Never Say Hero

May 3, 2022|
Never Say Hero by Tera Lynn Childs


Facing the past is going to be one epic quest.

Griffin Blake may be a descendant of the legendary Hercules, but he’s never felt like much of a hero. How could he, when he’s the reason his parents got smoted off the face of the earth? He’s spent the last decade punishing himself for a mistake he can’t undo. Until he learns the gods are finally ready to give him a chance to make things right.

When he heads to Olympus, ready to do whatever it takes, Hera offers him a deal. Help her son seek and successfully complete a quest to regain his immortality—the very immortality that Griffin’s childhood prank stole—and she’ll bring his parents back.

Now he and Hera’s son have to embark on a dangerous adventure through ancient myth that will test their determination, stamina, and courage. All without the help of magical powers or modern technology. Can Griffin survive this chance to prove worthy of his heroic heritage and earn the forgiveness he so desperately seeks?

Becoming the hero he’s always wanted to be might be the biggest challenge of all.

Never Say Hero is a standalone novella in Tera Lynn Childs’s popular Oh. My. Gods. series. If you like mythology, adventure, and determined heroes who try to do the right thing, you’ll love the descendants of the gods who live, laugh, and love on the supposedly-uninhabited Greek island of Serfopoula.

Buy this mythtastic tale to join the magical adventure today!

Title:Never Say Hero
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 3, 2022
Publisher:Fearless Alchemy
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781946345103

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