Neuroglia by Helmut KettenmannNeuroglia by Helmut Kettenmann


EditorHelmut Kettenmann, Bruce R. Ransom

Hardcover | January 2, 2013

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Neuroglia, the third edition, is the long-awaited revision of the most highly regarded reference volume on glial cells. This indispensable edition has been completely revised, greatly enlarged, and enhanced with four-color figures throughout, all in response to the tremendous amount of newinformation that has accumulated since the previous edition seven years ago. Glial cells are, without doubt, the new stars in the neuroscience and neurology communities. Neglected in research for years, it is now evident that the brain only functions in a concerted action of all the cells, namelyglia and neurons.Seventy one chapters comprehensively discuss virtually every aspect of normal glial cell anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and function, and consider the central roles of these cells in neurological diseases including stroke, Alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, neuropathy,and psychiatric conditions. More than 20 new chapters have been added to accommodate the unprecedented growth of knowledge about the basic biology of glia and the sophisticated manner in which they partner with neurons in the course of normal brain function. Lavishly illustrated and meticulously edited, the third edition remains the most convenient and maximally useful reference available. This new edition is an essential reference for both newcomers to the field as well as established investigators. Neuroglia belongs on every neuroscientist'sbookshelf and will be a great asset for educators and neurological clinicians as well.
Helmut Kettenmann, PhD is Research Group Leader, Cellular Neurosciences at the Max-Delbruck-Centrum for Molecular Neuroscience, Berlin, Germany. Bruce R. Ransom, MD, PhD is Warren and Jermaine Magnuson Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA.
Title:NeurogliaFormat:HardcoverDimensions:912 pages, 11 × 8.5 × 0.98 inPublished:January 2, 2013Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Foreword to Ed. 3IntroductionSection 1. Properties of Neuroglial CellsEvolution of glial cells: insights from invertebrate glia1. Christian Kl,mbt: Evolution of glial cells2. Marc R. Freeman: Invertebrate glia3. Bruce Appel: Non-mammalian, vertebrate gliaMorphology, Ultrastructure and Identification4. Andreas Reichenbach and Hartwig Wolburg: Astrocyctes and Ependymal Glia5. Magdalena G"tz: Radial glial cells6. Arthur M. Butt: Structure and Function of Oligodendrocytes7. Rudolf Martini and Agnes Patzkc: Schwann cells and myelin8. Wolfgang J. Streit: Microglial Cells9. Martin Krueger and Ingo Bechmann: Pericytes of the central nervous system10. Akiko Nishiyama: NG2 Cells (Polydendrocytes)11. Menachem Hanani and David C. Spray: Glial Cells in autonomic and sensory gangliaLineage and development12. James E. Goldman: Astrocyte Development13. Katsuhiko Ono and Kazuhiro Ikenaka: Lineage and development: Oligodendrocytes14. Kristj n R.Jessen and Rhona Mirsky: The Schwann Cell Lineage: Cellular Transitions During Development and After Injury15. Marco Prinz: Microglia Lineage and DevelopmentPhysiological Properties16. Christian Steinh,user, Gerald Seifert, and Joachim W. Deitmer: Physiology of astrocytes: Ion channels and ion transporters17. Helmut Kettenmann and Robert Zorec: Release of gliotransmitters and transmitter receptors in astrocytes,18. Oliver von Bohlen und Halbach and Klaus Unsicker: Storage and release of non-transmitter signaling molecules from macroglia19. Mami Noda and Alexei Verkhratsky: Physiology of microglia20. Vittorio Gallo and Jean-Marie Mangin: Physiology of Oligodendrocytes21. Dwight E. Bergles: Physiological Properties of NG2+ Glial Cells22. H.W.G.M. Boddeke, B.J.L. Eggen, and K.P.H. Biber: Cytokine, chemokine and growth factor receptors and signaling23. Hideki Hayashi: Lipids, lipid mediators and other signaling molecules24. Bruce R. Ransom and Christian Giaume: Gap Junctions and Hemichannels25. Margaret S. Ho and Shumin Duan: Purinergic Mechanisms in Glial Cells26. Alexei Verkhratsky and Vladimir Parpura: Calcium signalling in neuroglia27. Pierre J. Magistretti and Luc Pellerin: The Central Role of Astrocytes in NeuroenergeticsGenomic Profiles28. Ditte Lovatt and Maiken Nedergaard: The Astrocyte Transcriptome29. Fraser J. Sim and Steven A. Goldman: Gene expression patterns of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells and oligodendrogliaSection 2. Functions of Neuroglial Cells30. Xiaoqun Wang and Arnold R. Kriegstein: Outer Subventricular Zone Radial Glial Cells31. Nicola J. Allen: Glial control of synaptogenesis32. Andreas Faissner: Neuron Migration and Axon Guidance33. Istvan Krizbai, Imola Wilhelm, Hans-Christian Bauer and Hannelore Bauer: The Role of Glia in the Formation and Function of the Blood-Brain Barrier34. Eva Sykov: Control of the extracellular ionic environment and volume35. Arne Schousboe, Lasse K. Bak, Karsten K. Madsen and Helle S. Waagepetersen: Amino Acid Neurotransmitter Synthesis and Removal36. Angus Brown: Glycogen and Energy Metabolism,37. Clare Howarth, Grant R.J. Gordon and Brian A. MacVicar: Astrocyte regulation of neurovascular control38. Andrea Volterra: Modulation of synaptic function and network activity39. Michael M. Halassa and Philip G. Haydon: Astrocytic modulation of mammalian synapses circuits and behaviors40. Gerd Kempermann: Adult neurogenesis41. St.phane H. R. Oliet: Modulation of neuroendocrine systemsOligodendrocytes/Schwann cells42. Lakshmi Bangalore and Stephen G. Waxman: Myelin, Impulse Conduction, and the Pathophysiology of Demyelination43. Michael Wegner: Transcription factors in myelinating cells44. Ruth Stassart, Sandra Goebbels, Klaus-Armin Nave: Factors controlling myelin formation45. R. Douglas Fields: Regulation of Myelination by Functional Activity46. James R. Connor: Iron and GliaMicroglia47. Frank Kirchhoff: Role of microglia in the normal brain48. Uwe-Karsten Hanisch: Factors controlling microglial activation49. Kelly R Miller, Stefan Prokop and Frank L Heppner: Roles of activated microglia50. Trevor Owens: Immune functions of microgliaSection 3. Role of glial cells in diseaseMechanisms of glial injury51. Michael V. Sofroniew: Astrocyte Responses to CNS Injury and Disease52. Peter K. Stys: Metabolic injury of oligodendrocytes and myelin53. Kazuyuki Nakajima and Shinichi Kohsaka: Interaction of microglia with neurons and astrocytes under lesioned neuronal conditions54. Violetta Zujovic and Alexandros A. Lavdas: Schwann cells and injuryRecovery of Neural Function55. Tessa Gordon and Olawale AR Sulaiman: Nerve Regeneration in the Peripheral Nervous System56. Anita D. Buchli and, Martin E. Schwab: Nerve fibre regeneration in the CNS of higher vertebrates57. Anne Baron-Van Evercooren and Rebecca Matsas: Glial Cell Transplantation for CNS RepairDiseases58. Ulrich Dirnagl, Bruce R. Ransom, and Josef Priller: Focal cerebral ischemia: The multifaceted role of glial cellsGliomas59. Shannon Donnola and Rebecca Bish: Malignant Glioma60. Anthony J. Apicelli and David H. Gutmann: Glial tumors in Neurofibromatosis and Tuberous Sclerosis ComplexDemyelinating diseases61. Monika Bradl and Hans Lassmann: Multiple Sclerosis62. Steven S. Scherer, M. Laura Feltri, and Lawrence Wrabetz: Genetic mutations affecting myelin formationNeurodegenerative Diseases63. Rita Sattler and Jeffrey Rothstein: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)64. Andrew Kraft and Jin-Moo Lee: Alzheimer's disease65. Thomas M"ller: Huntington disease, Parkinson disease and other neurodegenerative diseasesInfectious diseases66. Gwenn Garden: Glia in Bacterial and Viral CNS InfectionsMiscellaneous diseases67. Mireille B.langer, Javier Vaquero, and Roger F. Butterworth: Neuroglia in Hepatic Encephalopathy68. Simon Beggs, Tuan Trang and Michael W. Salter: Microglia and Pain69. Albee Messing and Michael Brenner: Genetic disorders affecting astrocytes70. Detlev Boison: Epilepsy71. Josef Priller: Psychiatric Disorders