Nondestructive Testing of Materials and Structures by Oral BüyNondestructive Testing of Materials and Structures by Oral Büy

Nondestructive Testing of Materials and Structures

byOral Büy, Mehmet Ali Taå?demirEditorO Güne

Hardcover | September 9, 2012

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Condition assessment and characterization of materials and structures by means of nondestructive testing (NDT) methods is a priority need around the world to meet the challenges associated with the durability, maintenance, rehabilitation, retrofitting, renewal and health monitoring of new and existing infrastructures including historic monuments. Numerous NDT methods that make use of certain components of the electromagnetic and acoustic spectra are currently in use to this effect with various levels of success and there is an intensive worldwide research effort aimed at improving the existing methods and developing new ones. The knowledge and information compiled in this book captures the current state-of-the-art in NDT methods and their application to civil and other engineering materials and structures. Critical reviews and advanced interdisciplinary discussions by world-renowned researchers point to the capabilities and limitations of the currently used NDT methods and shed light on current and future research directions to overcome the challenges in their development and practical use. In this respect, the contents of this book will equally benefit practicing engineers and researchers who take part in characterization, assessment, evaluation and health monitoring of materials and structures.

Title:Nondestructive Testing of Materials and StructuresFormat:HardcoverDimensions:1278 pagesPublished:September 9, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Committee Membership; Supporting Institutions and Sponsors; Preface, by Oral Büyüköztürk and Mehmet Ali Tasdemir; Dedication; PART I: 1. NDT Methods for the Characterization of Materials and Structures Evolution of NDT Methods for Structures and Materials: Some Successes and Failures (Keynote paper), by C.U. Grosse; Remote Detection of Debonding in FRP-strengthened Concrete Structures using Acoustic-Laser Technique, by O. Büyüköztürk, R. Haupt, C. Tuakta and J. Chen; A Quantitative Laser Ultrasound Visualization System for Investigating the Interaction of Wedge Waves with a Defect, by I.H. Liu and C.H. Yang; NDT of Structural Timber Members by means of 3D Ultrasonic Imaging Techniques and Modelling, by M. Krause, P.K. Chinta, K. Mayer, U.A. Effner, S. Müller; Enhancing the Accuracy of Off-Axis Flaw Sizing and Positioning in TOFD D-scans using Mode-Converted Waves, by A. Al-Ataby and W. Al-Nuaimy;Time Reverse Modeling versus Automatic Onset Detection: A Study on the Localization of Acoustic Emissions in Reinforced Concrete, by  G.K. Kocur, E.H. Saenger and T. Vogel; Use of Acoustic Emission Analysis to Evaluate the Self-Healing Capability of Concrete, by K. Van Tittelboom, N. De Belie, F. Lehmann and C.U. Grosse; Identification of Tendon Ducts in Prestressed Concrete Beam by SIBIE, by M. Yamada, K. Tagomori and M. Ohtsu; Absolute Calibration of an Acoustic Emission Sensor, by G.C. Mclaskey and S.D. Glaser; NDE with Lockin-Interferometry: Principle and Applications, by G. Busse and P. Menner; Fast Defect Shape Reconstruction based on the Travel Time in Pulse Thermography, by S. Götschel, M. Weiser, C. Maierhofer, R. Richter and M. Röllig; The Role of Infrared Thermography in NDT, by C. Meola and G.M. Carlomagno; Industrial Applications of Dual X-ray Energy Computed Tomography (2X-CT), by T. Fuchs, P. Keßling, M. Firsching, F. Nachtrab, G. Scholz; Research on Improvement of Receiving-Detecting Circuit for Digital Radiographic Systems with Advanced Spatial Resolution, by V.D. Ryzhikov, O.D. Opolonin, O.K. Lysetska, S.M. Galkin, Y.F. Voronkin and V.L. Perevertaylo; Novel Approach for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Electrochemical Potentials in Reinforced Concrete Structures, by K. Reichling and M. Raupach; Non Destructive Monitoring of Fiber Dispersion and Flow-Induced

Orientation in Self-Compacting SFRC: A Method based on Magnetic Properties, by L. Ferrara, M. Faifer, M. Muhaxheri, S. Toscani and R. Ottoboni; Mobile NMR - A Powerful Tool to Measure Coating Thicknesses in Concrete Buildings, by J. Orlowsky; Innovative Sensor Technologies for Nondestructive Imaging of Concrete Structures: Novel Tools utilising Radar and Induction Technologies, by S. Korl, C. Wuersch and J. Zanona; Comparative Study of Nonlinear Resonance and Wave Interaction Techniques for Concrete Damage Assessment, by Y. Boukari, P. Rivard, D. Bulteel, G. Ballivy and N.E. Abriak; Ultrasonic Signal Processing based on the combined use of Empirical Mode Decomposition and Split Spectrum Processing using the Prism Technique, by S. Haddad, M. Grimes, T. Benkedidah and A. Bouhadjera; Advancing the Rebound Hammer Method: A new Concrete Test Hammer, by D. Corbett; Phenomena Investigation of Guided Waves Propagation in a Multiple-Wire Cable with Gradually Increasing Cut Depths, by R. Mijarez and A. Baltazar; Use of Acoustic Emission Method for Detection of Two-Phase Flow in Service Open Type Water Pipeline, by T. Suzuki, T. Naka and M. Ohtsu; Acoustic Emission Diagnostics of Roller Bearings Damage, by P. Mazal, F. Hort and F. Vlasic; Wireless Sensors for Measuring Wind-Borne Pressures during Hurricanes, by J.-P. Pinelli, C. Subramanian, I. Kostanic, G. Lapilli and J. Chandiramani; Overview of Fiber Optic Sensors for NDT Applications, by A. Méndez and A. Csipkes; 2. NDT for Material and Property Characterization Evaluation of Concrete Properties by Combining NDT Methods, by J.P. Balayssac, S. Laurens, D. Breysse and V. Garnier; Thermography and Ultrasound for Characterizing Subsurface Defects in Concrete, by E.Z. Kordatos, D.V. Soulioti, M. Strantza, T.E. Matikas and D.G. Aggelis; Determination of the Frequency Dependent Dynamic Modulus for Asphalt Concrete Beams using Resonant Acoustic Spectroscopy, by A. Gudmarsson, N. Ryden and B. Birgisson; Assessment of Fire Damaged Concrete via the Hammer-Drill Pulse Transmission Technique, by R. Felicetti; Assessment of the Residual Strength of Fire-Damaged Steel-Rebars, by R. Felicetti and P.G. Gambarova; Damage Assessment by Ultrasonic Images in Concrete subjected to Freeze-Thaw Cycles, by M. Molero, G. Al-Assadi, S. Aparicio, M.J. Casati and M.G. Hernández; Evaluation of Temperature Influence on Ultrasound Velocity in Concrete by Coda Wave Interferometry, by  C. Wunderlich and E. Niederleithinger; Monitoring the Stress Level of Concrete Structures with CODA Wave Interferometry: Experimental Illustration of an Investigated Zone, by Y. Zhang, O. Abraham, A. Le Duff, B. Lascoup, V. Tournat, E. Larose, T. Planes, R. El Guerjouma and O. Durand; Non-Destructive Measurement of Steel Fiber Dosage and Orientation in Concrete, by H-J. Wichmann, H. Budelmann and A. Holst; Application of an Electromagnetic Method for Evaluation of Chlorine Distribution in Concrete, by J. Nojima, M. Arai and T. Mizobuchi; A Study on the Variability of Electrical Resistivity of Concrete, by J-F. Lataste and D. Breysse; Factors Affecting the Electrical Resistivity of Concrete, by O. Sengul; A Study of the Parameters that Affect the Measurements of Superficial Electrical Resistivity of Concrete, by J.W. Lencioni and M.G. de Lima; Non-Stationary Identification of Thermal Characteristics of Building Materials, by J. Vala and S. Stastník; Quantitative Evaluation of Thermal Diffusivity and Thickness of Mortar Cover using Induction Thermography, by T. Du, F. Brachelet, D. Defer and E. Antczak; Three NDT Methods for the Assessment of the Concrete Permeability as a Measure of Durability, by J. Adámek, V. Juranková, Z. Kadlecová and M. Stehlík; Use of Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity to Assess the Durability of Self Consolidating Concrete, by  N.G. Özerkan and I.Ö. Yaman; Effect of Concrete Mixtures on Estimation of Porosity by Ultrasonic Velocity, by A. Benouis and A. Grini; Nondestructive Assessment of Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete: A Review, by F. Moradi-Marani and P. Rivard; Homogeneity Detection of Fibre-Concrete Structures using Radiographic Technique, by L. Hobst, O. Anton, J. Vodicka and J. Scucka; Use of Acoustic Emission Data Clustering to Identify Damage Mode in Concrete Structures, by L. Calabrese, G. Campanella and E. Proverbio; NDT of LWC with Expanded Clay, by J. Brozovsky, D. Benes and J. Zach; Evaluation of Rebound Hammer Test as a Combined Procedure used with Drill Core Testing for Evaluation of Existing Structures, by S. Yesilmen; An Experimental Study on the Evaluation of Concrete Test Results, by O. Arioz, K. Kilinc, M. Tuncan, K. Ramyar and A. Tuncan; Detection of Incipient Decay of Wood with Non- and Minor-Destructive Testing Methods, by K. Frühwald, A. Hasenstab and K. Osterloh; Coupling AE Monitoring with Discrete Element Fracture Models, by E.N. Nagy, W.G. Davids and E.N. Landis; Use of High Resolution Digital Images and NDT Imaging Techniques for Characterization of Timber Elements, by M. Riggio, F. Prandi, R. De Amicis and M. Piazza; Relative Effects of Porosity and Grain Size on Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Marbles, by V. Özkan, I.H. Sarpün and S. Tuncel; Defect Detection in Porcelain Tiles using Ultrasound, by E. Eren and S. Kurama; Characterization of Synthetic Emeralds Based on the Morphology of their Inclusions, by A. Mueller, U. Hassler and J. Zaeh; Can Proteoglycan Change in Articular Cartilage be Detected by Ultrasound Evaluation?, by I. Afara, S. Wallace, S. Singh and A. Oloyede; Near infrared for Non-Destructive Testing of Articular Cartilage, by I. Afara, T. Sahama and A. Oloyede; 3. Early Age NDT of Concrete and Other Materials Characterization of Fresh and Early Age Concrete using NDT (Keynote paper), by H.W. Reinhardt; Factors affecting the Monitoring of the Early Setting of Concrete by Ultrasonic P-Waves, by N. Robeyst, C.U. Grosse and N. De Belie; Automated Shear-Wave Techniques to Investigate the Setting and Hardening of Concrete in Through-Transmission, by M. Krüger, C.U. Grosse and F. Lehmann; Effects of Experimental Parameters in Monitoring the Hydration of Cement Mortars by Ultrasonic Testing, by  Ö. Kasap Keskin, I.Ö. Yaman and M. Tokyay; Ultrasonic Monitoring of Capillary Porosity Evolution and Strength Gain in Hydrating Cement Pastes, by K.V.L. Subramaniam; Elasticity Modulus Monitoring through an Ambient Vibration Response Method - Application to Cement-Based Pastes, by L. Maia, M. Azenha, R. Faria and J. Figueiras; Characterization of Fresh Mortar with Chemical Admixtures based on Stress Wave Dispersion, by D.G. Aggelis and D. Grammenou; Analysis of Thermal Properties of Cement Paste during Setting and Hardening, by D. Mikulic, B. Milovanovic and I. Gabrijel; Application of Ultrasonic Method for Determining Set Times of VMA Modified Cementitious Composites, by S.-T. Lin and R. Huang; The use of Wireless Sensor Networks to Monitor the Setting and Hardening Processes of Self-Compacting Concrete, by S. Aparicio, J.V. Fuente, J. Ranz, J. Aliques, M.A.G. Izquierdo and R. Fernández; Early-Age Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete and Shotcrete using Embedded Sensors, by A. Gibson and D. Ciancio; Continuous Monitoring of Setting and Hardening of Epoxy Resin, by S. Grammatikos, D.G. Aggelis and A.S. Paipetis; 4. NDT for Material Characterization: Metallurgical Perspective Characterization of Steel Microstructures by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Technique, by C.H. Gür; Magnetic NDE with Magnetic Yoke-Probe for Degradation and Mechanical Properties of Steel, by H. Kikuchi, Y. Kamada, S. Kobayashi and K. Ara; Magnetic Inspection of Low-Carbon Steels Subjected to Plastic Deformations up to Failure, by A.N. Stashkov, A.P. Nichipuruk, V.N. Kostin, M.K. Korkh and S.A. Murikov; Thermography and Acoustic Emission for Monitoring the Fracture of Aluminium Plates, by E.Z. Kordatos, D.G. Aggelis and T.E. Matikas; Nonlinear Acoustic Effect due to Evolution of a Crack and Detection of Micro-Scale Cracks in a Fatigue Process, by Y-M. Cheong; New Ultrasonic Methodology for Determining Temperature Gradient and Its Application to Heated Materials Monitoring, by I. Ihara, M. Takahashi and H. Yamada; Inverse Problem for Material Analysis by Ultrasound, by F. Bettayeb and M. Hakem; Use of Acoustic Emission Signal and X-ray Diffraction Analysis for Detection of Microstructural Changes in Cyclically Loaded AlMg Alloys, by P. Mazal, P. Liskutin, F. Vlasic, F. Hort and J. Fiala; Investigating Eddy Current Response to Microstructural Changes to Determine Case Depth of Induction Hardened Parts, by S. Kahrobaee and M. Kashefi Torbati; Surface Characterization of Carburized Steel by Eddy Current, by S. Kahrobaee, M. Kashefi Torbati and M. Sheikh Amiri; 5. NDT of Metals and Composites Guided Waves for Nondestructive Testing - Experiment and Analysis (Invited paper), by T. Kundu; Ultrasonic Guided Waves for Hidden Damage Detection in Composite Structures: Theory and Experiments, by F. Ricci, E. Monaco, S. Tancredi, L. Lecce, S. Banerjee and A.K. Mal;  Nonlinear Ultrasound: A Novel Approach to Flaw Detection and Imaging, by I. Solodov, N. Krohn and G. Busse; Evaluation of Material Degradation of Composite Laminates using Nonlinear Lamb Wave, by W. Li, Y. Cho, T. Ju, H.S. Choi, N. Kim and I. Park; New Opportunities in Ultrasonic Characterization of Stiffness Anisotropy in Composite Materials, by I. Solodov, D. Döring, M. Rheinfurth and G. Busse; Plate Wave Propagation as Damage Indicator in FRP Composites under Fatigue Loading, by T.T. Assimakopoulou and T.P. Philippidis; Monitoring of Failure of Composite Laminates using Acoustic Emission, by A.S. Paipetis, N.M. Barkoula, M. Xyrafa, T.E. Matikas and D.G. Aggelis; Acoustic Emission of Failure in Fiber-Metal Laminates, by R. Kuznetsova, H. Ergun and B. Liaw; NDE using Lockin-Thermography: Principle and Recent Developments, by G. Busse, A. Gleiter and C. Spiessberger; Detection of Very Thin Defects in Multi-Layer Composites made of Carbon Fibre with IR Thermography Methods, by W. Swiderski; A Comparison between Optimized Active Thermography and Digital Shearography for Detection of Damage in Aerospace Composite Structures, by G. De Angelis, M. Meo, D.P. Almond, S.G. Pickering and S.L. Angioni; Analysis of Laminar Fiber Composites with Computed Tomography using

Shape-Fitted Layers, by S. Mohr and U. Hassler; Magnetic NDE using a Double Rectangular Coil and a Hall Effect Sensor: A Simple Analysis, by L. Bettaieb, H. Kokabi and M. Poloujadoff; A Study of Microcracks and Delaminations in Composite Laminates, by D.K. Hsu, V. Dayal, M. Gerken, A. Subramanian, K-H. Im and D.J. Barnard; Robotic High-Speed 3D Scanner Automatically Scans Spacecraft Heat Shields, by J.P. Lavelle and J.W. Steele;

Inspection of Underwater Metallic Plates by means of Laser Ultrasound, by P. Rizzo, E. Pistone, P. Werntges, J. Han and X. Ni; Influence of Water Flow through Pipe Networks for Damage Detection using Guided Waves, by R. Ahmad and T. Kundu; Monitoring Hydrogen Release from 4140 Steel using the LCR Ultrasonic Technique, by D.E. Bray and R.B. Griffin; 6. Theoretical Modeling and Simulation Studies as a basis for NDT Modelling of Radiographic Inspections, by A. Schumm, P. Duvauchelle, V. Kaftandjian, R. Jaenisch, C. Bellon, J. Tabary, F. Mathy and S. Legoupil; Microwave Imaging of Plain and Reinforced Concrete for NDT using Backpropagation Algorithm, by O. Günes and O. Büyüköztürk; Accuracy of Potential Mapping Assessed through Numerical Models, by S. Kessler and C. Gehlen; Model-Assisted Non-destructive Monitoring of Reinforcement Corrosion in Concrete Structures, by P. Marinier and O.B. Isgor; Estimation of Pre-stress in Tendons using Elastic Wave Propagation in the Anchor Head, by D.G. Aggelis, D. Kleitsa, K. Kawai and T. Shiotani; Modeling of Ultrasonic Signals Received by a Focused Circular Transducer from a Side-Drilled Hole, by F. Honarvar, M.D. Khameneh, A. Yaghootian and M. Zeighami; A Theoretical Study on Scattering of Surface Waves by a Cavity using the Reciprocity Theorem, by H. Phan, Y. Cho and J.D. Achenbach; Half-Space Dynamic Stiffness Models Compatible with the Thin Layer Formulation for use in Response Analysis of Soil Profiles, by M.A. Ceballos and C.A. Prato; PART II: 7. NDT of Civil Infrastructures Automated NDE of Structures with Combined Methods (Keynote paper), by H. Wiggenhauser; State of Art Image-Based Inspection Methods used on Japanese Expressways, by S. Shimeno, T. Saeki, T. Kazato and T. Sakuraba Use of NDT in Condition Assessment of RC Buildings, by A.A. Ozbora, N.U. Basar, Y. Akkaya and M.A. Tasdemir; NDT Methods for the Assessment of Concrete Structures after Fire Exposure, by E. Annerel and L. Taerwe; Damage and Defect Detection through Infrared Thermography of Fiber Composites Applications for Strengthening of Structural Elements, by L. Cantini, M. Cucchi, G. Fava and C. Poggi; Thermographic Investigation of Delaminated Plaster on Concrete, by R. Krankenhagen, C. Maierhofer and M. Röllig; Multi Layer Microwave Moisture Scans at Large Areas in Civil Engineering, by A. Göller; Holographic Subsurface Radar as a Device for NDT of Construction Materials and Structures, by S.I. Ivashov, V.V. Razevig, I.A. Vasiliev, A.V. Zhuravlev,T. Bechtel, L. Capineri, P. Falorni and T. Lu; Infrared Imaging of Roof Systems for Moisture Detection, by J.S. Al-Qazweeni and H.A. Kamal; Ultrasonic-Echo and Impulse Radar in the Practical Application of an Engineering Firm, by C. Sodeikat; Non-Destructive Testing of Bosphorus Bridges, by Y. Dost, N. Apaydin, E. Dedeoglu, D.K. MacKenzie and O.Z. Akkol; Non-Destructive Evaluation for Horizontal Cracks in RC Slabs of Highway Bridges Based on Analysis-Aided Impact Elastic-Wave Methods, by S. Uchida, T. Kamada, T. Iwasaki and H. Tsunoda; Non-Destructive Testing of FRP-Structural Systems Applied to Concrete Bridges, by K.C. Crawford; Inspection of Timber Bridges with Ultrasonic Echo Technique, by A. Hasenstab and K. Frühwald; Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Conventionally Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges under Service Conditions, by T. Schumacher, C. Higgins and S.C. Lovejoy; Review of NDT Assessment of Road Pavements Using GPR, by C. Plati, K. Georgouli and A. Loizos; Condition Assessment of Mixed Paved Roads by GPR and CCR: Material properties, by C. Kaouane and M. Chouteau; Portable Wireless High Power Air-coupled GPR System for Highway Inspection, by W. Ren, H. Wang and C. Liu; Feasibility of Detecting Debonding of Hot Mix Asphalt Layer with Nondestructive Testing, by M. Celaya, F.S. Ertem, S. Nazarian and M. Saltan; Applicability of Estimation of Chloride Content in Cover Concrete of Coastal Reinforced Concrete Structures using Electromagnetic Wave, by T. Mizobuchi, K.Yokozeki and R. Ashizawa; In-Service Inspection and Structural Integrity Assessment of Atmospheric Storage Tanks, by A.A. Anastasopoulos, S.E. Kattis and D.A. Kourousis; Application of Acoustic Emission to High-Voltage Electric Power Equipment Diagnostics, by O.G. Santos Filho, F.S. Brasil, F.F. Silva Neto, R.C. Leite and S.L. Zaghetto; A De-Noising Algorithm for EMAT on Wheels, by K. Yang, C. Peng, Y. Zhang, J. Peng and X. Gao; 8. Geotechnical and Geophysical Applications of NDT Impact Echo Q-Factor Measurements towards Non-Destructive Quality Control of the Backfill in Segmental Lined Tunnels, by N. Ryden, O. Aurell, P. Nilsson and J. Hartlén; Monitoring DC Stray Current Corrosion at Sheet Pile Structures, by W.H.A. Peelen, E.A.C. Neeft, G. Leegwater, W. van Kanten-Roos

and W.M.G. Courage; Inspection of Deteriorated Coastal Embankments using Radar, Thermography, and Impact-Echo, by C.-H. Chiang, C.-C. Cheng and K.-T. Hsu; Laboratory Characterization of Mining Cemented Rockfill by NDT Methods: Experimental Set-up and Testing, by C.L. Chou, M. Chouteau and M. Benzaazoua; A Case Study of the Self-Potential Method to Characterize Seepage and Earth Dam Materials, by L.A. Nzumotcha Tchoumkam, M. Chouteau, B. Giroux, P. Rivard, K. Saleh and A. Côté; Microgravity Application for Detection of Underground Cavities in a Desert Karst Terrain, by H.A. Kamal, M.F. Taha and S.A. Al-Sanad; 9. Health Monitoring of Structures; 20 Years of Experience with Structural Health Monitoring of Objects with CFRP Components (Keynote paper), by U. Meier, R. Brönnimann, P. Anderegg and G.P. Terrasi; Review of a Null Space Strategy for Damage Localization (Invited paper), by D. Bernal; Embedded NDT with Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors, by V. 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