Neural Networks and Soft Computing: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Neural Network and Soft Computing, Zakopane, P by Leszek RutkowskiNeural Networks and Soft Computing: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Neural Network and Soft Computing, Zakopane, P by Leszek Rutkowski

Neural Networks and Soft Computing: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Neural…

byLeszek Rutkowski

Paperback | February 12, 2003

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th This volume constitutes the proceedings of the 6 Conference on Neural Networks and Soft Computing, ICNNSC'2002, held in Zakopane, Poland in June 11-15, 2002. The Conference was organized by the Polish Neural Network Society in co­ operation with the Department of Computer Engineering at the Technical Univer­ sity of Cz<_stochowa.20_the20_previous20_conferences20_took20_place20_in20_kule20_28_199429_2c_20_szczyrk20_28_199629_2c_20_kule20_28_199729_20_and20_zakopane20_28_19992c_20_200029_20_and20_attracted20_a20_large20_number20_of20_papers20_and20_internationally20_recognized20_speakers20_like20_prof.20_robert20_marks2c_20_prof.20_jacek20_zurada2c_20_prof.20_ryszard20_tadeusiewicz2c_20_prof.20_shiro20_usui2c_20_prof.20_daniel20_amit2c_20_prof.20_wlodzislaw20_duch2c_20_prof.20_erkki20_oja2c_20_prof.20_syozo20_yasui2c_20_prof.20_enrique20_ruspini2c_20_prof.20_witold20_pedrycz2c_20_prof.20_janusz20_kacprzyk20_and20_prof.20_lotfi20_a.20_zadeh.20_it20_was20_pointed20_out20_by20_prof.20_lotfi20_a.20_zadeh20_that20_22_soft20_computing20_28_sc29_20_is20_a20_coalition20_of20_methodologies20_which20_are20_oriented20_toward20_the20_conception20_and20_design20_of20_informac2ad_20_tion2f_intelligent20_systems.20_the20_principal20_members20_of20_the20_coalition20_are3a_20_fuzzy20_logic20_28_fl29_2c_20_neurocomputing20_28_nc29_2c_20_evolutionary20_computing20_28_ec29_2c_20_probabilistic20_computc2ad_20_ing20_28_pc29_2c_20_chaotic20_computing20_28_cc29_2c_20_and20_machine20_learning20_28_ml29_.20_the20_constituent20_methodologies20_of20_sc20_are2c_20_for20_the20_most20_part2c_20_complementary20_and20_synergistic20_rather20_than20_competitive22_.20_this20_volume20_presents20_most20_techniques20_and20_methodologies20_mentioned20_by20_prof. the="" previous="" conferences="" took="" place="" in="" kule="" _28_199429_2c_="" szczyrk="" _28_199629_2c_="" _28_199729_="" and="" zakopane="" _28_19992c_="" _200029_="" attracted="" a="" large="" number="" of="" papers="" internationally="" recognized="" speakers="" like="" prof.="" robert="" _marks2c_="" jacek="" _zurada2c_="" ryszard="" _tadeusiewicz2c_="" shiro="" _usui2c_="" daniel="" _amit2c_="" wlodzislaw="" _duch2c_="" erkki="" _oja2c_="" syozo="" _yasui2c_="" enrique="" _ruspini2c_="" witold="" _pedrycz2c_="" janusz="" kacprzyk="" lotfi="" a.="" zadeh.="" it="" was="" pointed="" out="" by="" zadeh="" that="" _22_soft="" computing="" _28_sc29_="" is="" coalition="" methodologies="" which="" are="" oriented="" toward="" conception="" design="" _informac2ad_="" _tion2f_intelligent="" systems.="" principal="" members="" _are3a_="" fuzzy="" logic="" _28_fl29_2c_="" neurocomputing="" _28_nc29_2c_="" evolutionary="" _28_ec29_2c_="" probabilistic="" _computc2ad_="" ing="" _28_pc29_2c_="" chaotic="" _28_cc29_2c_="" machine="" learning="" _28_ml29_.="" constituent="" sc="" _are2c_="" for="" most="" _part2c_="" complementary="" synergistic="" rather="" than="" _competitive22_.="" this="" volume="" presents="" techniques="" mentioned="">
Title:Neural Networks and Soft Computing: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Neural…Format:PaperbackDimensions:914 pagesPublished:February 12, 2003Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Invited Papers.- It is a Fundamental Limitation to Base Probability Theory on Bivalent Logic.- Soft Variables as a Generalization of Uncertain, Random and Fuzzy Variables.- Decision Algorithms, Bayes' Theorem and Flow Graphs.- New Consideration on Criteria of Model Selection.- Generalized Conjunction, Disjunction and Negation Operations in Fuzzy Modeling.- Image Data Compression/Reconstruction by Fuzzy Relational Equation.- Interpolation in Hierarchical Rule Bases.- On Algebraic Operations on Fuzzy Reals.- Formal Fuzzy Logic and its Use in Modeling of Vagueness and Computing with Words.- Independent Component Analysis for Simultaneous Active Noise Canceling and Blind Signal Separation.- On The Universality of The Single-Layer Perceptron Model.- A Hybrid Connectionist System for Multiple Regression.- Financial Fraud Identification Using MF-ARTMAP Neural Network.- Radial Basis Function Neural Networks: Theory and Applications.- of Interactive Evolutionary Computation and Its Application to CG Creativity.- Neuroinformatics Research in Vision.- Soft Computing in Hardware Implementations.- Neural Networks.- On the Node Complexity of Threshold Gate Circuits with Sub-linear Fan-ins.- Numerically Robust Learning Algorithms for Feed Forward Neural Networks.- A Neural Network Based Approach For Sensors Issued Data Fusion.- Population Learning Metaheuristic for Neural Network Training.- A Penalty Function to Obtain Satisfactory Local Models of Complex Systems.- Feature Selection Based on Information Theory Filters.- Neural Network Design without Learning.- New Ontogenic Neural Network Classificator Based on Probabilistic Reasoning.- Discrete Quasi-gradient Features Weighting Algorithm.- Input Ranking Revisited: A Theoretical Input Sensitivity Approach.- On the Influence of Synaptic Dilution on Memory Properties of Neural Networks.- Evolutionary Algorithm vs. Other Methods for Constructive Optimisation of RBF Network Kernels.- Heuristic Dynamic Programming for Neural Networks Learning Part 1: Learning as a Control Problem.- Heuristic Dynamic Programming for Neural Networks Learning Part 2: I-order Differential Dynamic Programming.- Evaluation of Dipolar Neural Networks in Survival Time Prediction.- A Synaptic Indicator Based Approach for Hidden Parameters Extraction In Industrial Environment.- Regression Hyper Surfaces with a Modified Neural Network Architecture.- Response Surface Methodology at Irregular Grids Based on Voronoi Scheme with Neural Network Approximator.- Extended RBF Nets - Preliminary Studies.- How to Test Overfitting When There is not Enough Data for a Testing Set?.- On Very Large Scale Hamiltonian Neural Nets.- Fuzzy Systems.- On sup - * Compositions of Fuzzy Implications.- A New Approach to Fuzzy Constraints in Linear Programming.- On a Linguistic Description of Dependencies in Data.- New Index of Significance for Inputs Selection.- Fuzzy Reliability Analysis.- Variable Precision Rough Sets in Analysis of Inconsistent Decision Tables.- The Newton Interpolation Method with Fuzzy Numbers as the Entries.- Fuzzy Optimization Using Direct Crisp and Fuzzy Interval Comparison.- Membership Functions as Combination of Expert's Knowledge with Population Information.- Towards More Human Consistent Reasoning via Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets.- Fuzzy Relational Thesauri Expansion Using Categorized Textual Data.- Evolutionary Algorithms.- Investigation of the Neighborhood Attraction Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Neural Gas.- A Fate of Two Evolutionary Walkers after the Departure from the Origin.- Genetic Algorithms with Adaptive Meta-heuristics for 2D Packing Problem.- Genetic Decryption of Columnar Transposition Code.- A Floating-Point Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Model Parameters Extraction and Optimization in HBT Device Simulation.- Rule Extraction from Trained Neural Network with Evolutionary Algorithms.- Genetic Algorithm for Observer Parameters Tuning in Sensorless Induction Motor Drive.- Moving Objects in the Problem of Path Planning by Evolutionary Computation.- Soft Computing in Classification and Pattern Recognition.- Determining Relevant Input Dimensions for the Self Organizing Map.- The Use of Wide-frame Cepstrum in Speech Recognition.- Face Recognition/Detection by Clustering and Probabilistic Neural Networks.- A Posteriori Corrections to Classification Methods.- Competent Undemocratic Committees.- Reasoning in Structured Bayesian Networks.- Machine Learning Methods for Improving Gender Recognition from Stop Consonants.- Sequential Classification.- Geometry and Logic in Pattern Classifiers.- Fuzzy Bayesian Classifier: a Multi-Agent System for Information Retrieval in the Web.- Medical Applications of Soft Computing.- Can Neural Networks Be Used to Define the Rules of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in the Nutrition Domain?.- A Practical Approach To Image Reconstruction From Projections Using Neural Networks Structure.- A Systolic Realisation of the Neuro-Tomograph.- An Investigation of Differential Skin Colonization of Neonates by Staphylococci, Using an Artificial Neural Network-based System.- Evolutionary Computing Techniques for Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections in Vivo, Using Gas Sensors.- Neural Expert System for Pharmaceutical Formulation Development - Focus on Solid Dispersions.- Using Artificial Neural Network as a Tool for Epidemiological Data Analysis.- A Neural Network Based Investigation of High Frequency Components of the ECG.- Automatic Ischemic Stroke Segmentation Using Various Techniques.- Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.- Simple Modification of Takagi-Sugeno Model.- Applying Genetic Algorithm for Training Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier - the nfgClass System.- Fuzzy Calculus by RBF Neural Networks.- Extending Neuro-Fuzzy Classification to Semi-Supervised Learning.- An ?-insensitive Learning in Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling.- Soft Techniques for Bayesian Classification.- Gradient Descent Based Optimization of Transparent Mamdani Systems.- A Neural Network Equivalent to a Neuro-Fuzzy System for Classification.- Compromise Weighted Neuro - Fuzzy Systems.- A Fuzzy Relational System with Linguistic Antecedent Certainty Factors.- Interval Type 2 Neuro-Fuzzy Systems Based on Interval Consequents.- Generation of Fuzzy Neural Network Structure.- Various Methods of Soft Computing.- Regularization Background of Clustering Algorithms.- Simulated Annealing C-Means Clustering Algorithm Convergence Proof.- Learning by Constraint Relaxation.- Forests of Decision Trees.- Agent Populations as Computational Intelligence.- Conditional Belief Functions Versus Proper Belief Functions.- Transformation Distances, Strings and Identification of DNA Promoters.- Solving Stochastic Shortest Path Problem Using Monte Carlo Sampling Method: A Distributed Learning Automata Approach.- Visualization of Large Data Sets Using MDS Combined with LVQ.- Controlling the Asymptotic Level Density for Quantization Processes with Self-Organizing Maps.- Formal Neuro-Immune Network.- Memory Management in Artificial Immune System.- Image Processing.- A Software Platform for Evaluation of Neural Algorithms for Stereo Image Processing.- Sequential Analysis of Medical Images Using Neural Networks.- Medical Image Recognition Based on Fractal Features.- Improving Image Database Summarization by Automatic Image Feature Selection Using GA.- Soft Computing in Automatics.- System Identification Using Delaunay Tessellation of Self-Organizing Maps.- Neural Network Reactive Navigation and Control of Wheeled Mobile Robot.- Training of Neural Network Wiener Models with Recursive Prediction Error Algorithm.- Dynamic GMDH Type Neural Networks.- Neural Networks for Signal Processing.- Generalized Spectrum Analysis by Means of Neural Networks.- Wavelet Network for Recursive Function Learning.- Interpolation and Approximation of Models.- Wavelet Network Estimating Regression Function.- Economic Applications.- Dynamic Programming with NAR Model Versus Q-learning - Case Study.- Evaluation of Economic Effectiveness of Provinces with Rough and Fuzzy Sets.- Evolutionarily Developed Neural Networks for Investment Strategies Construction.- Credit Granting Procedure: Multilayer Perceptron And Classification Tree.- Mechanical Applications.- Reliability Analysis of Structures by Neural Network Supported Monte Carlo Methods.- BP Neural Network Computation of Response Spectra Using a Subpicture Idea.- Neural Networks in Updating of Dynamic Models with Experimental Verification.- A Fuzzy Neural Network for the Analysis of Experimental Structural Mechanics Problems.- Neural Network Identification of a Circular Hole in the Rectangular Plate.- Neural Analysis of Concrete Shrinkage.- Various Applications.- Short-Term Load Forecasting for Energy Markets.- Systolic architecture for Higher Order Neural Networks.- Decomposition and Argument Reduction of Neural Networks.- Traffic Flow Simulation - Cellular Automata with Fuzzy Rules Approach.- An MLP Predictor of ELF Environmental Magnetic Fields Pollution.- Forecasting of Meteorologic Data by Artificial Neural Networks.- Artificial Neural Network Predictive System for Oxygen Steelmaking Converter.- Evaluation of a Helicopter Model Using Generalized Back Propagation Through Time.- Correction of Non-linear Dynamic Properties of Temperature Sensors by the Use of ANN.- Short-Term Weather Forecasting with Neural Networks.- Method for Detection of Wheat Grain Damage with Application of Neural Networks.- The WWW Based Data Mining Toolbox Architecture.- Concept of Neural Model of the Sea Bottom Surface.- Systolic Simulation of Hamming Neural Network.- Neural Network Simulation of Energy Transfer Processes in a Membrane Protein System.- Neural Network Modifiers of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.- Probabilistic-Fuzzy Method of Ship Manoeuvre Safety Assessment in a Restricted Area.- Irregular Shape Particle Size Analysis Using Neural Network Approach.- Neural Classifier for Bottom Sediments.- Performance of ROC Curves and LVQ Neural Networks in Detection of Middle Cerebral Artery Spasm.- Neural Network Approach to Acoustic Detection of Number of Vehicles.