Origin of Life MC-Theory by Dr Mukesh Chauhan

Origin of Life MC-Theory

byDr Mukesh Chauhan

Kobo ebook | January 25, 2012

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MC-Theory or M-Theory (after author’s name) is a new theory which explains the missing dimensions of Origin of Life on Earth. It gives a practical reality to numerous theories by eminent scientists which are mostly mathematical calculations from Einstein to Stephen Hawking. Author’s theory helps to unite both sides of the arguments. Science and evolution are on the right track except they have not reached the target yet.
Mass less Creator verses mass is explained by way of a dot verses brain/human body. Gravity plays no part with Quantum light function. This is one of the reasons why Einstein had failed despite trying for 50 yrs to unite all the forces. Author is giving evidence of The God Particle and Higgs field before Cern Physicists can reveal finer details of their experiments author is revealing the presence of Quantum Universe which is mass less and from where unfolds mass when mass less Quantum light enters our physical earth. This light becomes caged into particles with mass made up of 5 natural elements Author's new MC-theory explains the missing dimension of Quantum light without which all the theories of Standard or String or various others are incomplete. Author's new theory helps to explain and unite the two sides of the modern dichotomy regarding evolution and scientists verses Creationists arguments.Author avers both sides need to evolve further to see higher dimensions of life to which neither has reached thus far.
Author's theory is completely new concept and knowledge regarding missing Quantum light which gives life to human beings on earth. Quantum light gives consciousness to human life. Scientists and medical profession cannot see that. Author's discovery is new and original work which will rattle the entire scientific foundation and which took 18 yrs to unfold and is worthy of multiple Noble Prize winnings. Author is revealing something which best medical and surgical brains cannot see. The very essence of human life is unknown to scientists. Author explains the different stages of human quantum light as well functions of human Quantum light.
Entire human body's functions emanate from within human quantum light. New knowledge is revealed for the physicists and medical profession for the benefit of mankind.
Human Quantum light has a code similar to HTML code for any webpage. Human Quantum light is ordinarily invisible to the naked eye. Yet with careful and deeper introspection of the human brains layers it can be seen in any live person. Onion is an excellent example to reveal the point of hidden quantum light. Human quantum light forms the hidden variable which Einstein was searching whole of his life but never found it despite 50 yrs of research. Author approached this question from the point of view of death and not life to reach thus far in his journey lasting 18 yrs. There is a structure and function to life which Science and medical profession does not know. Death ensues when Quantum light leaves human body. Quantum code dictates DNA function in our daily lives. Author avers he has made the discovery of The God Particle which CERN scientists have been searching for underground. Author had published his findings in 2010 regarding a separate Quantum Universe from where the entire human life unfolds, which entire World and Scientists in particular do not know about. Quantum Code verses DNA code? World’s best 10,000 scientists working at CERN in Europe and in America verses a single person’s search proves the triumph of silence against science’s might.

Title:Origin of Life MC-TheoryFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:January 25, 2012Publisher:Dr Mukesh ChauhanLanguage:English

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