Numerical Mathematics And Advanced Applications: Proceedings of ENUMATH 2001 the 4th European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Appli by F. BrezziNumerical Mathematics And Advanced Applications: Proceedings of ENUMATH 2001 the 4th European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Appli by F. Brezzi

Numerical Mathematics And Advanced Applications: Proceedings of ENUMATH 2001 the 4th European…

EditorF. Brezzi, A. Buffa, S. Corsaro

Hardcover | April 30, 2003

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Scientific computing is a fast growing and fast changing area whose applications to various branches of science, engineering, medicine, economics (and others) are increasing in number and relevance every day. There are two main reasons (among others) that make scientific computing change so rapidly. One is the increasing number of different research areas beginning to make use of numerical simulation: from nanotechnology to genomics, from computer­ aided diagnosis and operations in medical applications (which involve often com­ plete simulations of parts of the human body) to economics and finance. Each new application, and each new aspect of earlier applications, draws heavily on the know­ how that has been acquired on other problems with similar mathematical features. It has to be pointed out that the lofty perspective of mathematics succeeds quite often in finding connections among very different phenomena, that tum out in the end to share the same mathematical and numerical structure. In tum, new applica­ tions contribute to the cross-fertilization by "sending back" new interpretations and suggestions which are often useful in more classical applications. All this creates a resonance effect that contributes greatly to the growth rate of the whole field.
Title:Numerical Mathematics And Advanced Applications: Proceedings of ENUMATH 2001 the 4th European…Format:HardcoverDimensions:1044 pagesPublished:April 30, 2003Publisher:Springer MilanLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Flow Problems.- Analysis of a domain decomposition method for the coupling of Stokes and Darcy equations.- Residual-free bubbles for a singular perturbation equation.- High-order IMEX-RK finite volume methods for multidimensional hyperbolic systems.- High-order central WENO schemes for 1D Hamilton-Jacobi equations.- Asymptotic analysis of coupled problems for compressible flows.- On the discontinuous Galerkin method for the numerical solution of compressible high-speed flow.- Comparison of two conservative schemes for hyperbolic interface problems.- Adaptive numerical flow simulation.- Flood modelling using mixed-hybrid finite elements.- High-order relaxation methods for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.- New nonconforming finite elements for solving the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.- Explicit and implicit high-resolution finite element schemes based on the flux-corrected-transport algorithm.- Genuinely multidimensional evolution Galerkin schemes for the shallow water equations.- Mixed-hybrid FEM discrete fracture network model of the fracture flow.- Numerical evaluation of FEM with application to the 1D advection-diffusion problem.- Numerical simulation of interfacial flows.- A family of finite difference schemes for the convection-diffusion equation in two dimensions.- An unstructured staggered scheme for the Navier-Stokes equations.- Electromagnetic Problems.- Adaptive domain decomposition techniques in electromagnetic field computation and electrothermomechanical coupling problems.- Computation of Maxwell eigenvalues on curvilinear domains using hp-version Nédélec elements.- FE solution of a 3D-thermoelectrical model for metallurgical electrodes.- On the time-harmonic Maxwell equations in general domains.- FI2TD schemes for magnetic field simulations: new formulations and algorithmic improvements.- A boundary integral formulation of antenna problems suitable for nodal-based wavelet approximations.- Weighted regularization of Maxwell equations: computations in curvilinear polygons.- Perfectly matched layers in transmission lines.- The computational modelling of micromagnetic fine structures in uniaxial ferromagnets using the nonconforming domain decomposition method.- Elasticity and Structures.- Towards the convergence of 3D and shell finite elements?.- A shell model allowing folds.- A Signorini frictionless contact problem for viscoelastic materials with long-term memory.- Numerical analysis of a contact problem for elastic-visco-plastic materials with damage.- PSRI schemes for shells: a benchmark study.- Propagation of singularities on thin shells with hyperbolic regions.- An analysis of asymptotic consistency error in a parameter-dependent model problem.- Homogenized elasticity solvers for biomorphic microcellular ceramics.- Energy estimates for shell problems.- Numerical Problems in Finance.- Functional approximation and estimation for latent variable systems.- The boundary value formulation of the Asian call option.- WENO and blended BDF discretizations for option pricing problems.- A nonlinear PDE in mathematical finance.- Numerical Methods for kinetic Equations.- An adaptive numerical method for the Vlasov equation based on a multiresolution analysis.- A brief review of numerical methods for collision operators.- Numerical methods for the Vlasov equation.- On the fast evaluation of kinetic equations for driven granular flows.- Singular Free Boundary Problems.- Linear co-volume scheme for anisotropic curvature driven motions.- Consistency of a large time-step scheme for mean curvature motion.- A scheme for the shape-from-shading model with "black shadows".- A Cahn-Hilliard equation with non-homogeneous mobility and its application to image processing.- Other Applications.- Inverse problem for the 3D equation of radiative transfer.- Numerical analysis of a coupled radiative-conductive heat transfer problem.- Hybrid FEM/FDM method for an inverse scattering problem.- The discrete maximum principle for stabilized finite element methods.- Mixed hybrid model of flow in combustion engines.- A subgrid projection method for relaxation of non-attainable differential inclusions.- Some remarks on fixed point and Newton techniques for solving the S 2 approximation of transient radiative transfer.- Numerical results and error estimates for the finite element solution of problems with nonlinear boundary condition on nonpolygonal domains.- A Posteriori Estimates and Adaptivity.- Multiscale adaptive processing for evolution equations.- Sobolev regularity estimation for hp-adaptive finite element methods.- Robustness in a posteriori error estimates for the Oseen equations with general boundary conditions.- A posteriori estimates for FE-solutions of variational inequalities.- Adaptive mesh refinement based on a posteriori error estimates for Stokes flow in a 2D problem.- Explicit error in a finite element method.- An adaptive p-wavelet method in a domain decomposition framework.- Adaptive FEM for eigenvalue problems.- A posteriori error estimators for a model parameter estimation problem.- An anisotropic recovery-based a posteriori error estimator.- A wavelet-based adaptive scheme for the solution of nonlinear equations.- Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods.- LDG methods for Stokes flow problems.- A p 2-continuous, p 1-discontinuous finite element method for the Mindlin-Reissner plate model.- Goal-oriented a posteriori error estimation for compressible fluid flows.- hp-DGFEM for Maxwell's equations.- Multilevel preconditioners for the interior penalty method.- A survey of DG methods for elliptic problems.- Domain Decomposition Methods.- The Chimera method for a model problem.- Virtual control for fourth-order problems and for heterogeneous fourth-order second-order coupling.- Nitsche-type finite element method for elliptic problems with singularities.- Mortar element coupling between global scalar and local vector potentials to solve eddy current problems.- A mosaic preconditioner for a dual Schur complement.- ODE, IDE, and Related Problems.- A computational algorithm for Rjabov's method for real inversion of Laplace transforms.- A high-order BVM approach to computation of embedded eigenvalues in Sturm-Liouville problems.- Numerical solution of boundary value problems with deviated arguments.- Theory of implicit extrapolation methods for ordinary differential equations.- Spline collocation methods for weakly singular Volterra integro-differential equations.- Numerical Linear Algebra.- Linear systems of equations arising in the (almost) FEM solution of low-frequency electromagnetic problems.- A preconditioned Krylov subspace solver for a saddle-point model of a single-phase induction machine.- Application of AMG to the numerical simulation of 3D ultrasonic transducers.- Bi-CGSTAB for collocation equations on distributed memory parallel architectures.- Two-level preconditioning of a discontinuous Galerkin method for radiation diffusion.- A new preconditioner for the Oseen equations.- Analysis of convergence of a restarted GMRES method augmented with eigenvectors.