Nerve Blockade and Interventional Therapy by Kiyoshige OhsetoNerve Blockade and Interventional Therapy by Kiyoshige Ohseto

Nerve Blockade and Interventional Therapy

byKiyoshige OhsetoEditorHiroyuki Uchino, Hiroki Iida

Hardcover | April 15, 2019

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This book provides physicians practicing at pain management clinics with comprehensive explanations of interventional therapeutic procedures including nerve blockade, as well as pharmacotherapy. Interventional therapeutic procedures including nerve blockade are categorized by devices into landmark ("blind"), X-ray-guided, ultrasound-guided, CT-guided, MR-guided, and endoscopic techniques. In this book, each chapter introduces one type of nerve blockade procedure that involves several different devices. The authors describe the pros and cons of each technique and make recommendations for the best devices to use. This book will also help anesthesiologists and other physicians to improve their treatment techniques.
Dr. Kiyoshige Ohseto, Tokyo Medical University, Dept. of AnesthesiologyDr. Hiroyuki Uchino, Tokyo Medical University, Dept. of AnesthesiologyDr. Hiroki Iida, Gifu University, Dept. of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine
Title:Nerve Blockade and Interventional TherapyFormat:HardcoverDimensions:413 pagesPublished:April 15, 2019Publisher:Springer NatureLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part 1. Introduction.-
1. Interventional pain treatment using nerve block - Usefulness and perspectives.-
2. Interventional Treatments and Nerve Blocks

Part 2. Overview.-
3. Definition.- 
4. Purpose.-
5. Method for Evaluating Pain.-
6. Diagnosis
7. Apparatus
8. Drugs used 
9. Neurodestruction and Stimulation Approach

Part 3. Feature of Each Technique.- 
10.Landmark Method  (Blind Method).- 
11. X-ray-fluoroscopy guided method.- 
12. Ultrasound-guided method.- 
13. CT-guided method.-  
14. ME-guided method.- 

Part 4. Head.- 
15. Trigeminal nerve block .- 
16. Gasserian ganglion Blockï¼Percutaneous radiofrequency Trigeminal rhizotomyï¼.-
17. Glossopharyngeal nerve block.- 
18. Editors' Comment.- 

Part 5. Neck.- 
19. Occipital nerve block (Landmark, Ultrasound-guided).- 
20. Phrenic nerve block.- 
21. Superficial cervical plexus block (Landmark, Ultrasound-guided).- 
22. Stellate ganglion block.-    
23. Brachial Plexus Block (Landmark, Ultrasound-guided, and Fluoroscopy-guided method).-
24. Editors' Comment.-

Part 6. Shoulder and Upper extremity.- 
25. Suprascapular nerve block.- 
26. Dorsal Scapular Nerve Block (Landmark method).-
27. Axillary Nerve Block (Ultrasound-guided method).-
28. Peripheral nerve block of upper limb.-
29. Shoulder.- 
30. Shoulder Joint Block and Pumping (X-ray-guided).- 
31. Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation of Shoulder Articular Branches (X-ray-guided).-   
32. Elbow.-
33. Hand.-
34. Comment.-

Part 7. Thorax and Back.- 
35. Ntercostal nerve block.- 
36. Thoracic Paravertebral Block (Ultrasound guidance technique).-    
37. Thoracic sympathetic ganglion block.-  
38. Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy.-  
39. Editor's Comment.-  

Part 8. Abdomen and Back.- 
40. Celiac plexus block, Splanchnic nerve block (X-ray -fluoroscopy-guided, CT-guided).-
41. Superior Hypogastric Plexus Block (X-ray fluoroscopy-guided, CT-Guided).-
42. Ilioinguinal Nerve Block.- 
43. Comment.- 

Part 9. Lumbosacral region.- 
44. Ultrasound guided lumbar plexus block.-  
45. Lumbar sympathetic nerve block.- 

Part 10. Pelvis.-
46. Sacroiliac Joint Block (Ultrasound-guided, X-ray fluoroscopy--guided).- 
47. Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation of Sacroiliac Articular Branches(X-ray guided): High-frequency thermocoagulation of the sacroiliac joints.- 
48. Sacrococcygeal Joint Block (x-ray Fluoroscopy-guided, Ultrasound-guided).-   
49. Ganglion impar block.- 
50. Intra-articular injection of the hip joint.- 
51. Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation of Hip Articular Branches (X-ray  fluoroscopy-guided).- 
52. Comment.- 

Part 11.Lower extremity.-
53. Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block.- 
54. Femoral nerve block.- 
55. Sciatic nerve block.- 
56. Saphenous Nerve Block(Landmark,Ultrasound-guided method).- 
57. Tibial nerve block .- 
58. IRS.-   

Part 12. Epidural Block.-  
59. Thoracic Epidural block (Landmark, X-ray-guided, Ultrasound-method).- 
60. Lumbar Epidural Block.- 
61. Sacral Epidural Block.- 
62. Comment.-  

Part 13. Epidural Intervention Therapy.- 
63. Spinal Cord Stimulation.- 
64. Epidural Lavage and Nerve Block (X-ray-Guided).- 
65. Epiduroscopy.- 
66. Racz Catheter Percutaneous Epidural Neuroplasty (The Racz Procedure).-   
67. Comment.-

Part 14. Subarachnoid Block.-
68. Thoracic Subarachnoid Phenol Block (Landmark technique, X-ray-guided).-
69. Saddle Phenol Block (Landmark technique).-  
70. Lumbar Subarachnoid Block.- 
71. Pain Alleviation with Subarachnoid Opioid Injection.- 
72. Total Spinal Block (TSB).- 
73. Comment.- 

Part 15. Intervertebral Joint, Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation of Posterior Medial Branch.-  
74. Cervical Facet joint Block.- 
75. Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation of Posterior Medial Branch of Cervical Spinal Nerve.- 
76. Thoracic facet block- 
77. Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation of Posterior Medial Branch of Thoracic Spine (X-ray guided).- 
78. Lumbar Spine Facet Block (Ultrasound-guided, X-ray fluoroscopy-guided).- 
79. Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation of Posterior Medial Branch of Lumbar Spine (X-ray guided).-   
80. Comment.- 

Part 16. Nerve Root Block (X-ray-guided, Ultrasound-guided).- 
81. Cervical Nerve Root Block.- 
82. Thoracic Nerve Root Block (X-ray guided).- 
83. Lumber Nerve Root Block.- 
84. Sacral Nerve Root Block (X-ray fluoroscopy-guided method, Ultrasound-guided method).-   
85. Comment.-  

Part 17. Intradiscal Therapy (X-ray-guided, CT-Angiography).- 
86. Cervical Disc Contrastradiography and Block.-
87. Thoracic Disc Block.- 
88. Lumbar Disc Block.- 
89. Disc Interventional Therapy.-   
90. Comment.- 

Part 18. Intracentrum Theapy (X-ray-guided, CT-Angiography).-  
91. Vertebral body perforation (percutaneous transpedicular vertebral body perforation).- 
92. Percutaneous Vertebroplasty (PVP).- 
93. Comment.-   

Part 19. Lower Limb and Joint.-  
94. Knee.- 
95. High-frequency thermocoagulation in the knee.- 
96. Foot.- 
97. Comment.-   

Part 20. Motor Nerve (Landmark, Ultrasound).- 
98. Facial Nerve Block (FNB).-