Novel Algorithms and Techniques in Telecommunications, Automation and Industrial Electronics by Tarek SobhNovel Algorithms and Techniques in Telecommunications, Automation and Industrial Electronics by Tarek Sobh

Novel Algorithms and Techniques in Telecommunications, Automation and Industrial Electronics

EditorTarek Sobh, Khaled Elleithy, Ausif Mahmood

Paperback | November 30, 2010

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Novel Algorithms and Techniques in Telecommunications, Automation and Industrial Electronics includes a set of rigorously reviewed world-class manuscripts addressing and detailing state-of-the-art research projects in the areas of Industrial Electronics, Technology and Automation, Telecommunications and Networking.Novel Algorithms and Techniques in Telecommunications, Automation and Industrial Electronics includes selected papers form the conference proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Technology and Automation (IETA 2007) and International Conference on Telecommunications and Networking (TeNe 07) which were part of the International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information and Systems Sciences and Engineering (CISSE 2007).
Title:Novel Algorithms and Techniques in Telecommunications, Automation and Industrial ElectronicsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:601 pages, 10.24 × 7.6 × 0 inPublished:November 30, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Kernel Locally Linear Embedding Algorithm for Quality Control/ T.Tsagaroulis and A. Ben Hamza. 2. A New Method for Synchronization and Control of the Chen Chaotic System/ A.Izadian et al. 3. The Intra Prediction in H.264/ A.Khalil Khan and H.Jamal. 4. Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Using Virtual Instruments and ZigBee Communication Protocol/ A. Montoya et al. 5. Inter-Agent Communication Adaptations for Power Network Processes Simulation/ M.Prýmek and A.Horák. 6. DC Motor Monitoring and Control System/ A.Cozma. 7. Web-based Tele-operated Control system of a Robotic Vehicle/ A.N. Chand. 8. Number Plate Recognition using Analytical Fourier Mellin Transform/ A.Mittal, M.Sharma. 9. Middleware-based Kalman filter design for a driver's aid system/ W.Hou et al. 10. Improving neural network performances/ C.CERNAZANU-GLAVAN, S.HOLBAN. 11. Synthesis of Optimal Control Systems/ G.Della Penna et al. 12. An Artificial Immune System Based Multi-Agent Robotic Cooperation/ D.Mamady et al. 13. Towards ASSL Specification of Self-Scheduling Design and Monitoring in Team-Robotics Modeled with AS-TRM/ O.Ormandjieva and E.Vassev. 14. A Novel Control System for a Direct Drive Linear Permanent Magnet ctuator with Intrinsic Position Hold/ E.Sliva et al. 15. Characterizing the exact collision course in the plane for mobile robotics application/ K. Bendjilali et al. 16. Acquisition System for Monitoring Vibrations/ G.Florin et al. 17. Object-of-Interest Selection for Model-Based 3D Pose Tracking with Background Clutter/ Ruiter. 18. The Principles and Planning Process of an Electronic Kanban System/ I.A. Kouri et al. 19. Design and Control of an Omni-directional Mobile Robot/ I.Doroftei et al. 20. Preventing Pole-Zero Cancellation for Improved Input Disturbance Rejection in Iterative Feedback Tuning Systems/ J.Sikaundi and M.Braae. 21. General Inverse Neural Current Control For Buck Converter/ J.Guillermo Guarnizo M. et al. 22. Management Study of Layered Architecture to Incorporate Mobile Devices and Grid Computing/ K.Venkata Durga Kiran et al. 23. Robust control PID for time delays systems/ L.E. Muñoz et al. 24. Wavelets vs Shape-Based Approaches for Image Indexing and Retrieval/ L. Flores-Pulido et al. 25. Formal Specification and Simulation of the Robot Perceptual System/ M.Yassine Belkhouche and B.Belkhouche. 26. Enhancing Diagnosis Ability for Embedded Electronic Systems Using Co-Modeling/ M.KHLIF, M.SHAWKY. 27. Development environment using FPGA for domotics applications based on X10 technology/ M.D. Cruz et al. 28. Robustness of a Robot Control Scheme for Liquid Transfer/ M.P.Tzamtzi, F.N.Koumboulis. 29. A Process Application of Step-Wise Safe Switching Control/ F. N. Koumboulis, M. P. Tzamtzi. 30. Use of a Connection Model for Dynamic Systems/ M. Braae. 31. A High Performance Domain Specific OCR for Bangla Script/ Md. A.Hasnat et al. 32. Tracking Performance of an Identical Master-Slave Teleoperation System under Variable Time Delays/ M.Ismet Can Dede, and S.Tosunoglu. 33. New concept in optimizing Manipulability index of serial Manipulators, using SVD method/ M.Magdy et al. 34. Region of Interest Labeling Of Ultrasound Abdominal Images Using Hausdorff Distance/ N.Aggarwal et al. 35. Control of Electric Motor Parameters on the Basis of QR- Decomposition Technique/ F.A.V.Melnikov et al. 36. Navigation of Mobile Robots Using 6DOF SLAM Accelerated by Leveled Maps/ O.Jez. 37. A Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Framework for Multi-sensor Data Fusion/ P.Lee et al. 38. Software Implementation of Explicit DMC Algorithm with Improved Dependability/ P.Gawkowski et al. 39. Simulation Strategy of the Analog Front End for UHF Passive RFID Transponders/ Q.Fu. 40. Various Methods of Economical Load Distribution in Power Plant Units in Comparison to Neural Networks Method/ M.T.Ameli et al. 41. Automated Surveillance of Intruders at US Borders/ Kalyan Marneni, Sreela Sasi. 42. PDFF and H 8controller design for PMSM drive/ S.Cheng et al. 43. On Facilitating the Process of Providing Expert Advises Applying Association Rules/ S. Encheva, S. Tumin. 44. Analog Computer to Solve Third-Order Linear Differential Equation/ T. ElAli et al. 45. Data processing for mapping in mobile robotics/ T.Neuzil, O.Jez. 46. Piecewise Continuous Systems Used in Trajectory Tracking of a Vision Based X-Y Robot/ H.Wang et al. 47. Reliability Model for MEMS Accelerometers/ X.Xiong et al. 48. Diagram, Dynamic Geometry and Sangaku/ Y.Ishida and M.Fujisawa. 49. A modeling technique for execution and simulation of discrete automation/ Y.Cohen. 50. Using DES in a Modified Design to Keep it from Oblivion/ A.Abuzneid et al. 51. One-Time Password Authentication with Infinite Hash Chains/ A.G.Chefranov. 52. Estimation of OFDM Time-Varying Fading Channels Based on Two-Cross-Coupled Kalman Filters/ A.Jamoos et al. 53. EcoLocate/ A.C.Markham, A.J.Wilkinson. 54. Enhancement of Throughput in 802.15.4 MAC Layer Using the Principle of Circularity/ R.Bhakthavathsalam. 55. Wireless LAN Security Mechanisms at the Enterprise and Home Level/ B.Crainicu, N. Iorga. 56. Synchronization Solution for the Tdsc-Uwb Detection Method/ Charbel Saber et al. 57. An Efficient In-Network Event Detection Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Nodes/ C.V.Easwaran. 58. Performance Evaluation of Distance Vector Routing Protocol on a Wireless Circular Model/ D.C.Vasiliadis et al. 59. Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols/ E.Abdelfattah & G.Liu. 60. Optimizing Bandwidth Usage and Response Time Using Lightweight Agents on Data Communication Network/ E.A. Olajubu et al. 61. Location Information Discovery for IP Telephony/ L.Stringer et al. 62. A Flow Based Traffic Characterization of IP Telephony Protocols/ G.L.da Silva, R.Holanda Filho. 63. A Survey of Energy-Efficient and QoS-Aware Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks/ G.M.Shafiullah et al. 64. Stepping-Stone Intrusion Detection Using Neural Networks Approach/ H.-C. Wu and S.-H.S.Huang. 65. Packet Fluctuation Approach For Stepping-Stone Detection/ H.-C.Wu and S.-H.S.Huang. 66. Using Mobile Telephone as an Operator Independent, Secure Micro-Payment Tool/ H.AMCA and E.CELEBI.