Organic Mental Disease by F.r. FreemonOrganic Mental Disease by F.r. Freemon

Organic Mental Disease

byF.r. Freemon

Paperback | March 21, 2012

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This book is written for the clinician who cares for adult patients with organic mental disease-with dysfunction of the brain producing mental symptoms. It should be read from cover to cover in order to get an overview of the field, if this misshapen mass of art, knowledge, tradition, and myth can be called a field. Since organic mental patients, often depressed themselves, sometimes induce depression in their physicians, I have inter­ spersed a few amusing anecdotes and outrageous analogies to raise morale. This book is not intended to be a step-by-step cookbook, but rather to discuss principles which each practitioner can adapt to his own patient population. Nor is it intended to be an encyclopedic reference work, although sufficient quotation to the medical literature should permit the interested reader to plunge to whatever depth he desires. The present editorial custom in the United States requires combined male and female pronouns. According to this fad, the previous paragraph should have ended "he or she desires" or "hel she desires. " With a few exceptions, men and women suffer organic mental disease with equal frequency and equal severity, therefore all male pronouns and adjectives used in this book are intended to be neuter. When I refer to the patient's spouse as "his wife," please imagine that half the time it reads "her husband. " The author thanks his excellent typists, Beth Gehrke and Elizabeth Jaeckle.
Title:Organic Mental DiseaseFormat:PaperbackDimensions:248 pages, 22.9 × 15.2 × 0.17 inPublished:March 21, 2012Publisher:Springer NatureLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Localization of Mental Function.- Relationships between Brain and Mind.- Cerebral Localization of Mental Function.- Ancient Times.- Phrenology.- The Bell-Magendie Law.- The Whole Brain Counterreaction.- Today.- 2. Lateralization of Psychological Function.- Motor Output.- Corticospinal Tract.- Basal Ganglia.- Cerebellum.- Motor Control.- Sensory Input.- Vision.- Hearing.- Cutaneous Sensations.- Other Senses.- Handedness.- Lesions.- Normal Subjects.- Visual Stimulation Restricted to One Field.- Bilateral Auditory Stimulation.- Electroencephalography.- The Wada Test.- Other Studies in Normal Subjects.- Surgical Separation of the Hemispheres.- Perception.- Motor Control.- Psychological Function.- Two Minds in Every Head?.- 3. The Limbic System.- The Concept of the Limbic System.- Olfaction.- Hippocampal Formation.- Hypothalamus.- Other Portions of the Limbic System.- Clinical Correlation.- Limbic Memory Disorder.- 4. Evaluation of the Patient with Organic Mental Disease.- The Art of Taking a History.- The Patient of Too Many Words.- The Patient of Too Few Words.- The Overly Agreeable Patient.- The Organic Mental Disease Patient.- Mental Status Examination.- The Hostile Patient.- Laboratory Studies.- Diagnosis.- 5. Lethargy and Coma.- Levels of Consciousness.- Initial Evaluation.- Pupils.- Eye Movements.- Caloric Examination.- Respiratory Pattern.- Search for Asymmetries.- Diagnosis.- Basic Diagnostic Strategy.- Coma with Focal Signs.- Coma without Focal Signs.- Other Coma Syndromes.- Akinetic Mutism.- Locked-in Syndrome.- Alpha Coma.- Psychogenic Unresponsiveness.- Decerebrate and Decorticate Postures.- Pathophysiology.- 6. Delirium and Organic Psychosis.- Syndrome Diagnosis.- Etiologic Diagnosis.- Delirium Tremens.- Evaluation and Treatment.- Pathophysiology.- Illustrative Cases.- 7. Amnesia.- Post Traumatic Amnesia.- Syndrome Diagnosis.- Etiologic Diagnosis.- Seizures.- Ischemia.- Drug Induced Amnesia.- Transient Global Amnesia.- Permanent Memory Loss.- Bilateral Hippocampal Infarction.- Herpes simplex encephalitis.- Korsakov's Disease.- Confabulation and Other Symptoms.- Illustrative Cases.- 8. Dementia.- Clinical Presentation.- Syndrome Diagnosis.- Etiologic Diagnosis.- Potentially Reversible Causes.- Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.- Alzheimer's Disease and Senile Dementia.- Other Identifiable Causes.- Evaluation.- Treatment.- 9. Aphasia.- Examination.- Diagnosis.- Classification.- Anterior Aphasia.- Posterior Aphasia.- Other Types of Aphasia.- Conduction Aphasia.- Alexia without Agraphia.- Gerstmann's Syndrome.- Apraxia.- Miscellaneous Aphasias.- Practical Importance.- Famous Aphasics.- 10. Dysfunction of the Minor Hemisphere.- Right Hemisphere Dysfunction.- Spatial Disorientation.- Indifference to Left Hemiplegia.- Muscial Appreciation.- Inability to Recognize Faces.- Other Symptoms.- Evaluation.- Pathophysiology.- Importance.- 11. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.- Epilepsy.- Clinical Symptomatology.- Syndrome Diagnosis.- Etiologic Diagnosis.- Violence.- Behavioral Disorder.- Treatment.- 12. Epilogue.- References.- Supplemental Bibliography.