Never Again Goodbye

May 12, 2015|
Never Again Goodbye by Dacia Harrt


Anne has spent years raising her family seeing only what was inside her four walls. When she loses her husband of twenty-five years and her children have grown, she knows it is time to move on. After the wedding of her youngest daughter, she begins a journey that will open her heart and mind to a world and a love she never could have imagined.
While visiting a friend, she literally runs into a man. She is not aware that she was the only person in the restaurant to see the man. The only one who touched him, spoke to him. She feels a physical attraction from the beginning but quickly runs away to continue her journey.
As she continues her adventure, the man follows her. When she stops along her journeys for a coffee, he is there to open her door, trying to get her to see him. Ben wants Anne to move on with her life, let go of what was and learn to love again.
Ben is an incredible man with a love that transcends time and space. He takes Anne on a journey she never could have imagined. Taking her to the Old West and showing her the world is bigger than her back door. He is an amazing race she has never seen or ever imagined existing. He has traveled alone through time and space looking for the one who calls his heart.
Ben found that in Anne and offers her a life and world beyond the natural. He can give her the opportunity to begin again, not from infancy but from love. He creates a world for them a place her heart loves and longs for then journeys with her to the end of her life. Sharing her world watching her grandchildren grow as they age together.
Ben is heart broken that he is going to lose the woman he loves. He knows he can save her, she only has to ask. On her death bed, he asks her again if she loves him. Anne replies for eternity. As she draws her final breath, Ben takes her in his arms and leans over and kisses her. He takes her with him through eternity and beyond. Never again to say goodbye.

Title:Never Again Goodbye
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 12, 2015
Publisher:Dacia Harrt
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781465815033

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