Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics IV: Numerical Methods For Fluid Dy by M. J. BainesNumerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics IV: Numerical Methods For Fluid Dy by M. J. Baines

Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics IV: Numerical Methods For Fluid Dy

EditorM. J. Baines, K. W. Morton

Hardcover | October 1, 1994

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Leading authorities from industry and academia met at this established international conference. Their expert contributions cover an extensive range of topics in computational fluid dynamics, reveiwing recent advances in mathematical and computational fluid techniques for modelling fluidflows. For graduate students and researchers alike these proceedings provide a fully up-to-date account of the research currently underway in this central topic in fluid dynamics.
M. J. Baines is at University of Reading. K. W. Morton is at University of Oxford.
Title:Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics IV: Numerical Methods For Fluid DyFormat:HardcoverDimensions:622 pages, 9.21 × 6.14 × 1.57 inPublished:October 1, 1994Publisher:Oxford University Press

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Table of Contents

Invited Papers1. K.W. Morton: Node-cell mappings for the cell vertex method2. D. Catherall: Solution adaptivity with structured grids3. Bernadette Palmerio: Mesh adaption for compressible flows4. C.L. Farmer: Grid generation as a discrete optimisation problem5. Eitan Tadmor: Super-viscosity and spectral approximations of nonlinear conservation laws6. P.L. Roe: Waves in discrete fluids7. S. Hickmott, A.G. Hutton, M. Rabbitt and R.M. Smith: Practical flow simulation employing high order accuracy, implicit, finite element based algorithms8. Bengt Fornberg: Computing stready incompressible flows past blunt bodies - A historical overview9. H.C. Yee, P.K. Sweby, and A. Lafon: Basins of attraction and the time-dependent approach to obtaining steady-state numerical solutions10. Maurizio Pandolfi: Physical and numerical aspects of non-equilibrium flows11. Randall J. LeVeque: Simplified multi-dimensional flux limiter methods12. Bertil Gustafsson and Per Lotstedt: Convergence acceleration for first order systems13. Barry Koren, Marie-Helene Lallemand: Iterative defect correction and multigrid accelerated explicit time stepping for the steady Euler equations14. J. Peraire, M. Vahdati and J. Peiro and K. Morgan: The construction and behaviour of someContributed Papers15. Th. Sonar, V. Hannemann, O. Friedrich: Adaptive concepts for the resolution of compressible flow by upwind finite volume methods16. U. Gohner, G. Warnecke, W. Wendland: Adaptive finite elements for transonic flows17. Alain Dervieux, Lopula Fezoui, Marie-Pierre Leclercq and Bruno Stoufflet: A general upwind formulation for compressible flows on multi-element meshes18. Michael G. Edwards: A dynamically adaptiove Godunov scheme for reservoir simulation on large aspect ratio grids19. Ron Trompert: Local uniform mesh refinement and brine transport in porous media20. A. Lerat and Z.N. Wu: A subdomain matching condition for implicit Euler solvers21. R. Arina and S. Tarditi: Orthogonal block structured surface grids22. Masahiro Suzuki: Surface grid generation with a linkage to geometric generation23. Bonita V. Saunders: Boundary fitted grid generation using tensor product B-splines 30924. Gary P. Warren, W. Kyle Anderson, James L. Thomas, Sherrie L. Krist: Grid convergence for adaptive methods25. A.E.P. Veldman and E.F.F. Botta: Grid quality: an interplay of grid and solver26. S.A.E.G. Falle and J.R. Giddings: Body capturing using adaptive cartesian grids27. Bassi F., Rebay S. and Savini M.: A high resolution discontinuous Galerkin method for hyperbolic problems on unstructured grids28. R. Richter and P. Leyland: Shock capturing using auto-adaptive finite elements29. G. Lacombe and A. Lerat: On the steady-state accuracy of an implicit Navier-Stokes solver of Lax-Wendroff type30. E.F. Toro: Riemann solvers: linearizations and adaption31. James J. Quirk: A cartesian grid scheme for gas dynamic flows that involve complex geometries32. Andrew Priestley: Recent developments of the Lagrange-Calerkin method33. Alison Ramage and Andrew J. Wathen: Iterative solution technique for the Lagrange-Galerkin method 40134. E. Suli and A. Ware: The spectral Lagrange-Galerkin method for the Navier-Stokes equations35. I.J. Sobey and T. Mullin: Calculation of multiple solutions for the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations36. Florian De Vuyst: A new implicit second order scheme based on a kinetic interpretation for solving the Euler Equations37. Mark H. Mawson: A solution method for the shallow water Quasi-equilibrium equations on the sphere38. Steven R. Allmaras: Contamination of laminar boundary layers by artificial dissipation in Navier-Stokes solutions39. J. Blazek, N. Kroll, C.C. Rossow: A comparison of several implicit smoothing methods40. P. Tattersall and J. McGuirk: Numerical diffusion estimates as input for grid adaption41. David W. Zingg and Harvard Lomax: On the eigensystems associated with numerical boundary schemes for hyperbolic equations42. K. Engel, M. Faden, S. Pokorny: Implementation of non-reflecting boundary conditions in an unsteady flow simulation system43. Rosemary A. Renaut: Absorbing boundary conditions for acoustic and elastic waves44. P.N. Childs and J.A. Shaw: Generation and analysis of hybrid structured/unstructured grids45. C. Mensink, H. Deconinck: A 2D multiblock method for viscous and inviscid flow computations46. J.A. Mackenzie, D.F. Mayers and A.J. Mayfield: Error estimates for adaptive cell vertex finite volume algorithms47. Gabriele C. Hegerl, Albert Sachs: Energy-reduced boundary conditions for the simulation of compressible viscous flows in domains with moving boundaries48. Erik Dick and Kris Riemslagh: Multi-stage Jacobi relaxation as smoother in a multigrid method for steady Euler equations49. S.H. Onslow and C.M. Albone: Multigrid convergence acceleration of an upwind Euler algorithm on multiply-embedded meshes50. Lixia Wing and David A. Caughey: Implicit multigrid algorithm for Euler equations on block-structured grids with discontinuous interfaces51. Michael Rudgyard: A comparison of multidimensional upwinding for cell vertex schemes on triangular meshes52. P.K. Jimack: A new approach to finite element error control for time-dependent problems53. Jaakko Hoffren and Timo Siikonen: Time-accurate calculations with an implicit Euler-Navier-Stokes solver54. N. Qin, X. Xu and B.E. Richards: SFDN-a-GMRES and SQN-a-GMRES methods for fast high resolution N-S simulations55. A.J. Peace: Towards a cell-vertex multi-grid Navier-Stokes algorithm for three-dimensional structured/unstructured meshes