SummaryChapter 5 Self-QuizChapter 5 ReviewChapter 6: Fluid DynamicsChapter 6 Getting Started6.1 Laminar and Turbulent Flow6.2 Streamlining6.3 Investigation: The Effects of Fast Fluid Flow6.4 Bernoullis PrincipleChapter 6 SummaryChapter 6 Self-QuizChapter 6 ReviewUnit 3 Performance TaskUnit 3 Self-QuizUnit 3 ReviewUNIT 4: ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICSUnit 4 Are You Ready?Chapter 7: Current ElectricityChapter 7 Getting Started7.1 Direct and Alternating Currents7.2 Electric Current and Potential Difference7.3 Electric Resistance7.4 Electric Circuits7.5 Ohms Law7.6 Investigation 7.6: Testing Resistors 7.7 Series and Parallel Circuits7.8 Electrical Power and Energy7.9 Investigation 7.9: Troubleshooting Electric FaultsChapter 7 SummaryChapter 7 Self-QuizChapter 7 ReviewChapter 8: ElectronicsChapter 8 Getting Started8.1 Electronic Circuits8.2 Control Systems8.3 Analog and Digital Control Systems8.4 Investigation 8.4: Troubleshooting Electronic Circuits8.5 MiniaturizationChapter 8 SummaryChapter 8 Self-QuizChapter 8 ReviewUnit 4 Performance TaskUnit 4 Self-QuizUnit 4 ReviewUNIT 5: COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGYUnit 5 Are You Ready?Chapter 9: Communication with Waves and SoundChapter 9 Getting Started9.1 Vibrations9.2 Investigation 9.2: The Pendulum9.3 Producing Pulses and Waves9.4 Investigation 9.4: Pulses or Waves on a Coiled Spring9.5 Interference of Pulses9.6 Periodic Waves9.7 Mechanical Resonance and Interference9.8 Sound Interference and Communications Technology9.9 Communications SystemsChapter 9 SummaryChapter 9 Self-QuizChapter 9 ReviewChapter 10: Communication with LightChapter 10 Getting Started10.1 Light Energy and Electromagnetic Waves10.2 Investigation 10.2: Reflection of Light10.3 Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves and Communications Technology10.4 Investigation 10.4: Light Refraction and Internal Reflection10.5 Refraction and Total Internal Reflection10.6 Communications and Electrom