Not One Jot

January 13, 2018|
Not One Jot
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As a common person, without any qualification in what people call theology as science and history, it is a big challenge for me to discuss in public the very sensible religious matter of Ten Commandments. My second challenge, and not the least, was my weakness in English language. Indeed, having French as first language, I have hesitated to write in French or in English, both languages spoken in Canada. I opted for English for two reasons. Torontonians would be my important readers and there are in large majority English-speaking people among the French-speaking Ontarians. Therefore, to reach the large audience, I chose English. Big challenge, is not? The other reason is that I attend an English-speaking congregation for worship and this would be my first audience, as my closest family. Why do I write this book and why is it called Not One Jot? I had a disorderly youth, as I grew up with a widowed mom unable to correct me when needed; thus, finding myself where my God has brought me now, I felt obligated to testify of His Love. The only way to be thankful to Him is to preach His Gospel around me to respond to His commission in Matthew 28: 19, 20, Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[1] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Therefore, living in selfish North-American culture where we do not have time to listen quietly to your neighbor, everyone closed in his corner or always too busy, where even the married couples have not enough time for each other; and, as I do not have the means to have a TV or a radio station to preach and care for my neighbors, colleagues, friends, family members, relatives , I decided to write this Testimony about the holy Ten Commandment Law of the Creator of the Universe, specially the Fourth commandment of the Decalogue, which shows clearly that we are not product of the hazard nor are we here by accident! Grown up in a Catholic environment until my twenties, I myself discovered this Truth as taught in the Holy Bible, by reading a book, which changed forever my life. Here I have to be thankful to my elder brothers who had endured sacrifice to study and finish my degrees which helped me to read and write. Without this, that book which transformed my life could not have any meaning to me! I am not writing this book to offend or belittle any Christian denomination, especially those specifically cited in this Testimony. Many of those church members love their Creator and would like sincerely to believe the Truth and serve their mighty Creator and infallible Lawgiver, if they had opportunity to earnestly study His Word! Thus, time may come when they will open their heart to the eternal Light and follow the true Way to the eternal Life. Neither have I written it to boast myself or to extol those Churches whose members keep the Sabbath as being the unique ready for heaven, for, Judas was one of the twelve beside the Messiah more than three years, but we know he will not be found there! Yes, there are many books written in this matter, however, someone can be interested reading a book only by its title, and also more importantly by its author. The title Not One Jot emphasizes the idea found throughout the Word of God asking people not to obliterate any of the smallest letter of His Ten Commandment Law, no matter how great they are, how powerful they pretend to be, how intelligent and wise they may be, how high their instruction could be, how big and rich their church seem to be. For these ten statements are the only ones through all the Scriptures, written by the mighty and holy Hand of the Creator. Herein is discussed the origin, the importance and the perpetuity of Gods Ten Commandment Law as the Moral Law of His eternal Government. And as Lawgiver and Supreme Legislator, He is the only One wo

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