Neuroendocrine Perspectives by Eugenio E. MüllerNeuroendocrine Perspectives by Eugenio E. Müller

Neuroendocrine Perspectives

byEugenio E. Müller, Robert M. MacLeod

Paperback | October 12, 2011

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Neuroendocrine Perspectives, Volume 7, is part of an international book series designed to keep clinicians and researchers appraised of important trends and new data in basic and clinical neuroendocrinology. It focuses on four very rapidly evolving major topics: - the role of dopaminergic regulation of the intermediate pituitary lobe in elucidating intracellular signal transaction pathways and other regulatory mechanisms involved in transsynaptic regulation of peptide biosynthesis, post-translational processing, and hormone secretion; - the physiological and clinical implications of corticotropin releasing factor for such areas as diagnosing Cushing's syndrome, defining the hypothalamic and pituitary origins of secondary adrenal insufficiency, and distinguishing Cushing's syndrome from psychiatric states associated with hypercortisolism; - the large number of neurotrophic factors that affect CNS neurons and of neurite promoting factors that modulate neuronal performance, with emphasis on their mechanisms of action and their possible therapeutic applications to peripheral neuropathies and central diseases; - and the many factors that regulate changes in female reproductive cycles during middle age, with careful distinction between neuroendocrine and ovarian components and special attention to the possible cause-and-effect relationship within the cascade of events resulting in acyclicity and infertility.
Title:Neuroendocrine PerspectivesFormat:PaperbackDimensions:178 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.01 inPublished:October 12, 2011Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Dopaminergic Regulation of the Intermediate Pituitary.- Anatomy.- Innervation.- Dopaminergic Regulation of Intermediate Lobe Secretion.- Early Studies.- Electrophysiologic Studies.- The Dopamine Receptor and Cyclic AMP.- Dopaminergic Regulation of POMC Gene Expression.- Biosynthetic Studies.- Structure and Regulation of the POMC Gene.- Second and Third Messenger Systems.- Dopaminergic Regulation of Post-Translational Processing.- The Enzymology of POMC Processing.- Endoproteolytic Cleavage.- Carboxypeptidase and Aminopeptidase Proteolysis.- Amidation.- Acetylation.- Heterogeneous Proteolysis.- Dopaminergic Regulation of POMC Processing Enzymes.- Dopaminergic Regulation of Cellular and Subcellular Morphology.- Cellular Heterogeneity.- Cell Proliferation.- Summary and Conclusion.- Corticotropin Releasing Factor (Hormone): Physiological and Clinical Implications.- Corticotropin Releasing Factor and the Stress Response.- Pharmacological, Pharmacokinetic and Hemodynamic Properties of Ovine and Human Corticotropin Releasing Factor in Nonhuman Primates and in Man.- Dose-Response Studies.- Pharmacokinetic Properties.- Side Effects and Peripheral Hemodynamic Effects.- The Ovine CRF Stimulation Test in the Differential Diagnosis of Cushing's Syndrome and Adrenal Insufficiency.- Cushing's Syndrome.- Peripheral oCRF stimulation test.- Inferior petrosal sinus sampling and CRF stimulation in Cushing's syndrome.- CRF stimulation testing after surgical therapy for Cushing's disease.- CRF stimulation test in Nelson's syndrome.- Adrenal Insufficiency.- Ovine CRF stimulation testing in differential diagnosis.- Adrenal suppression due to glucocorticoid therapy.- Ovine CRF Stimulation in Patients with Hypercortisolemic Psychiatric States.- Primary Affective Disorder.- Anorexia Nervosa.- Proposed Model of CRF Involvement in Psychopathology.- Summary and Conclusions.- Factors Promoting the Growth and Regeneration of Neuronal Cells.- In Vitro Studies of Neuronotrophic and Neurite Promoting Factors.- Concepts and Questions.- Neuronal Cultures as Bioassay System.- Source of Factors.- Neuronotrophic Factors.- Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).- Ciliary Neuronotrophic Factor (CNTF).- Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF).- Other Neuronotrophic Factors for Peripheral Ganglionic Neurons.- Neuronotrophic Factors Adressing CNS Neurons.- Low Molecular Weight Trophic Agents.- Protein Neuronotrophic Factors.- Neurite Promoting Factors.- Humoral Neurite Promoting Factors.- Anchorage-Dependent Neurite Promoting Factors.- Directional Guidance for Growing Neurites.- Serum-Replacing, Chemically Defined Supplements for Neuronal Cells.- Agents Modulating Neuronotrophic Factor Performance.- Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronotrophic Action.- Some General Considerations.- A Protein Kinase C Model for Neuronotrophic Factor Action.- In Vivo Involvement of Neuronotrophic and Neurite Promoting Factors.- The Peripheral Nervous System.- Models for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration.- The Central Nervous System.- Trophic Factors in Neuropathological Situations.- The trophic factor hypothesis.- Examples of clinical situations.- The Outlook: Strategies for Therapeutic Intervention.- Aging of the Female Reproductive System: A Neuroendocrine Perspective.- Changes in the Length and Variability of Reproductive Cycles.- Changes in Ovarian Function with Age.- Changes in Neuroendocrine Function with Age.- Changes in Anterior Pituitary Function as Reflected by Gonadotropin Secretion Patterns under Various Circumstances.- Changes in Hypothalamic Function as Reflected in Patterns of GnRH and Gonadotropin Secretion under Various Circumstances.- Changes in Hypothalamic Function as Reflected in Patterns of Neurotransmitter Activity and GnRH Concentrations and Neuronal Integrity.