Night's Cold Kiss: A Dark Brethren Novel by Tracey O'HaraNight's Cold Kiss: A Dark Brethren Novel by Tracey O'Hara

Night's Cold Kiss: A Dark Brethren Novel

byTracey O'Hara

Mass Market Paperback | August 25, 2009

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The tension between the Aeternus, an ancient vampiric people, and humanity has been mounting for over a century. But when rogue vampires begin to drain humans in order to achieve an illegal blood-high, all bets are off.

After the death of her parents, Antoinette Petrescu devoted her life to becoming one of the top Venators, the elite hunters who destroy the rogue Necrodreniacs. Her kill count is legendary and her skills superb.

But now the serial killer who killed her parents has returned. And to stop him Antoinette must join forces not only with the Aeternus, but also their most legendary killer. One that is both dangerously attractive, and involved in buried secrets of her past. More dangerous still, a dark attraction grows between them--one that could doom both races.

Tracey O'Hara grew up reading Stephen King, Raymond E. Feist, and J.R.R. Tolkien, where she developed her taste for adventure and the paranormal thriller. When she's not writing, reading, or listening to heavy metal, she spends time with her husband, two sons, and three cats. The author ofNight's Cold Kiss, she lives in Australia.Night...
Title:Night's Cold Kiss: A Dark Brethren NovelFormat:Mass Market PaperbackDimensions:352 pages, 6.75 × 4.19 × 0.88 inPublished:August 25, 2009Publisher:HarperCollinsLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:0061783137

ISBN - 13:9780061783135

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic An amazing book. Not only did the story keep you guessing from start to finish but the characters whether they were minor or major were so enticing that you couldn't help but feel for them. Ohara is a great new writer and I can't wait to read more ...
Date published: 2010-01-05
Rated 4 out of 5 by from I am glad I picked it up. Antoinette is a Ventator. a hunter. She kills rogue vampires, and is not that fond of any vampire. Her uncle has her meeting with a couple of vampires, both very strong and sexy Christian and Victor. Antoinette is drawn to Christian and tries to fight any attraction. Soon Antoinette is on the trial of her Mother’s killer and finds out that her Father is very much alive. Antoinette whole world is turning upside down, and Christian is turning out to be a fabulous distraction. Once she catches Dante, Antoinette plans on going back to her life killing vampires. Both Christian and Antoinette keep telling themselves they have no future. When Antoinette is kidnapped, tortured and almost killed Christian turns Antoinette into the one thing she hates most to save her. Dante is still on the loose, but there is no way that he could be doing this all on his own. Apparently he is getting help from the “Old One”. As Antoinette runs from Christian to try and find herself again, she runs right into the “Old One” who turns out to be family! Hopefully this turns into a series. I really liked it. I think that Antoinette and Christian make a very hot couple.
Date published: 2009-11-02
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Will Warm You Up Night’s Cold Kiss is O'Hara's debut novel and is the first book in the urban fantasy Dark Brethren series. The world of Night’s Cold Kiss is populated by both humans and parahumans. The latter include the Aeternus (vampires) and Animalians (part-human, part-animal, with the ability to possess either form) as well as other parahumans mentioned only in passing (shapeshifters, magic wielders/Thaumaturgists, mer-people). Antoinette Petrascu is Venator, a bounty hunter highly trained to hunt Necrodreniacs - Aeternus who have succumbed to necrodrenia, a disease developed when Aeternus become addicted to the fear and death of their victims. After witnessing her mother's brutal murder at the hands of a necrodreniac when she was just a young child, Antoinette understandably has a bit of a chip on her shoulder where the Aeternus are concerned. When she is forced into a mission with the Aeternus Christian, she is must confront her prejudices and what she knows about her own family and friends. This book is action-packed and fast moving. The characters, Antoinette and Christian in particular, are well-rounded, with enough backstory given to make their reactions to situations believable. While this world is populated by the same paranormal creatures seen in many other urban fantasy series, O’Hara puts enough of her own originality into them to give this book a fresh feel – you won’t be feeling like you’re reading yet another version of the same book that seems to populate much of urban fantasy today. My one complaint would be all the different names to describe the various roles. Aeternus, necrodreniacs, venators....come on, call a spade a spade and a vampire a vampire. There is some predictability to the overall plot, but there are also enough twists to keep things interesting. O’Hara deftly creates an interesting urban fantasy world, intertwining it with the plot and managing to avoid infodumps or other needless exposition. The most predictable storyline is the relationship between the two main characters. It went from zero to a hundred in less than sixty seconds (although the book didn't have as much sex as one reviewer leads us to believe). It’s going to be very interesting to see where this series goes as it develops. Fans of Keri Arthur, Patricia Briggs, or one of my new favourites, Ilona Andrews, will most likely enjoy this book.
Date published: 2009-09-15
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Had Potential, but Fell Flat 2.5 Stars. After reading the synopsis, I was really looking forward to this novel since it seemed so similar to the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. However, O'hara quickly proved that she is no Frost. In the book, O'hara tries to put her own spin on the whole vampire/shapshifter world by giving them fancy new names like "Aeternus" and "Necrodreniac," she does little to explain any of the meanings or background to the abbreviations she gives. I constantly had to flip to the glossary to understand what she was talking about and there is nothing more annoying than having to flip back and forth. Her characterization also falls flat. Although I love having a heroine that can kick some ass, it was really difficult to connect with Antoinette. As far as the hero, Christian, goes I really REALLY wanted to like him, but the relationship between him and Antoinette felt forced. I hate that his feelings never totally get explained. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a good romance, but this book seriously lacked in the whole build up of their relationship and skipped over crucial parts that would have helped in that department. And it certainly didn't have as much sex in it as other reviews state...sadly, haha.. However, the book did have a few good action scenes and an interesting villain. Predictable though, very predictable. Overall, Night's Cold Kiss had action and suspense, but it lacked in the characterization and romance. Perhaps O'hara will build on Antoinette and Christian's relationship in her next book. Maybe she should take a few pointers from Jeaniene Frost...
Date published: 2009-09-15
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Some books you can't put down, some you can't hold up. Let me get this straight first. This is an ok book. If there is a sequel i'll probably read it. But I just could not hold this book up. I'd read a few pages, put the book down, do something else, pick the book up, read a few pages, put the book down. Repeated until done. It has a LOT of gratuitous, highly descriptive, sex. I think there might have been entire chapters of sex. Story kinda goes like this. She's a vampire hunter, he's a vampire, they meet, the bump pelvis(i'd almost consider their first time as rape), her past comes back to haunt her, they knock boots somemore, she learns some unpleaseant truths, they do the horizontal mambo, she get's kidnapped, good guys win the day, they live happily enternally after.
Date published: 2009-09-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Nights Cold kiss I loved this book!! I could not put it down. Can"t wait for the next one. If you like Keri Arthur's Riley Jenson and Jeaniene Frost's Cat and Bones you will love this.
Date published: 2009-08-25

Editorial Reviews

“Intense, sexy, bold, NIGHT’S COLD KISS is a superb debut. Tracey O’Hara writes in a voice full of passion and power - I’m already waiting impatiently for the next book from this talented author.”