New Quests In Stellar Astrophysics: The Link Between Stars And Cosmology: Proceedings Of The International Conference Held In Puerto Va by Miguel ChávezNew Quests In Stellar Astrophysics: The Link Between Stars And Cosmology: Proceedings Of The International Conference Held In Puerto Va by Miguel Chávez

New Quests In Stellar Astrophysics: The Link Between Stars And Cosmology: Proceedings Of The…

byMiguel ChávezEditorAlessandro Bressan, Alberto Buzzoni

Paperback | October 14, 2012

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Stellar astrophysics still provides the basic framework for deciphering the imprints left over by the evolving universe on all scales. Advances or shortcomings in the former field have direct consequences in our ability to understand the global properties of the latter.

This volume contains the most recent updates on a variety of topics that, though independent by themselves, are inevitably connected on a cosmological scale. These include comprehensive articles by leaders in fields extending from stellar atmospheres through properties of the stellar component in the Milky Way up to the stellar environment in high redshift galaxies.

The wide coverage of astrophysical themes makes this volume very valuable for researchers and Ph.D. students in astrophysics.

Title:New Quests In Stellar Astrophysics: The Link Between Stars And Cosmology: Proceedings Of The…Format:PaperbackDimensions:314 pages, 24 × 16 × 0.07 inPublished:October 14, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I: Stellar Atmospheres. A Few Things We Do Not Know About Stars and Model Atmospheres; R.L. Kurucz. Cool Stellar Atmospheres; P.H. Hauschildt, et al. A Critical Appraisal of ATLAS9 and NextGen5 Model Atmospheres; E. Bertone, et al. A Precise New Method to Correcting Temperature in Stellar Atmospheres; O. Cardona, et al. New Phenomena Discovered in the Atmospheres of Normal Late-B Type Stars; S. Hubrig, et al. Heating the Quiet Corona by Explosive Events in UV: Results from SUMER on board SoHO; J.P. Torres-Papaqui, E. Mendoza. A Grid of Synthetic Stellar UV Fluxes; L.H. Rodríguez-Merino, et al. A Grid of LTE Zero-Metallicity Stellar Fluxes; M. Chávez, O. Cardona. Part II: Population III and Zero-Metal Stars.The Evolutionary Properties of Zero-Metal Stars in the Mass Range Between 4 and 100 Mo; C. Chieffi, et al. The Peculiar Evolution of Low-Mass Pop III Stars; H. Schlattl, et al. Zero-Metal Stellar Yields, the IMF for Population III and Nucleosynthetic Constraints; C. Abia, et al. The Stellar IMF in Very Metal-Deficient Gas; F. Nakamura, M. Umemura. Cosmological Origin of the Lowest Metallicity Halo Stars; X. Hernández, A. Ferrara. Cosmological Chemistry and the Formation of the First Objects; A. Lipovka, et al. The Primordial Li: New Observations; P. Bonifacio. Part III: Stars in the Milky Way. Star Formation History in the Solar Neighborhood: the Link Between Stars and Cosmology; V. Avila-Reese, et al. Carbon and Oxygen Galactic Abundance Gradients Predicted by Different Stellar Yields; L. Carigi. The Upper End of the Galactic Metallicity Scale; B.J. Taylor. Spectral Indices of Stars at Super-solar Regime; A. Buzzoni, et al. The Proper Motion of the GlobularCluster NGC 6553 and of Bulge Stars with HST; M. Zoccali, et al. Update on Globular Cluster Ages; P. Demarque, et al. A Survey of Open Clusters at San Pedro Mártir; A. Moitinho, et al. About the IMF in Young Stellar Clusters; A. Porras, et al. Part IV: Stars in Local Galaxies. Reconstructing Star Formation Episodes in the Local Group; D. Valls-Gabaud, et al. Deep Studies of the Resolved Stellar Populations in the Outskirts of M31; A.M.N. Ferguson. Comments on Binary Star Evolution and the Small Magellanic Cloud System HD 5980; G. Koenigsberger, E. Moreno. Stellar Metallicities Beyond the Local Group with VLT/FORS; N. Przybilla, et al. An Estimate of HO using Cepheid Period Luminosity Relations at Maximum Light; S.M. Kanbur, S. Nikolaev. H&agr; Luminosity Function of H II Regions: Preliminary Calibration of a Powerful Standard Candle; M. Rozas, et al. On the Behavior of the Ionizes Gas in NGC 4449; M. Valdez-Gutiérrez, et al. NGC 5044-N50: a Link Between Blue Compact Galaxies and Dwarf Ellipticals; S.A. Cellone, A. Buzzoni. Star Formation in Ring Galaxies; Y.D. Mayya, R. Romano. Part V: Population Synthesis and Galaxy Models. Recent Star Formation in Galaxies; A. Bressan. Extinction and Star Formation Histories of Nearby Starburst Galaxies; Y.D. Mayya, et al. Dust and Nebular Emission in Star Forming Galaxies; P. Panuzzo, et al. Modeling the Radio to X-ray SED of Galaxies; L. Silva, et al. Population Synthesis in the Blue and the Spectroscopic Age of 47 Tucanae; R.P. Schiavon, et al. On the Properties of Population III Stars and 'Galaxies'; D. Schaerer. Population Synthesis and the Diagnostics of High-Redshift Galaxies; A.