Neutron Radiography: Proceedings of the Second World Conference Paris, France, June 16-20, 1986 by John P. BartonNeutron Radiography: Proceedings of the Second World Conference Paris, France, June 16-20, 1986 by John P. Barton

Neutron Radiography: Proceedings of the Second World Conference Paris, France, June 16-20, 1986

EditorJohn P. Barton, Gérard Farny, Jean-Louis Person

Paperback | October 2, 2011

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Proceedings of the Second World Conference, Paris, France, June 16-20, 1986
Title:Neutron Radiography: Proceedings of the Second World Conference Paris, France, June 16-20, 1986Format:PaperbackPublished:October 2, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

List of Contents.- Opening of the Conference.- Opening and Welcome Address.- Address.- Introductory Remarks.- I: National Reviews.- Activites De Neutrographie Aupres Du Reacteur VRR-S En Tchecoslovaquie.- Neutron Radiography Facility For Aeoi Nuclear Research Center.- Present Status of Neutron Radiography in Japan.- Les Dispositifs Pour La Radiographie Aux Neutrons Et Leurs Applications En Turquie.- Industrial Neutron Radiography in the United States.- International Neutron Radiography Newsletter.- Neutron Radiography Working Group (NRWG).- Status of Neutron Radiography in Malaysia.- II: Reactor Systems.- A Neutron Radiographic Facility on a Research Reactor and Some Results Obtained in NDT.- Neutron Radiography Study in Tsinghua University.- The Miniature Neutron Source Reactor (MNSR) A Private Nuclear Tool.- Les Installations Et Programmes De Radiographie Aux Neutrons Aupres Des Reacteurs Des Centres CEA.- Contribution du Centre de Saclay.- Contribution du Centre de Grenoble.- Contribution du Centre de Cadarache.- Contribution du Centre de Cadarache.- Contribution du Centre de Valduc.- Neutron Radiography at Rikkyo Triga-II Reactor.- Development of a Neutron Radiography System at the Musashi Institute of Technology Research Reactor.- The Facility for Dry Thermal and Subthermal Neutron Radiography at the Petten High Flux Reactor (HFR).- A Conically Divergent Guide Tube as a Collimator for Neutron Radiography.- III: Small Source Systems.- Recent Custom Designed Systems Compared.- Source Photoneutronique Pour La Radiographie Aux Neutrons Aupres D'un Microtron.- Les Tubes Neutroniques Scelles et La Neutronographie Mobile.- Reactor-Quality Neutron Radiographs with a New Mobile Machine - A Superconducting Magnet Cyclotron.- Neutron Radiography with Van De Graaff Neutron Source.- The Superconducting Cyclotron as a Transportable Neutron Source.- Cyclotron-Based Real-Time Neutron Radiography System.- Neutron Radiography Using Ultra-Compact Cyclotron.- Low-Flux Neutron Imaging for 252Cf-Based Thermal Neutron Radiography.- Cyclotron-Based Neutron Radiography Facility.- Karin and Katrin: A New Technology for High Power 14 MeV D-T Fusion Neutron Generator Tubes for Radiotherapy, Fast Neutron Activation Analysis, Safeguards, Neutron Radiography and Laboratory Applications.- IV: General Applications.- The Application of Neutron Radiography to the Measurement of the Water-Permeability of Concrete.- Aspects Qualitatifs et Quantitatifs Du Controle Neutronographique Applique Aux Chaines Pyrotechniques Du Lanceur Ariane.- Developments in the Use of Thermal Neutron Radiography for Studying Mass Transfer in a Partially Frozen Soil.- Cold Neutron Radiography of Mechanical Connectors.- Pressure Determination of Nitrogen Gas in Stainless-Steel Containers by the Method of Neutron Radiography.- An Evaluation of Neutron Radiography for Non-Destructive Testing of Defects.- Neutron Radiography Facility for Explosive Devices of H-Launch Vehicles and its Application.- The Cornell Neutron Radiography Facility and its Applications to the Study of the Internal Structure and Microcracking of Concrete.- Sensitivity of Core Detection in Turbine Blades.- V: Nuclear Applications.- Euratom Neutron Radiography Working Group.- Use of Epithermal Neutron Radiography to Determine the Extent of Melting in Mixed Oxide LMFBR Fuel Pins Irradiated in the High Flux Reactor, Petten.- In-Pool Neutron Radiography of BWR-Control-Rods within the Scope of a Routine Refuelling Operation.- Neutron Radiography Facility in a Storage Pond of a Nuclear Power Station Equipped with Antimony-Beryllium Neutron Source.- Reference Neutron Radiographs of Nuclear Reactor Fuel.- Neutron Radiography of Light Water Reactor Fuel Rods at the High Flux Reactor Petten.- Neutron Radiography of Irradiation Devices at the High Flux Reactor Petten.- VI: Corrosion Applications.- Experience with an On-Off Mobile Neutron Radiography System.- High Sensitivity Electronic Imaging System for Reactor or Non-Reactor Neutron Radiography.- Economics of Neutron Radiography for Commercial Aviation.- Plans for Aircraft Maintenance Neutron Radiography Systems.- Neutron Imaging with Low-Intensity Neutron Sources.- Mobile Neutron Radiography System for Aircraft Inspection.- The Sensitivity of Neutron Radiography for Detection of Aluminium Corrosion Products.- Neutron Radiography of Aluminium Alloy Corrosion Damage.- VII: Special Applications.- Neutron Radiographic Inspection of Metal-Tritium-Helium-Systems.- Sonic Root Canal Instruments Effectiveness Study with Neutron-Radiography and Microdensitometry.- Neutron Radiography Application to Ancient Arts.- Neutron Microradiography for Cell-Seeking Boron Compounds.- Delineation of Pathologic Intraosseous Lesions by Neutron Radiographic Imaging.- Autoradiography of Oil Paintings at the Berlin Experimental Reactor (BER II).- VIII: Electronic Imaging.- Robust Equipment for Dynamic Neutron Fluoroscopy.- Digital Image Processing For Real-Time Neutron Radiography.- Real-Time Imaging with Less Intense Neutron Beam.- Statistical Properties of Real-Time Neutron Radiographic Image.- Corrosion Detection by Real-Time Neutron Imaging.- An Advanced Video System for Real-Time Neutron Radiography.- Real Time Neutron Radiography and its Application to the Study of Internal Combustion Engines and Fluid Flow.- Processing of Real-Time Images for Quantitative Neutron Radiography.- Applications of Real Time Neutron Radiography at Harwell.- Kur Neutron Television System.- Analysis of Two Phase Counter Flow in Heat Pipe by Neutron Radiography.- Application of Cyclotron-Based Real-Time Neutron Radiography System for Some Industrial Components.- Dedicated Imaging System for Real-Time Neutron Radiography.- IX: Track-Etch Imaging.- Advantages and Possibilities of Cellulose Nitrate Detectors in Corpuscular Imagery.- Fast Neutron Radiography (FNR) with Track Etch Technique.- Experimental Study of Yields of Different (n,?) Converters Used with Nitrocellulose Films.- X: Dimensional Measurements.- Physical Basis and Technical Requirements for Dimensional Measurements in Neutron Radiography.- Effect of Film Exposure on Fuel Pin Dimensional Measurements.- Computer Controlled Microdensitometer and Some Applications.- Structural Data Determination and Image Processing of Digitized Neutron Radiographs.- Computer Controlled Travelling Microdensitometer.- XI: Computed Tomography.- Tomographie Aux Neutrons Utilisant Mart et Le Filtre Wiener.- Tomography Using Neutron Radiography Photographs for a Beam of Several Fuel Pins.- Neutron Tomography of Damages Reactor Fuel Assemblies.- Imaging with Neutrons in Transmission Tomography.- A Comparison Between Cold Neutron Radiography and Positron Emission Tomography for Liquid Location.- Neutron Computed Tomography Using the Neutron Television System.- Improvement of Reconstructed Image Quality in Neutron CT.- Computed Neutron Tomography from Real-Time Radiographic Images.- Macroscopic Density Fluctuations in the Niobium-Hydrogen System Studied by Neutron Radiography and Computerized Tomography.- Progress in Neutron Tomography for Non-Destructive Testing.- XII: Special Techniques.- Load Testing of Neutron Absorbent Materials by Using Neutron Radiographic Pictures.- Enhancement of Image Contrast by Combination of Neutron and X-Ray Radiography.- Potential Safeguards Applications of Fast Neutron Hodoscope Radiography.- Neutron Radiographic Techniques for Nuclear Arms Control Applications.- Chemical and Explosive Identification Using Advanced Neutron Radiographic Techniques.- Temperature Sensitive Contrast Agents for Neutron Radiography.- Computerized Neutron Gaging Adds a New Dimension to Neutron Radiography.- A Multiwire Proportional Counter for Neutron Radiography.- XIII: Standards.- Can Neutron Beam Components and Radiographic Image Quality be Determined by the Use of Beam Purity and Sensitivity Indicators?.- Assessment of Radiographic Image Quality by Visual Examination of Neutron Radiographs of the Calibration Fuel Pin.- Intercomparison of Neutron Radiography Indicators Using Kur.- Normes Francaises De Neutronographie Industrielle.- XIV: Workshop Reports.- Non-Reactor Neutron Sources for Radiography.- Industrial Applications.- Electronic Imaging.- Computed Tomography.- Standards.- Closure of the Conference. Closing remarks.- Conference Programme Summary.- Conclusions and Comments.- List of Chairmen.- List of Participants.- Index by Country and Centre/Company/Organization.- Index by Author.- Index by Subject.