New Jerome Biblical Commentary, The (paperback reprint) by Raymond E. BrownNew Jerome Biblical Commentary, The (paperback reprint) by Raymond E. Brown

New Jerome Biblical Commentary, The (paperback reprint)

byRaymond E. Brown, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, Roland E. Murphy

Paperback | November 15, 1999

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This reference book is a compact commentary on the entire Bible that readers can use to familiarize themselves with the methods and paths followed by biblical scholars. It features current theories on dating, historical reconstruction, and archaeological information. Contemporary perspectives and topical articles of an introductory nature include Hermeneutics, Canonicity, Old Testament themes, and coverage of biblical theology. Additional commentary includes articles on Jesus, the early Church, Gnosticism, and the subapostolic church. Especially for seminarians and clergy who require a commentary on the Scriptures both during their formal study of theology and for preaching in their ministry. Also, for those interested in religion and theology on all levels and feel the need for an adequate background in the Bible.

Title:New Jerome Biblical Commentary, The (paperback reprint)Format:PaperbackDimensions:1475 pages, 10.2 × 7.2 × 2.3 inPublished:November 15, 1999Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from The Perfect Bible Companion For anyone interested in Biblical Studies, or the Bible in general, the New Jerome Biblical Commentary is an absolutely essential edition to any library. Extremely useful not only to the specialist, but for the everyday reader as well, this volume guides the reader through every book of the Bible in a clear and concise manner, taking into account the best of current biblical scholarship. The New Jerome Biblical Commentary is a monumental achievement that opens up the best of biblical criticism to all interested English speaking readers. An absolute must!
Date published: 2000-09-10

Table of Contents

Foreword to The New Jerome Biblical Commentary, Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini, S.J.

Foreword to The Jerome Biblical Commentary (1968), Augustin Cardinal Bea, S.J.



Abbreviations, Transliterations.


 1. Introduction to the Pentateuch, Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm.

 2. Genesis, Richard J. Clifford, S.J.; Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm.

 3. Exodus, Richard J. Clifford, S.J.

 4. Leviticus, Roland J. Faley, T.O.R.

 5. Numbers, Conrad E. L'Heureux.

 6. Deuteronomy, Joseph Blenkinsopp.

 7. Joshua, Michael David Coogan.

 8. Judges, M. O'Connor.

 9. 1-2 Samuel, Antony F. Campbell, S.J.; James W. Flanagan.

10. 1-2 Kings, Jerome T. Walsh; Christopher T. Begg.

11. Introduction to Prophetic Literature, Bruce Vawter, C.M.

12. Hebrew Poetry, Aloysius Fitzgerald, F.S.C.

13. Amos, Michael L. Barré, S.S.

14. Hosea, Dennis J. McCarthy, S.J.; Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm.

15. Isaiah 1-39, Joseph Jensen, O.S.B.; William H. Irwin, C.S.B.

16. Micah, Léo Laberge, O.M.I.

17. Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Thomas P. Wahl, O.S.B.; Irene Nowell, O.S.B.; Anthony R. Ceresko, O.S.F.S.

18. Jeremiah, Guy P. Couturier, C.S.C.

19. Old Testament Apocalypticism and Eschatology, John J. Collins.

20. Ezekiel, Lawrence Boadt, C.S.P.

21. Deutero-Isaiah and Trito-Isaiah, Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P.

22. Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Aelred Cody, O.S.B.

23. The Chronicler: 1-2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Robert North, S.J.

24. Joel, Obadiah, Elias D. Mallon.

25. Daniel, Louis F. Hartman, C.SS.R.; Alexander A. Di Lella, O.F.M.

26. 1-2 Maccabees, Neil J. McEleney, C.S.P.

27. Introduction to Wisdom Literature, Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm.

28. Proverbs, Thomas P. McCreesh, O.P.

29. Canticle of Canticles, Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm.

30. Job, R. A. F. MacKenzie, S.J.; Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm.

31. Ecclesiastes (Qoheleth), Addison G. Wright, S.S.

32. Sirach, Alexander A. Di Lella, O.F.M.

33. Wisdom, Addison G. Wright, S.S.

34. Psalms, John S. Kselman, S.S.; Michael L. Barré, S.S.

35. Ruth, Alice L. Laffey.

36. Lamentations, Michael D. Guinan, O.F.M.

37. Baruch, Aloysius Fitzgerald, F.S.C.

38. Tobit, Judith, Esther, Irene Nowell, O.S.B.; Toni Craven; Demetrius Dumm, O.S.B.

39. Jonah, Anthony R. Ceresko, O.S.F.S.


40. Synoptic Problem, Frans Neirynck.

41. The Gospel According to Mark, Daniel J. Harrington, S.J.

42. The Gospel According to Matthew. Benedict T. Viviano, O.P.

43. The Gospel According to Luke, Robert J. Karris, O.F.M.

44. Acts of the Apostles, Richard J. Dillon.

45. Introduction to the New Testament Epistles, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.

46. The First Letter to the Thessalonians, Raymond F. Collins.

47. The Letter to the Galatians, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.

48. The Letter to the Philippians, Brendan Byrne, S.J.

49. The First Letter to the Corinthians, Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, O.P.

50. The Second Letter to the Corinthians, Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, O.P.

51. The Letter to the Romans, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.

52. The Letter to Philemon, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.

53. The Second Letter to the Thessalonians, Charles Homer Giblin, S.J.

54. The Letter to the Colossians, Maurya P. Horgan.

55. The Letter to the Ephesians, Paul J. Kobelski.

56. The Pastoral Letters, Robert A. Wild, S.J.

57. The First Epistle of Peter, William J. Dalton, S.J.

58. The Epistle of James, Thomas W. Leahy, S.J.

59. The Epistle of Jude, Jerome H. Neyrey, S.J.

60. The Epistle to the Hebrews, Myles M. Bourke.

61. The Gospel According to John, Pheme Perkins.

62. The Johannine Epistles, Pheme Perkins.

63. The Apocalypse (Revelation), Adela Yarbro Collins.

64. The Second Epistle of Peter, Jerome H. Neyrey, S.J.

65. Inspiration, Raymond F. Collins.

66. Canonicity, Raymond E. Brown, S.S.; Raymond F. Collins.

67. Apocrypha: Dead Sea Scrolls; Other Jewish Literature, Raymond E. Brown, S.S.; Pheme Perkins; Anthony J. Saldarini.

68. Text and Versions, Raymond E. Brown S.S.; D.W. Johnson, S.J.; Kevin G. O'Connell, S.J.

69. Modern Old Testament Criticism, Alexa Suelzer, S.P.; John S. Kselman, S.S.

70. Modern New Testament Criticism, John S. Kselman S.S.; Ronald D. Witherup, S.S.

71. Hermeneutics, Raymond E. Brown S.S.; Sandra M. Schneiders, I.H.M.

72. Church Pronouncements, Raymond E. Brown S.S.; Thomas Aquinas Collins, O.P.

73. Biblical Geography, Raymond E. Brown S.S.; Robert North, S.J.

74. Biblical Archaeology, Robert North, S.J.; Philip J. King.

75. A History of Israel, Addison G. Wright, S.S.; Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm.; Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.

76. Religious Institutions of Israel, John J. Castelot; Aelred Cody, O.S.B.

77. Aspects of Old Testament Thought, John L. McKenzie.

78. Jesus, John P. Meier.

79. Paul, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.

80. Early Church, Raymond E. Brown S.S.; Carolyn Osiek, R.S.C.J.; Pheme Perkins.

81. Aspects of New Testament Thought, Raymond E. Brown, S.S.; John R. Donahue, S.J.; Donald Senior, C.P.; Adela Yarbro Collins.

82. Pauline Theology, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.

83. Johannine Theology, Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B.

Suggested Basic Bibliography.


From Our Editors

Get a complete understanding of the themes of the Bible in this informative guide. The New Jerome Biblical Commentary is a compact book that focuses on the most important aspects of the Bible. It examines such subjects as Hermeneutics, Canonicity, Old Testament themes, Jesus, the early church, Gnosticism and the subapostolic church. It also tackles such timely topics as current theories on dating, historical reconstruction and archaeological information. This book is a great reference guide for seminarians and clergy during their study of theology and for practice in the ministry.