Neurological Eponyms by Peter J. KoehlerNeurological Eponyms by Peter J. Koehler

Neurological Eponyms

EditorPeter J. Koehler, George W. Bruyn, John M. S. Pearce

Hardcover | September 15, 2000

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Neurology abounds with eponyms--Babinski's sign, Guillain-Barre' syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, etc. Neurologists and neuroscientists, however, are often hazy about the origin of these terms. This book brings together 55 of the most common eponyms related to the neurological examination,neuroanatomy, and neurological diseases. The chapters have a uniform structure: a short biography, a discussion of and a quotation from the original publication, and a discussion of the subsequent evolution and significance of the eponym. Photographs of all but two of the eponymists have beenincluded. The material is organized into sections on anatomy and pathology, symptoms and signs, reflexes and tests, clinical syndromes, and diseases and defects. The selection of eponyms was based on the frequency of use, familiarity of clinical neurologists with the concept, and the significancewithin neurology of the individual who coined the eponym. This volume covers some of the classic ideas in the history of clinical neurology. It will be of interest to neurologists, neuroscientists, medical historians, and their students and trainees.
Peter J. Koehler is at Atrium Medical Center, Heerlen. George W. Bruyn is at University if Leiden.
Title:Neurological EponymsFormat:HardcoverPublished:September 15, 2000Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

PART I STRUCTURES AND PROCESSES1. Boleslav Lichtermann: Adamkiewicz's Artery2. Chris U.M. Smith: Brodmann's Cortical Areas3. Enst M.H. van den Doel: Head's Areas4. Ernest H. Jellinek: The Foramen of Monro5. Franz Seitelberger: Meynert's Basal Nucleus6. Jan Voogd: The Purkinje Cell7. Axel Karenberg: The Schwann Cell8. Harm Beukers: The Sylvian Fissure9. Hansruedi E. Isler: The Circle of Willis10. Alan H. Sykes: Wallerian DegenerationPART II SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS11. Peter J. Koehler and John B. Lyons: Cheyne-Stokes Breathing12. H. August and M. van Alphen: The Cushing Reflex13. Frank Spaans: Froment's Sign14. Nicolaas J.M. Arts: Gower's Sign15. George K. York and Peter J. Koehler: Jacksonian Epilepsy16. John B. Lyons: Todd's Paralysis17. Jos A.M. Frederiks: Lhermitte's SignPART III REFLEXES AND OTHER TESTS18. Jan van Gijn: Babinski's Sign19. Peter J. Koehler: The Barre and Mingazzini Tests20. Hendrikus G.J. Krouwer, Paul E. Barkhaus, and Piero G. Antuono: The Reflexes of Hoffman, Trommer and Mayer21. Franks Spaans: The Hoffmann-Tinel Sign22. Jan Stam: Jendrassik's Maneuver23. Hans J.G.H. Oosterhuis: The Test of Lasegue24. Anton Valkenburg: Kernig's and Brudzinski's Sign25. Rian J. Wennekes: Moro's Reflex26. Jan M. Keppel-Hesselink and Peter J. Koehler: Romberg's Sign27. Nicolaas J.M. Arts and George W. Bruyn: The No-rebound Phenomenon of Stewart-HolmesPART IV SYNDROMES28. George W. Bruyn and William Gooddy: Adie's Syndrome29. Antoine Keyser: Bell's Palsy30. David Moffie and Francis Schiller: Broca's Aphasia31. Peter J. Koehler and Michael J. Aminoff: The Brown-Sequard Syndrome32. Richard M. Bruyn: Erb's Palsy33. Howard I. Kushner: Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome34. Eelco F.M. Wijdicks and Allan H. Ropper: The Guillain-Barre Syndrome35. George W. Bruyn: Horner's Syndrome36. Ben A. Blansjaar: Korsakoff's Syndrome37. Ernst Koppejan: Parinaud's Syndrome38. Annelias J.E. Dalman and Paul Eling: Wernicke's Aphasia39. H.J.M. Barnett and Heather Meldrum: Wallenberg's SyndromePART V DISEASES AND DEFECTS40. Nicolaas J.M. Arts: Alzheimer's Disease41. Christopher G. Goetz: Charcot's Disease42. Peter J. Koehler and Samuel H. Greenblatt: The Chiari Malformation43. Charles M. Poser and George W. Bruyn: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease44. Richard P.M. Bruyn: Curschmann-Steinert Disease45. O. Conor Ward: Down's Syndrome46. Peter Hudgson: Duchenne's Dystrophy47. Nicolaas J.M. Arts: Von Economo's Encephalitis48. Peter J. Koehler: Friedrich's Ataxia49. John M.S. Pearce: Horton's Syndrome50. Richard P.M. Bruyn and George W. Bruyn: Huntington's Chorea51. Frank Clifford Rose: Parkinson's Disease52. Nicolaas J.M. Arts: Pick's Disease53. Howard I. Kushner: Syndenham's Chorea54. Victor M. Riccardi: Von Recklinghausen's Disease55. John M.S. Pearce: Wilson's Disease

Editorial Reviews

"...both educational and entertaining...By any account, this book is a success and can be warmly recommended."--Ian McDonald in BRAIN