Non-Associative Algebra and Its Applications by Santos GonzálezNon-Associative Algebra and Its Applications by Santos González

Non-Associative Algebra and Its Applications

bySantos González

Paperback | October 20, 2012

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Title:Non-Associative Algebra and Its ApplicationsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:416 pagesPublished:October 20, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:9401044295

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Table of Contents

Malcev superalgebras.- The first Tits construction of Albert algebras over locally ringed spaces.- The identity (x2)2 = ?(x)x3 in baric algebras.- Cayley-Klein Lie algebras and their quantum universal enveloping algebras.- On constructions of nonsolvable Lie algebras whose ideals are in chain.- Lie algebras graded by root systems.- Bernstein representations.- On free differentials on associative algebras.- On primitive Jordan Banach algebras.- Zel'manov's theorem for nondegenerately ultraprime Jordan-Banach algebras.- Jordan H*-triple systems.- Prime alternative triple systems.- M-ideals of Schreier type and the Dunford-Pettis property.- Spectra of elements of a nonassociative algebra.- Ranges of elements of a nonassociative algebra.- Coordinatization of Jordan algebras over locally ringed spaces.- Sur la décomposition de Peirce.- On transitive left-symmetric algebras.- Spectral study of some topological Jordan algebras.- Representations of reduced enveloping algebras.- A cohomological characterization of solvable modular Lie algebras.- An extension of the Zel'manov-Goldie theorem.- On the unitarization of highest weight representations for affine Kac-Moody algebras.- Cohn's theorem for superalgebras.- On Bernstein algebras of n-th order.- On Bernstein algebras.- Realization of Lie algebras with polynomial vector fields.- Les algèbres de Kac-Moody et l'homologie dièdrale.- Quadratic differential equations in graded algebras.- Projective double Lie algebras on a Lie algebra.- On derivation algebras of group algebras.- J-diviseurs topologiques de zéro dans une algèbre de Jordan n.c. normée.- On Freudenthal-Kantor triple systems and generalized structurable algebras.- Hermitian Jordan triple systems and the automorphisms of bounded symmetric domains.- Quadratic differential equations on graded structures.- A generalization of Novikov rings.- Automorphismes et dérivations dans les algèbres de Barker.- Lattice isomorphisms of Jordan algebras over arbitrary fields.- Multibaric algebras.- The Bernstein Problem in mathematical genetics and Bernstein algebras.- Les algèbres de mutation.- Non associative graded algebras.- Tracial elements for nonassociative H*-algebras.- On lattice isomorphism of Bernstein algebras.- Bernstein algebras whose lattice ideals is linear.- Local algebras.- Applications of fox differential calculus to free Lie superalgebras.- On the cohomology for the Witt algebra w(1,1).- 3-graded Lie algebras and Jordan pairs.- Super-triple systems, normal and classical Yang-Baxter equations.- A conjecture on locally Novikov algebras.- Coalgebra, cocomposition and cohomology.- Minimal polynomial identities of bark algebras.- On power associative composition algebras.- Enumeration and classification of Albert algebras: reduced models and the invariants mod 2.- Composition algebras over open dense subschemes of curves of genus zero.- Simple Jordan superalgebras.- Absolute valued algebras of degree two.- On a generalization of the Jordan inverse.- On geodesic loops of trans-symmetric space.- Quadratic systems, blow-up, and algebras.- Quantization of Poisson superalgebras and speciality of Jordan Poisson superalgebras.- Duplicated algebras of algebras.- aux algèbres de Bernstein périodiques.- Randon Jordan derivations.- Randon derivations on H*-algebras.- Algebras of rank three.- Inner product characterizations of classical Cayley-Dickson algebras.- Sur les ?-algèbras de Jordan non commutatives, de division, de dimension 8, possédant un automorphisme ou une dérivation non triviaux.