On Science 10 by Tom DickinsonOn Science 10 by Tom Dickinson

On Science 10

byTom Dickinson, Lois Edwards, Nancy Flood

Hardcover | August 5, 2009

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ON Science 10 has been approved for inclusion on Ontario's Trillium list!

Written to the revised Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10, Science, Academic (SNC1D & SNC2D)

Engaging learners with what's important to them! Multi-media science resources taking full advantage of STSE issues and 21st century technologies to create meaningful science experiences that are accessible to every student in your classroom.
Title:On Science 10Format:HardcoverDimensions:11.2 × 8.6 × 1.2 inPublished:August 5, 2009Publisher:McGraw Hill School IndigeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents ON Science 10

Unit 1 Tissues, Organs, and Systems of Living Things

Chapter 1 Cells and More Cells

Chapter 1 Summary
Chapter 1 Review

Chapter 2 Plants: From Cells to Systems

Chapter 2 Summary
Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 3 Animals: From Cells to Systems

Chapter 3 Summary
Chapter 3 Review
Unit 1 Science at Work
Unit 1 Projects
Unit 1 Review

Unit 2 Chemical Reactions

Chapter 4 Developing Chemical Equations

Chapter 4 Summary
Chapter 4 Review

Chapter 5 Classifying Chemical Reactions

Chapter 5 Summary
Chapter 5 Review

Chapter 6 Acids and Bases

Chapter 6 Summary
Chapter 6 Review
Unit 2 Science at Work
Unit 2 Projects
Unit 2 Review

Unit 3 Climate Change

Chapter 7 Earth's Climate System

Chapter 7 Summary
Chapter 7 Review

Chapter 8 Dynamics of Climate Change

Chapter 8 Summary
Chapter 8 Review

Chapter 9 Addressing Climate Change

Chapter 9 Summary
Chapter 9 Review
Unit 3 Science at Work
Unit 3 Projects
Unit 3 Review

Unit 4 Light and Geometric Optics

Chapter 10 Light and Reflection

Chapter 10 Summary
Chapter 10 Review

Chapter 11 Refraction

Chapter 11 Summary
Chapter 11 Review

Chapter 12 Lenses and Lens

Chapter 12 Summary
Chapter 12 Review
Unit 4 Science at Work
Unit 4 Projects
Unit 4 Review

Guide to the Toolkits and Appendices

Science Skills Toolkits
Math Skills Toolkits
Study Toolkits
Appendix A: Chemistry References
Appendix B: Properties of Common Substances
Appendix C: Numerical Answers and Answers to Practice
Periodic Table


1-1 Did You Get the Message?
1-2 To Test or Not to Test?
1-3 Modelling Mitosis
2-1 Observing Plant Growth
2-2 Inside a Leaf
2-3 The Flow of Phloem
3-1 More Than a Covering
3-2 Tissue Sleuth
3-3 Changing Your Pulse Rate
4-1 Making a Reaction Happen
4-2 Take My Electron-Please!
4-3 Electron, Anyone?
5-1 Foiled Again!
5-2 Building Up and Breaking Down
5-3 How Active Are the Non-Metals?
5-4 "Taking Care" of Toxic Materials
6-1 Cabbage Detector
6-2 Chemical Card Games
6-3 A Universal Rainbow
6-4 Air Pollution and Ontario's Lakes
7-1 Views on Climate Change
7-2 Modelling the Effects of Volcanoes on Climate
7-3 How to Make a Climatograph
7-4 Acidity and Coral Reefs
8-1 Modelling Balance in Systems
8-2 What Heats the Atmosphere?
8-3 Graphing Changes in Carbon Dioxide
8-4 Modelling Carbon Reservoirs
9-1 Who Is Responsible for Responding to Climate Change?
9-2 Analyzing Tree Rings
9-3 Pennies from Heaven
9-4 Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk
10-1 Glowing Slime
10-2 A Reflection Obstacle Course
10-3 Reflection from the Concave Surface of a Spoon
10-4 Reflection from the Convex Surface of a Spoon
11-1 The Re-appearing Coin
11-2 Investigating Properties of Light
11-3 The Fountain of Light
11-4 Apparent Depth
12-1 The Disappearing Finger
12-2 Hocus Focus


1-A Examining Cell Structures
1-B Mitosis in Plant and Animal Cells
1-C Does the Patient Have Cancer?
2-A Transpiration in Different Plant Types
2-B Modelling Water Transport in Plants
3-A Heart Disease: Making the Public Aware
3-B Frog Dissection
3-C Who's Stubbing Out?
4-A Monitoring Paper Recycling
4-B Keep That Toothy Grin
4-C Comparing the Masses
of Reactants and Products
5-A Evidence of Chemical Change
5-B Synthesis and Decomposition Reactions
5-C Displacement Reactions
5-D Can Metals Be "Active"?
6-A What Is Your Exposure to Acids and Bases?
6-B The pH of Lakes Near Sudbury
6-C Neutralizing an Acid with a Base
7-A Specific Ceat Capacity of Earth Materials
7-B Comparing Ecoregions of Canada
7-C Comparing the Effects of Climate Change on Vegetation in Canada
8-A Recognizing the Effects of El Niño and La Niña on Southern Canada
8-B Comparing Heat Absorption of Water and Soil
8-C Modelling the Greenhouse Effect
9-A Understanding Ice-Core Data
9-B Evaluating the "Food Miles" Initiative
10-A Applying the Laws of Reflection
10-B Studying the Laws of Reflection
10-C Testing for Real and Virtual Images
11-A Investigating Refraction, from Air to Water
11-B Analyzing the Index of Refraction
11-C Saving Time
11-D Investing Total Internal Reflection Water
12-A Image Characteristics of a Converging Lens
12-B I "Speye"
12-C Make a Simple Telescope

Case Studies

Clones in the Kitchen
Eliminating Wheat Rust with Transgenic Therapy
Childhood Vaccinations: Weighing the RisksGreen Chemistry
Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future?
Update on Acid Precipitation
This Weather Is Making Me Sick!
Overheating the Ocean's Forests
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, and Upgrade
Saved by the Sun
Protecting Your Eyes from UV Radiation
Laser Eye Surgery: Shaping Vision

Making a Difference

Ted Paranjothy
Isdin Oke
Jerri Clout
Adrienne Duimering
Nikhita Singh
Simon Bild-Enkin
BJ Bodnar
P.J. Partington
Jasmeet Sidhu
Pénélope Robinson and Maude Briand-Lemay
Michael Furdyk
Kienan Marion

National Geographic Features

Visualizing Microscopes
Visualizing Acids in Nature
Visualizing El Niño and La Niña
Visualizing Bioluminescence