Organic Synthesis: State of the Art 2011-2013 by Douglass F. TaberOrganic Synthesis: State of the Art 2011-2013 by Douglass F. Taber

Organic Synthesis: State of the Art 2011-2013

byDouglass F. Taber, Tristan Lambert

Hardcover | November 4, 2014

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Organic Synthesis: State of the Art 2011-2013 is a convenient, concise reference that summarizes the most important current developments in organic synthesis, from functional group transformations to complex natural product synthesis. The fifth volume in the esteemed State of the Art series,the book compiles two years' worth of Douglass Taber's popular weekly column Organic Chemistry Highlights. The series is an invaluable resource, leading chemists quickly and easily to the most significant developments in the field.The book is logically divided into two sections: the first section focuses on specific topics in organic synthesis, such as C-N Ring Construction and Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation. Each topic is presented using the most significant publications within those areas of research. The journal referencesare included in the text. The second section focuses on benchmark total syntheses, with an analysis of the strategy for each, and discussions of pivotal transformations.Synthetic organic chemistry is a complex and rapidly growing field, with additional new journals appearing almost every year. Staying abreast of recent research is a daunting undertaking. This book is an ideal tool for both practicing chemists and students, offering a rich source of information andsuggesting fruitful pathways for future investigation.
Douglass F. Taber, who currently lives in Philadelphia, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Delaware. Professor Taber published more than 200 articles in the field of organic chemistry, and authored eight chapters and several books. His research interests include the stereoselective synthesis of natural products, new methods in ...
Title:Organic Synthesis: State of the Art 2011-2013Format:HardcoverDimensions:256 pages, 9.25 × 6.12 × 0.98 inPublished:November 4, 2014Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

PrefaceOrganic Functional Group Interconversion and Protection1. Functional Group Transformations May 14, 20122. Functional Group Interconversion October 22, 20123. Functional Group Interconversion May 13, 20134. Functional Group Interconversion October 28, 20135. Reduction and Oxidation May 21, 20126. Functional Group Oxidation and Reduction November 12, 20127. Functional Group Oxidation May 20, 20138. Functional Group Reduction May 27, 20139. Functional Group Protection May 28, 201210. Functional Group Protection October 29, 201211. Functional Group Protection June 12, 201312. Functional Group Protection November 11, 2013Flow Methods13. Develop of Flow Reactions September 24, 201214. Flow Chemistry March 25, 201315. Flow Chemistry September 30, 2013C-H Functionalization16. C-H Functionalization: The Ono/Kato/Dairi Synthesis of Fusiocca-1,10(14)-diene-3,8?,16-triol March 19, 201217. C-H Functionalization September 17, 201218. C-H Functionalization: The Hatakeyama Synthesis of (-)-Kaitocephalin January 28, 201319. C-H Functionalization September 16, 201320. Natural Product Synthesis by C-H Functionalization: (n)-Allokainic Acid (Wee), (-)-Cameroonan-7?-ol (Taber), (+)-Lithospermic Acid (Yu), (-)-Manabacanine (Kroutil), Streptorubin B and Metacycloprodigiosin (Challis) January 30, 201221. Natural Product Synthesis by C-H Functionalization: (-)-Zampanolide (Ghosh), Muraymycin D2 (Ichikawa), (+)-Sundiversifolide (Iwabuchi), (+)-Przewalskin B (Zhang/Tu), Artemisinin (Wu) June 11, 2012Carbon-Carbon Bond Construction22. Carbon-Carbon Bond Construction 22. Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation: The Bergman Synthesis of (+)-Fuligocandin B March 12, 2012 23. C-C Bond Formation: The Petrov Synthesis of Combretastatin A-4 June 18, 2012 24. Carbon-Carbon Bond Construction: The Baran Synthesis of (+)-Chromazonarol March 11,2013 25. Carbon-Carbon Bond Construction July 29, 2013 26. Reactions Involving C-C Bond Cleavage September 23, 201323. C-C Bond Formation: The Petrov Synthesis of Combretastatin A-4 June 18, 201224. Carbon-Carbon Bond Construction: The Baran Synthesis of (+)-Chromazonarol March 11, 201325. Carbon-Carbon Bond Construction July 29, 201326. Reactions Involving C-C Bond Cleavage September 23, 2013Reactions of Alkenes27. Reactions of Alkenes: The RajanBabu Synthesis of Pseudopterosin G-J Aglycone Dimethyl Ether March 26, 201228. Reactions of Alkenes September 10, 201229. Reactions of Alkenes March 18, 201330. Synthesis and Reactions of Alkenes September 9, 201331. Advances in Alkene Metathesis: The Kobayashi Synthesis of (+)-TMC-151C January 23, 2012Enantioselective Construction of Acyclic Stereogenic Centers32. Enantioselective Synthesis of Alcohols and Amines: The Ichikawa Synthesis of (+)-Geranyllinaloisocyanide February 13, 201233. Enantioselective Synthesis of Alcohols and Amines: The Fujii/Ohno Synthesis of (+)-Lysergic Acid July 16, 201234. Ohno Synthesis of (+)-Lysergic Acid July 16, 2012 34.35. Construction of Single Stereocenters July 15, 201336. Enantioselective Construction of Alkylated Centers: The Shishido Synthesis of (+)-Helianane February 20, 201237. Enantioselective Synthesis of Alkylated Centers: The Fukuyama Synthesis of (-)-Histrionicotoxin July 23, 201238. Asymmetric C-C Bond Formation February 18, 201339. Arrays of Stereogenic Centers: The Davies Synthesis of Acosamine February 27, 201240. Construction of Alkylated Stereocenters: The Deng Synthesis of (-)-Isoacanthodoral July 8, 201341. Arrays of Stereogenic Centers: The Barker Synthesis of (+)-Galbelgin July 30, 201242. Arrays of Stereogenic Centers: The Carbery Synthesis of Mycestericin G February 25, 201343. Construction of Stereochemical Arrays July 22, 2013Construction of C-O Rings44. Stereoselective C-O Ring Construction: The Keck Synthesis of Bryostatin 1 January 9, 201245. C-O Ring Construction: The Georg Synthesis of Oximidine II April 9, 201246. C-O Ring Construction: The Reisman Synthesis of (-)-Acetylaranotin January 14, 201347. C-O Ring Formation April 8, 201348. C-O Ring Construction: (+)-Varitriol (Liu), (+)-Isatisine A (Panek), (+)-Herboxidiene / GEX1A (Ghosh), (-)-Englerin A (Chain), Platensimycin (Lear/Wright) January 16, 201249. C-O Natural Products: (-)-Hybridalactone (Frstner), (+)- Anthecotulide (Hodgson), (-)-Kumausallene (Tang), (n)-Communiol E (Kobayashi), (-)-Exiguolide (Scheidt), Cyanolide A (Rychnovsky) April 16, 201250. C-O Ring Containing Natural Products January 21, 201351. Total Synthesis of C-O Ring-Containing Natural Products April 15, 2013Construction of C-N Rings52. C-N Ring Construction: The Harrity Synthesis of Quinolizidine (-)-217A April 23, 201253. New Methods for C-N Ring Construction November 19, 201254. C-N Ring Construction: The Fujii/Ohno Synthesis of (-)-Quinocarcin April 22, 201355. C-N Ring Construction: The Hoye Synthesis of (n)-Leuconolactam November 18, 201356. Alkaloid Synthesis: (-)-?-Kainic Acid (Cohen), Hyacinthacine A2 (Fox), (-)-Agelastatin A (Hamada), (+)-Luciduline (Barbe), (+)-Lunarine (Fan), (-)-Runanine (Herzon) April 30, 201257. Alkaloid Synthesis: Indolizidine 207A (Shenvi), (-)-Acetylaranotin (Reisman), Flinderole A (May), Isohaouamine B (Trauner), (-)-Strychnine (MacMillan) November 26, 201258. Alkaloid Synthesis: (+)-Deoxoprosopinine (Krishna), Alkaloid (-)-205B (Micalizio), FR901483 (Huang), (+)-Ibophyllidine (Kwon), (-)-Lycoposerramine-S (Fukuyama), (n)-Crinine (Lautens) April 29, 201359. Alkaloid Synthesis: Lycoposerramine Z (Bonjoch), Esermethole (Shishido), Goniomitine (Zhu), Grandisine (Taylor), Reserpine (Jacobsen) November 25, 2013Substituted Benzene Derivatives60. Substituted Benzenes: The Reddy Synthesis of Isofregenedadiol June 25, 201261. Substituted Benzenes: The Alvarez-Manzaneda Synthesis of (-)-Akaol A October 8, 201262. Substituted Benzenes: The Subba Reddy Synthesis of 7-Desmethoxyfusarentin June 17, 201363. Substituted Benzenes: The Gu Synthesis of Rhazinal October 14, 2013Heteroaromatic Derivatives64. Heteroaromatic Construction: The Sperry Synthesis of (+)-Terreusinone July 9, 201265. Heteroaromatic Construction: The Sato Synthesis of (-)-Herbindole October 15, 201266. Advances in Heterocyclic Aromatic Construction June 24, 201367. Synthesis of Heteroaromatics October 21, 2013Organocatalyzed C-C Ring Construction68. Organocatalytic Carbocyclic Construction: The You Synthesis of (-)-Mesembrine August 20, 201269. Organocatalyzed Carbocyclic Construction: (+)-Roseophilin (Flynn) and (+)-Galbulin (Hong) December 10, 201270. Organocatalytic C-C Ring Construction: Prostaglandin F2? (Aggarwal) August 12, 201371. Organocatalyzed C-C Ring Construction: The Hayashi Synthesis of PGE1 Me Ester December 16, 2013Metal-Mediated C-C Ring Constructio72. Metal-Mediated Carbocyclic Construction: The Chen Synthesis of Ageliferin August 13, 201273. Metal-Mediated Carbocyclic Construction: The Whitby Synthesis of (+)-Mucosin December 17, 201274. Metal-Mediated C-C Ring Construction: (+)-Shiromool (Baran) August 19, 201375. Metal-Mediated Ring Construction: The Hoveyda Synthesis of (-)-Nakadomarin A December 9, 2013Intermolecular and Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reactions76. Intramolecular Diels-Alder Cycloaddition: 7-Isocyanoamphilecta-11(20),15-diene (Miyaoka), (-)-Scabronine G (Kanoh), Basiliolide B (Stoltz), Hirsutellone B (Uchiro), Echinopine A (Chen) August 27, 201277. Diels-Alder Cycloaddition: Fawcettimine (Williams), Apiosporic Acid (Helmchen), Marginatone (Abad-Somovilla), Okilactomycin (Hoye), Vinigrol (Barriault), Plakotenin (Bihlmeier/Klopper) December 24, 201278. Diels-Alder Cycloaddition: Defucogilvocarcin V (Bodwell), (+)-Carrisone (Danishefsky), (+)-Fusarisetin A (Theodorakis), 9?-Presilphiperfolan-1?-ol (Stoltz), 7-Isocyano-11(20), 14-epiamphilectadiene (Shenvi) August 26, 201379. Diels-Alder Cycloaddition: (+)-Armillarivin (Banwell), Gelsemiol (Gademann), (+)-Frullanolide (Liao), Myceliothermophin A (Uchiro), Peribysin E (Reddy), Caribenol A (Li/Yang) December 23, 2013Stereocontrolled C-C Ring Construction80. Chloranthalactone (Liu), Rumphellaone A (Kuwahara), Lactiflorin (Bach), Echinosporin (Hale), Harveynone (Taylor), (6,7-deoxy)-Yuanhuapin (Wender) December 31, 201281. Other Methods for C-C Ring Construction: The Liang Synthesis of Echinopine B December 30, 2013Classics in Total Synthesis8282. The Reisman Synthesis of (+)-Salvileucalin B January 2, 201283. The Theodorakis Synthesis of (-)-Jiadifenolide February 6, 201284. The Yamashita/Hirama Synthesis of Cortistatin A March 5, 201285. The Reisman Synthesis of (-)-Maoecrystal Z April 2, 201286. The Tan/Chen/Yang Synthesis of Schindilactone A May 7, 201287. The Garg Synthesis of (-)-N-Methylwelwitindolinone C June 4, 201288. The Krische Synthesis of Bryostatin 7 July 2, 201289. The Fukuyama Synthesis of Gelsemoxonine August 6, 201290. The Carreira Synthesis of (+)-Daphmanidin E September 3, 201291. The Qin Synthesis of (+)-Gelsemine October 1, 201292. The Carreira Synthesis of Indoxamycin B November 5, 201293. The Nicolaou/Li Synthesis of Tubingensin A December 3, 201294. The Thomson Synthesis of (-)-GB17 January 7, 201395. The Li Synthesis of (-)-Fusarisetin A February 4, 201396. The Carreira Synthesis of (-)-Dendrobine March 4, 201397. The Vanderwal Synthesis of Echinopine B April 1, 201398. The Dixon Synthesis of Manzamine A May 6, 201399. The Williams Synthesis of (-)-Khayasin June 3, 2013100. The Kuwahara Synthesis of Paspalinine July 1, 2013101. The Ma Synthesis of Gracilamine August 5, 2013102. The Carreira Synthesis of (n)-Gelsemoxonine September 2, 2013103. The Evans Synthesis of (-)-Nakadomarin A October 7, 2013104. The Procter Synthesis of (+)-Pleuromutilin November 4, 2013105. The Harran Synthesis of (+)-Roseophilin December 2, 2013