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byDiana Gabaldon

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Claire Randall is leading a double life. She has a husband in one century, and a lover in another...

In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon—when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an "outlander"—in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of our Lord...1743.

Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand, Claire's destiny in soon inextricably intertwined with Clan MacKenzie and the forbidden Castle Leoch. She is catapulted without warning into the intrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten her life ...and shatter her heart. For here, James Fraser, a gallant young Scots warrior, shows her a passion so fierce and a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire...and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.

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Claire Randall is leading a double life. She has a husband in one century, and a lover in another...In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon—when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she i...

Diana Gabaldon is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the wildly popular Outlander novels, as well as the related Lord John Grey books, one work of nonfiction, and the Outlander graphic novel The Exile. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Format:Mass Market PaperbackPublished:October 9, 2001Publisher:Doubleday CanadaLanguage:English

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Customer Reviews of Outlander


Rated 5 out of 5 by from The one that started it all... I was lent this book by a friend and I had a hard time putting it down. It was beautifully written and engaging from the very first page. I would recommend this book, but you better not have anything pressing to do until you've finished it, as you won't want to stop reading it.
Date published: 2017-01-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander If I could give Outlander more than 5 stars I would. I have recommend this book and series over and over again with everyone loving it. The series is a bit long and either the writing is starting to slip or we've lost a bit of interest in the story, but the first couple were AMAZING and the following books were still a solid 4. This is probably one of the only recent books I have read more than once. Also, thanks to Ms. Gabaldon for the kilt fetish I have developed.
Date published: 2017-01-10
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Highland love I first happened across this book about five years ago when I was in a little bookshop in the little town that my grandmother lives in. I was desperate to find a book that would entertain me during this visit when I spotted "Outlander". At first I didn't have the highest expectations, I was a bit hesitant -- I ended up reading this book in two days and was desperate to find out what happened next. There are parts of the book that I was not particularly fond of (but, isn't that the case for most books?), and there were others that I absolutely loved. I will admit that this book made me swoon over a ginger Highlander! Gabaldon's writing style flows nicely, so you don't have to worry about constantly pausing to re-read passages (unless you really enjoyed a particular section, you may wish to read it again). She makes Scottish history come alive, and as someone who enjoys history, I thought she did a good job with making it interesting enough that even someone who may not particularly be fond of historical fiction would enjoy (thanks to the romance she has weaved throughout the story). I give this book a 4.5 / 5. #plumreview
Date published: 2017-01-08
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good fun This book is a great one to take on vacation. It's a fun read with an interesting plot and enjoyable characters. It's complex enough to hold your interest without getting too bogged down.
Date published: 2017-01-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved It!! This has to be one of the best novels I have read. The story of Jamie and all he has gone through is unbelievable. I would recommend this to everyone!
Date published: 2017-01-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fell in love What a beautiful novel and series.. Once you read this, your going to be hooked on the rest. You will fall in love and be dreaming of the characters and Scotland forever. Could re-read without ever being sick of the story lines.
Date published: 2017-01-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from I loved this Did you just see the cover of this book! Seriously, when people say "never judge a book by its cover", well, for outlander, the story is as beautiful as its cover! A must! <3
Date published: 2016-12-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A wonderful story, brought to life by Gabaldon's literary prowess I was recommended this book years ago by a coworker and it's continued to be one of my favourite historical fiction series. Although the beginning is a bit slow, it's important to the overall story, which, when it gets going, can be intense. Gabaldon's writing makes you feel like you're Claire, as if you're right there with her, seeing and feeling the things she's describing, in 18th century Scotland.
Date published: 2016-12-27
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Great in parts, "too much" in others This book is a very interesting mix to me, and makes it difficult to rate. It can be a compelling read in parts. The time travel is great, as is reading about Claire's beginning friendship with Jamie, and Claire's many narrow escapes. During these parts, the book was so riveting I could not put it down. The bad? The Harlequin-ish romantic scenes that would go on and on for pages at a time. Just too much. During those I would leave the book for days, sometimes a week at a time. This book seems like it isn't quite sure what it wants to be - fantasy, historical fiction, romance, etc. In later books the writing is a little 'tighter', this one you can definitely tell is her first book. Despite this, I would still recommend the book, especially if you like the TV series and if you want to continue to read the series.
Date published: 2016-12-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Always a great read! I've read this book more times than I care to admit but it just keeps getting better and better. One of my all time favourites.
Date published: 2016-12-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from LOVED IT !!!!!!!! This is one book/series you will be blown away with. Yes, its a thick book but its about a journey that is breathtaking, very well written and you fall in love with the characters. Don't watch the series till you read the books
Date published: 2016-12-19
Rated 4 out of 5 by from I loved this! This was a really good book, however the only thing I did not enjoy about it was the length of it. I felt that it was too long and hard to get into at times. Overall, I really enjoyed it.
Date published: 2016-12-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing storytelling! This is my favourite novel of all time.
Date published: 2016-12-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love it The beginning of a terrific series. I loved it.
Date published: 2016-12-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Be prepared to love this book This book is well written. It makes you feel like you are part of the story. It is a thick book which can be a little intimidating if you are not familiar with this genre, but the story flows so easily it is hard to put down. As always, the book is better than the television show, so if you have watched it on tv, definitely read the book!
Date published: 2016-12-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love More than anything Outlander is about love without being a sappy romance. Claire loves her husband but after she is transported through the stones, she finds loves 200 years earlier with another man. I have recommended this book over and over again, given it as gifts and reread the first in the series so many times I needed a new copy. Lots of action and adventure as well
Date published: 2016-12-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Favourite series I first read this book around 20 years ago. I've made a point of rereading the whole series whenever there's a new book and sometimes in between. No small undertaking :) The different characters were just as thoroughly loved and hated with layers to the story I've discovered in each read. Romance, Adventure, History! A true epic.
Date published: 2016-11-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved I found this book very hard to put down. Great love story from start to finish #plumreview
Date published: 2016-11-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from looking for my circle of stones Diana Gabaldon has raised the bar for all other authors of historical fiction.
Date published: 2016-11-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A classic One of my favorite books of all time. I was hesitant to read it at first, thinking it was a glorified Harlequin romance. I was so wrong! Diana has created a well researched, historically accurate, spellbinding love story. It makes you feel as though YOU have stepped through the stones into the 1700's, and I fell in love right along with Claire.
Date published: 2016-11-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love this! Took a while to get into the story, but once it did it was incredible. I finished 7 of the books in 4 months - could not put them down! She is an excellent writer.
Date published: 2016-11-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Oh Lord!! This book was...AMAZING!! I could not put it down. There's a magic that keeps you stuck to the pages. I finished this book in two days. I was glued to it. It is so amazing. I am currently on the second booka nd plan to read them all!!
Date published: 2016-11-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved the love story I found this book very hard to put down. Great love story from start to finish #plumreview
Date published: 2016-11-12
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not worth the hype Save yourself some time and watch the TV show instead. This book had moments of beauty, but overall it was a hot mess and very poorly written.
Date published: 2016-11-11
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Tilted Kilts Picked this up after a few recomendations. It's pretty hefty and I wasn't completely sold on the whole 'travels back through time' thing. I also did not think I would like historical fiction, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's intriguing, theres twists and turns. I'm now a fan of men in kilts? Claire was a really strong character for me in the beginning, but that opinion began to wane towards the end for me. The show was great, but I always think that the book is better. I'm definitely going to pick up the second book. And if nothing else, I'll finish watching the show.
Date published: 2016-11-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved this book! Picked it up after watching the first season of the show; book so much better!
Date published: 2016-11-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from The Outlander This is the book that made me a Gabaldon fan! This book hooked me and I can't stop reading her series. I am anxiously awaiting her next novel. I love her rich descriptions and how she makes the "hard to believe" believable.
Date published: 2016-11-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Couldn't put it down! I really enjoyed reading Outlander. The characters and story are interesting and very likeable. I just couldn't put thus book down. I ended up reading all the books in the series in a matter of months and have already watched the show!
Date published: 2016-11-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Book Read this book a while ago. Great writing. Very hard to put down.
Date published: 2016-03-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from To think it started as a practice book! One of my favourite books of all time. Can't even put into words how much I loved this book (love the entire series).Thank you, Diana Gabladon, for the gift of Outlander. You have ruined all other authors for me.
Date published: 2016-01-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from AMAZING READ!!! Loved it!!
Date published: 2015-10-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from OUTSTANDING, My favourite book of all time! Time travel...love...suspense...this book has it all. The characters are so believable and engaging. I have read this volume multiple times.
Date published: 2015-10-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Highly recommend Love this book. Well written with romance, suspense, action, and comedy. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. Enjoyable for both women and men.
Date published: 2015-07-19
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Loved it A well constructed story, full of landscape descriptions and a delicate touch of history. Kept m reading until the last page.
Date published: 2015-06-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander I could not put it down. Beautifully written, romance interspersed with history - colorfully descriptive! Excited about the other stories in the series. Thank you for this beautiful tale - well done!
Date published: 2015-06-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outstanding I read Outlander years ago and my interest was renewed with the TV series. It was a great read - again - after so many year and many times hard to put down. I don't usually read a longish novel like this so quickly but it was no problem with Outlander. Great storyline, wonderful characters and horrific ones as well. I gave this 4.5 stars because the story is so captivating I couldn't put it down - no dull spots. I am now into Dragonfly.
Date published: 2015-06-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander Loved the entire story. Could not put it down. Jamie is the ideal of a perfect man and husband. Best book I have read in 20 years.
Date published: 2015-06-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from This should be a Classic!! I didn't discover Diana Gabaldon until one year ago, when friends were raving about the release of the 8th book in her Outlander series (Written in my Own Heart's Blood). With so many women loving the stories, I decided it to give it a try. I have never been a fan of historical romantic fiction, but this book swept me off my feet! Her writing style and character development are second to none! I have since gone on to read all the books in her series as well as the Lord John series. Then, I bought Outlander for my mom and mother in law to try and am almost done re-reading it. It is a beautiful escape. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Date published: 2015-06-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Oh em gee This book was incredible. The writing is simple enough that anyone can read it but smart enough that I had to look up a couple words. The story is compelling and very sexy. A must read for any woman who likes good stories.
Date published: 2015-04-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from outlander Most amazing story writer She is incredible Have read this book twice Nwver gets old Incredible storyline Wasnt sure If I wanted jamie for father.or lover Lol
Date published: 2015-04-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great read I recently asked a friend what she'd read on her vacation and she said an outlander book. I looked at the preview for the first book and thought I might enjoy it. It started off a little slow but within a few chapters I was hooked. At no time did I put it aside and say "really" at no point did I believe this was impossible. The historical facts seemed accurate, and the book kept me riveted. I could hardly put it down. I am reading the second one now. It's a really good read, I'd recommend it to anyone who has an interest in historical adventure and romance books.
Date published: 2015-04-04
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Great story This series starts out great. First book is fantastic, second is good, third not bad but by the time the fourth book comes out it just turns into a long romance novel.
Date published: 2015-03-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Absolutely LOVED it !!!! I can't believe I am just discovering this series now ! I am addicted and just love the Jamie and Claire characters ! I'm gonna be sad when I get to the end of the series but I can honestly say it won't be only once I'll be ready them ;-)
Date published: 2015-03-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Favorite book of all time! I absolutely loved this book! I couldn't put it down & also couldn't get the next one fast enough. I love the whole series!!!
Date published: 2015-01-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Book A very well written, exciting and interesting book! A must read. Although it takes a little getting used to the language.
Date published: 2014-12-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from AN EPIC HISTORICAL TIME TRAVELING ROMANTIC SAGA Historical features such as medicines, handling the simplest daily functions regarding personal hygiene, attitudes and superstitions, clothing, so many features and a great story draw readers right into the pages to feel they are actually feeling what each person does and for me, Jamie and Claire are as real as my next door neighbor. It makes me want to rip through the fabric of time and be there just as Claire did.
Date published: 2014-12-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from this story has so much to give This is an imaginative and unforgettable and imaginative novel brought to life through Gabaldon’s phenomenal storytelling. The tone of the writing changed throughout to highlight the action or events of the current section of the book. Gabaldon’s eloquent and very vivid descriptions paint this world in stark clarity before your eyes. I couldn’t help but picture it all. This novel is fantastically well written. Gabaldon engaged my heart and my mind throughout. Gabaldon creates some charmingly realistic characters that pull you back in time. Getting to know the well-developed cast was a real treat. The main characters were simply unforgettable. Gabaldon develops them individually and together in a gradual yet in depth manner, allowing you to get to know them as well as your best friends. Being immersed in their lives, in situations so far from my own yet so realistic, was a fantastic escape from reality. The enchanting narrator brings this story to life. She kept me entranced throughout. The variety of different character accents made everyone not only stand out but also come to life in a very vivid and realistic manner. I will admit, that I was quite worried about listening to the audio version considering the length of the story, but this narrator definitely held me captive. This novel is the perfect match of author creativity & a narrator that can do it justice. I was captivated for the full 32hrs of play time. This is a brilliant story that I’d recommend to absolutely everyone. I will definitely be re-reading it many times over, both in print & audio format, and reading much more by this author.
Date published: 2014-12-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love this book! I never would have chosen this book on my own, but I am sure glad it was chosen for me! I have already purchased the rest of the series!! Can't wait to see what happens!!
Date published: 2014-11-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander Amazing story! I love it! Just started and cannot put it down! We watched the TV series, and have to say the casting is spot on! The voice of Claire is clear and even though I know the story it is wonderful to fill in the details?
Date published: 2014-11-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander Love, love, love this & it's only just beginning!
Date published: 2014-11-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved it What can I say that hasn't been said time and again about this wonderful book and series...I watched the TV series first then HAD to read the book ! Then I watched the first season again. .love how they matched the characters so well on the series as described in the book! The series is almost word for word so hopefully the remaining episodes for season 1 will remain true the same ...If so I can't wait for April 2015 to see the second half of Outlander come alive !!!
Date published: 2014-11-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander Rereading Outlander confirmed to me once again that it is my most favourite book of all time!
Date published: 2014-10-28
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander Excellent book, it covers everything iam ready for part two
Date published: 2014-10-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Oh Jamie ... For moons people have recommended this book to me, all the while sighing "oh Jamie...". I was hesitant to get into another series of 1000+ page books, and wasn't sure about the whole time-travel/historical fiction/romance novel concept. I'm so glad I finally listened and read this amazing novel! The beginning was a bit dull and hard to get into, but once Claire travelled through time, and we met our hero Jamie, I couldn't wait to find pockets of time read a page or 10 to see where things would go. By the time I got to the last 25% of the book, I literally could not put it down. "Oh Jamie" is right. He is the original Edward Cullen, and a superior, and epic hero for the ages. Claire is a strong leading lady, with progressive attitudes for the 1920s, nevermind her time-travelled 1700s. With characters like these, I'm looking forward to the balance of the series. Cannot recommend this book enough!
Date published: 2013-01-09
Rated 3 out of 5 by from 3.5 stars, I almost loved it Outlander by Diana Gabaldon was a really good book and I have had it on my to be read list for a while now and I have had people recommend this book to me right, left and center. I thought the story was good but was slow in a lot of parts and I liked the characters but they got on my nerves sometimes and overall I think I would have loved this book and would have thought it was amazing if it was cut in half. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind big books and I like the monster reads like everyone but those books for me needs to be consistantly good and this one wasn't for me, I just felt that even though the info that was in the book made sense it wasn't really needed and it dragged the book a bit. Overall I did enjoy the book and I can see why people always say to read these books and I will read the next in the series but I was expecting a bit more. :0)
Date published: 2012-03-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic historical/time travel romance! Now I know what all the fuss is about! In the beginning of the story, Claire has been reunited with her husband, Frank, in Scotland. For much of their eight-year marriage, they have been separated due to World War II. Claire, a WWII nurse, is picking flowers at a place called Craigh na Dun, where the stones have been arranged in a circle atop a hill. As she leans down, she hears a buzzing noise coming from between two of the rocks. Claire has somehow come upon a portal and travels two centuries back in time. At first, Claire has no idea what has happened and believes she has stumbled onto a movie set. Naturally, she is dumb-founded when she finally realizes what has happened. Her nursing skills come in handy, as she is more educated about modern medicines and treatment than even the doctors in that age! Claire treats a young man named James “Jamie” Fraser, who is an injured warrior. She rides with him back to Castle Leoch, which is owned by the Mackenzie Clan. They are very suspicious of her and think that she is a spy. Her knowledge of medicine is her saving grace, and she stays on at the Castle to treat the locals. She takes over the room occupied by the previous doctor and sorts through his cache of remedies. She discards much of the useless folk remedies but finds some herbal medicines to be of value. All the while, she can only think about how to get back to Craigh na Dun so that she can return to Frank. One of the head of the Mackenzie Clan, Dougall, takes Claire to Captain John Randall (who, coincidentally, is an ancestor of husband, Frank!) so that she can be questioned. It does not go so well, and Claire is ordered to be brought back for further interrogation. The only way to avoid the clutches of Captain Randall again is for Claire to be wedded to a Scotsman. The lucky lady is wed to hunky Jamie Fraser. She eventually develops true feelings for Jamie (who wouldn’t?), and she is torn between staying with Jamie in the 18th century or trying to return to Frank in the 20th century. Her education and skills can be put to good use in this new life of hers, and she feels needed and that she can do a lot of good here. We should all be so adaptable! Claire actually finds that she enjoys this simpler lifestyle and that her work is rewarding. And with yummy Jamie to keep her bed warm, what more could a woman want? With all the hype about Jamie, I had expected the scenes to be hotter. They are a little tamer than what I am used to from the likes of J.R. Ward and Christine Feehan, but Gabaldon’s scenes are more romantic: Jamie to Claire: "Does it ever stop? The wanting you?" "Even when I've just left ye. I want you so much my chest feels tight and my fingers ache with wanting to touch ye again." Jamie to Claire: "And I mean to hear ye groan like that again. And to moan and sob, even though you dinna wish to, for ye canna help it. I mean to make you sigh as though your heart would break, and scream with the wanting, and at last to cry out in my arms, and I shall know that I've served ye well." Jamie to Claire: "Oh, aye, Sassenach. I am your master . . . and you're mine. Seems I canna possess your soul without losing my own." Jamie to Claire: “Ye are blood of my blood and bone of my bone I give you my body that we two might be one I give you my spirit till your life shall be done.” Ahhhhhhhhh, Jamie! What woman wouldn’t want to stay with him? He is quite possibly the most romantic hero that I've ever read! What I loved most about Claire is that she did remain torn between her two lives right up until the end. She clearly is in love with two men, and it eats away at her even though she falls quickly and madly for Jamie. I loved Gabaldon’s scene of Claire’s confession at The Abbey. It was heart‑wrenching to watch Claire grapple with her emotions as she ponders the moral aspects of her dilemma and also for Jamie to come to terms with what has happened to him. It did bother me a bit that Claire could so quickly appear to move on with her life so, for me, this was a much-needed time of reflection. I thought that Gabaldon ended this segment of the tale on the right note! At this point in my life with young children, I would never be able to find the time to sit down and read this lengthy tome. It is for this reason that I am so thrilled that audiobooks exist! At nearly 33 hours, I was a little reluctant to start this audiobook because I worried that it would not hold my interest for the duration. Boy, was I wrong! Narrator Davina Porter is truly remarkable! Her voice is so rich with emotion. I loved her Scottish brogue, and she is quite convincing in her portrayal of Jamie and the other Scots. Even if you have read Outlander, I recommend listening to the audiobook. You will be captivated by Porter’s performance! I was hooked from beginning to end, and I can’t wait to dive into the next in the series, Dragonfly in Amber.
Date published: 2012-03-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wonderful!! ***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*** I bought this book a while ago only because I was addicted to series books – theTwilight series and the House of Night series were at the top of my list. When I got the books in the mail – I ordered the first 2 – I felt a little taken aback … 850 pages for the first book? Wow. Not that I don’t like a good read, but the print was tiny and the book was big. So onto the shelf it went. After months of sitting on the bookshelf, I finally pulled it down and took an hours worth of time to really get into it. I was immediately hooked! I know, I know … there’s rape, murder, sex, a beating, etc. But I didn’t feel put off at all by any of this. Yes, when Jamie is getting “tortured” in the prison, I felt a little grossed out by it, but you know what? It’s a book. Also, with the sex scenes, I didn’t find them to be that bad. Sure they’re no Harlequin novel, but I’ve read worse. Way worse. Case in point, I felt like I had been violated after reading the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Enough so that I just can’t talk myself into reading the other 6 books in the box-set (this was a bad choice for the “series” books I was going for, but I digress.). Yes, Claire gets beaten, but that’s what happened in that time. And they talked about it afterwards and clarified that that was NOT going to happen again. I wouldn’t say that it was totally let go. As for Claire going back in time and falling in love with Jamie, well, it happens. And it wasn’t just justified by Frank not being born yet. Claire probably could have tried to go back anytime, but she felt like she belonged in that period and was actually helping people, feeling needed. She had been away from Frank for so long, what with the war going on, and I think that people can drift apart in that amount of time (what was it, 6 years?). And the fact that she had to have sex with Jamie on their wedding night, well I think that’s what had to be done in that time period. In the end, I couldn’t tear myself away from this book. 850 pages or not, Outlanderwas a fantastic read, even if I had to read some of the Scottish speaking outloud to understand what was being said. Gabaldon is a great writer and really knows how to draw the reader in with a story. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series!
Date published: 2012-01-13
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Page Turner I picked up this book after a random woman in chapters saw me looking at it and told me it was one of her favourite books of all time. I enjoyed it and it was certainly a page turner, but it would not be in my top 10. Regardless, it's definitely worth a read.
Date published: 2012-01-08
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Ms Garabaldon's summary! In 1946, after WWII, a young Englishwoman named Claire Beauchamp Randall goes to the Scottish Highlands with her husband, Frank. She’s an ex-combat nurse, he’s been in the army as well, they’ve been separated for the last six years, and this is a second honeymoon; they’re getting re-acquainted with each other, thinking of starting a family. But one day Claire goes out walking by herself, and comes across a circle of standing stones–such circles are in fact common all over northern Britain. She walks through a cleft stone in the circle….and disappears. Back into 1743, where the first person she meets is a gentleman in an 18th-century army officer’s uniform.
Date published: 2011-11-28
Rated 5 out of 5 by from epic historical romance and adventure I dare say the word "epic" is actually warranted. I highly recommend this series (at least the first few installments) if you're looking for good old fashioned entertainment (which in my books means high stakes, a sexy, tortured hero, and a brave, clever heroine). The passionate love affair of Claire and Jamie is one of my favorite literary romances, and a few of my girlfriends have confessed the same. When Claire is first stranded back in time, I was rooting for her to find a way home. But soon I couldn't imagine anything worse for her than to be separated from this dangerous young highlander and his brutal world. The writing is impressively rich in historical detail, but still quite easy to navigate, perhaps because we are seeing through Claire's twentieth century eyes. Some of the more graphic descriptions are jarring, but I think this more effectively conveys the harsh reality of their time and place - we see what has made Jamie who he is and what he and Claire will have to endure to stay together and to survive.
Date published: 2011-10-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outrageous Good Love history....perilous adventures....romance....this book is for you! I have thoroughly enjoyed this read and only getting started in the series. Although, if this was the only book you read, you would not feel that you missed out on the series. Or at least, that's how I feel and I have only just finished it. The story begins in the historical era of post-world war which draws you into a moment in time...and the writer is able to begin a story which is only, literally, the tip of an iceberg and goes back farther than you can imagine. This book has so many elements that make it appealing. Fantastic characters (nasty, evil villains, empowered hero's, independant and strong heroine) that are put together in one part science fiction mixed with history and romance. Not much more you can grasp at in a story and successfully tie it together as this author has. Highly recommended!
Date published: 2011-08-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from My Favourite Book! I think I first found this book while wandering a bookstore in 1999 or 2000. I loved it almost immediately! I couldn't put it down. It has the perfect combination of history, fantasy, drama and romance! The characters are vibrant and exceptional. I have read this book over and over ... and over and over.... along with all the ones that follow in this series. In fact, I love the series so much that after loaning the first set (which I didn't get back), I went out and bought the entire set again. I do NOT lend these books anymore! I do, however, recommend them to anyone who loves historical fiction with a touch of fantasy and romance. If you haven't read it yet, buy it and read it. You will be glad you did. At present, I'm still "patiently" waiting for the next installment in the series. If I could give this book MORE than 5 stars, I would! It is a truly great read!
Date published: 2011-08-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Hooked Hooked is the only work my daughter and I can say about this book. I hope that the authour can keep the others as well discovered. Not going to read reviews on 3rd book yet.
Date published: 2010-09-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love it, and the entire series. The only reason I got this book is because as I was prowling the book aisle in Costco, I came across this young woman standing in the aisle, caressing this book! Yes, standing there, in public, in an open public display of affection, CARESSING the book. Well, as you may imagine, I felt compelled to ask her what exactly her thoughts were regarding this little unassuming paperback titled "Outlander". As if she was awakening from a trance, with some effort she pulled her attention away from the book to answer me. Her explanation about the storyline was matter of fact. To me, it seemed unremarkable. In fact, I did not purchase the book from the storyline at all. It was her body language that influenced my decision (isn't it always body language in the end?) We spoke for a while about the series, standing in the aisle, as if we were old friends. She said "Trust me, you'll love the series". I believed her words, but it was her unconscious actions that compelled me to buy the book, and everyone in the series after it. Now, I only hope I can avoid caressing this book in public, just as my unknown friend did, if I happen to come across it in my travels...
Date published: 2010-09-24
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Disappointed This book arrived and it was hardcover but the size of a paperback....I could have gotten a soft cover for much less
Date published: 2010-09-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from OMG! I'm hooked! Diana Gabaldon has created the most memorable characters I have ever read. Jamie and Claire are like old friends by the end of the book. They make you laugh, they make you cry, it was all I could possibly ask for in a good read. As soon as I read Outlander, I went to the bookstore and bought the rest of the series. It wasn't the 'norm' that I would read but was the best by far! I would give this book more than five stars if I could.
Date published: 2010-08-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from a terrific book i enjoyed reading the book again. this is a type of book that you can't put down and you can reread this book many times.
Date published: 2010-07-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander is Outstanding! Claire is just a regular women getting back to her life and husband after WW2 (1945). They are in the Scottish highlands for a renewal of their marriage, when Clare takes unplanned trip back to Scotland 1743. Quickly a local Scottish clan who think she is an English spy, takes her in. However, the English think that she is a Scottish spy and are trying to get her back. During this time she must learn to adapt. Claire is a very modern woman in a very different time. To survive and prove that she is no threat to anyone, and she must take on a husband, and young man named Jamie. Jamie is a great fighter with a price on his head. Both are trying to make it through daily life, and Claire is just trying to back to hers. Unsure if it is even possible to get back to 1945, Claire is determined to find out. This book was outstanding. I was hesitant at first, but quickly swept up and away with the storey. It is a long book, but never slow. This was a book that truly took you away to another place and time. I wanted Claire to be happy, and I fell in love with Jamie. Through the whole book I keep wondering how could this possibly work out for them both! I found my thoughts would drift back to Claire and Jamie throughout my day, and I made as much time as I could to get back to them.
Date published: 2009-12-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic I thought this book was brilliant. Looking forward to reading the remaining books in the series.
Date published: 2009-10-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Really Great! This book was a really interesting read. Transported from 1945 to 1743 Scotland, what could get better than that? The characters were great, I have fallen in love with Jamie, and I'm excited to get my hands on the next book. It took me 6 weeks to read (850 pages) but I wish I had more energy after work to sit and read. Hopefully I can with Dragon Fly in Amber.
Date published: 2009-09-25
Rated 4 out of 5 by from A review of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Outlander By Diana Gabaldon ISBN: 0-7704-2879-7 Seal Books, 1991 850 pages Mass market paperback Historical adventure/Romance It’s 1945, and the war is over. Field nurse Claire Randall is holidaying in the Scottish Highlands while reconnecting with her scholarly husband, Frank. She’s an amateur botanist, and as Claire is searching for a particular flower alongside an ancient stone circle, she stumbles upon a gateway to the past. Ripped from her own time, the bewildered English woman is mistaken for a Sassenach, or Outlander, by a raiding border clan. Now it’s 1743. And Claire is not only in danger of losing her life–she may also lose her heart. Jamie Fraser is a dashing warrior who shows her a love so absolute that Claire becomes torn between fidelity to Frank and her desire for the gallant young Scot. Two loves, two different times. Who and when will Claire choose? Outlander was recommended to me by a good friend. As it is an 850 page romance, the book is not one I would otherwise have read. But there’s a reason Diana Gabaldon’s 1991 historical romance is still kept in stock at bookstores like Chapters and Amazon: Outlander is much more than a romance. This novel is a time travel, historical adventure so full of sizzling romance and interesting characters it’s almost impossible to put down. The book has been criticized for its length (repetitive and some scenes aren’t necessary) and for its sex scenes (erotic rather than traditional romance). My own dislike is that Gabaldon’s writing is more formal than one would expect from a mainstream or genre novel; her style is almost literary. Such criticisms aside, Outlander provides tremendous entertainment for your money, and the romance between Jamie and Claire is one I’ll never forget. In fact, I can’t remember reading any other book where I wanted to be two characters at the same time. Gabaldon drew me so deeply into her fictional world I put aside my reviewer’s hat and gave her a couple of days of my life (and there’s the justification for both the detail in and the length of the story). Well done! There are six books in the Outlander series, with a seventh coming out September 22, 2009. I’m looking forward to reading them all. Copyright © Clayton Clifford Bye 2009
Date published: 2009-08-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from loved it To say that I loved this series, 6 books in all is an understatement. It made me cry, laught and throw the book at the wall ones.(and I have a very high respect for books!) A must read.
Date published: 2009-07-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best historical romance ever written gotta read it and then gotta read the rest.
Date published: 2009-07-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from I am aplogizing for my previous review. I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I had written a review a while ago on this book. My sister had given the book to me and insisted that it was the best book ever, along with her sister in law who readily agreed! Well I tried and tried to read it and couldn't get through it. Left with defeat, I just put it down and complained that it was rubbish. Well my sister suggested I get the book on CD. I got the book on CD and settled down in my car and listened to what I thought would again be rubbish. OH MY GOD! I LOVED IT! I loved it so much, it was passion, excitement, history, chaos, I thought that Jamie was a prince, an angel, and that Claire was beautiful, careing and just that the both of them were indeed kindered spirits. What a wonderful book, I am going to get the second one and I heard there is a movie about it coming out and let me tell you I will be in the theatre for sure. I apologize Diana, your book was and is amazing.
Date published: 2009-06-01
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Addictive Series Wow. Up until about page 400, I kept thinking that people were wrong in telling me these books were addictive. By the end of it I was already making plans to hit the library and get the next in the series. Diana Gabaldon has made some great characters, and it doesn't help that my own man is red haired and blue eyed like a certain Jamie Fraser. :)
Date published: 2009-05-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Highly Recommend The Series "Outlander" is the first book of a series. All the books in the series are enjoyable, hard to put down. The characters are fascinating. The storylines believable and very well written. You will barely finish the first book and be rushing out to find the next book. Warning! They books are addictive.
Date published: 2009-03-28
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Sexy Scottish Romance! I am not usually someone that picks up historical romance but this suprised me. The characters are engaging and likable, the story is interesting and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Though It is in the fiction section of Chapters, there are quite a few racy moments that one does not usually find in regular fiction. Again I say, SEXY Scottish romance ! :)
Date published: 2009-01-13
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Good, griping but a bit disturbing I enjoyed the book overall. I did enjoy the love story between Claire and Jamie, they are flawed people and their story wasn't set out to be a fairytale kind of love, there was a lot of ups and downs throughout their relationship, but that is reality and that's what I liked about it. Diana G. didn't bore me with too many historical facts, just enough to give me an idea of what was happening in that time but she didn't go overboard. WARNING, this book does entail some very disturbing, graphic, scenes of rape, torture, sadism and violence, which I was not expecting and frankly did not enjoy reading about over and over again. I thought I handled it all pretty well until the last 200 pages of the book when Diana G. created an event so horrific to the main character Jamie, that I was left completely disturbed and disgusted!! Frankly I thought it was completely unnecessary that she would create such an event for this character and expect us to believe that he could get over it so easily. Honestly it was so disturbing that I wasn't sure if I could or wanted to read the rest of these series. I'm torn because I rather enjoyed the book up until the last 200 pages and I do want to continue to read what happens to these two characters. I think I will read the next series but I'm really hoping it's not filled with more meaningless and unnecessary, disturbing violence,. Happy Reading :)
Date published: 2008-11-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Diana Gabaldon outlander series Diana Gabaldon surprised me into reading everything she has written. It all started with this book. She took me on a journey that no other writer had done in my thirty year "reading carreer". She surprised me by the accuracy and depth of research she did before introducing these characters into their surroundings. They ebb and flow as if they were there, in fact, not just imaginary. I began to believe in them, love them, hope for them, and I missed them while I was working (therefore not reading). Read them all.
Date published: 2008-10-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved it What a great book and great series. My poor husband didn't see me for entire summer because I could not put these books down. I have already recommended these books to several of my friends, who love them as well.
Date published: 2008-07-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best of all time This series is hands down the BEST I have EVER read. Travel back in time with Claire Randall, through the standing stones as she is taken back 200 years by forces she cannot understand, to meet Jamie Fraser and other Scottish clansmen in an adventure that surpasses any others. If you like historical fiction, romance and action even a little bit, I recommend this with my entire heart. This has been my staff pick for 3 years. From Outlander to A Breath of Snow and Ashes, the story Gabaldon weaves is one that makes me cry, laugh and get shivers up my spine, even after reading them for many, many years. These are books you can enjoy over and over. This IS a series you MUST read in order! Amazing detail, facts, and a love story that will leave you breathless...
Date published: 2008-06-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Never before has red hair been sexier. The best historical fiction series ever written, hands down.
Date published: 2008-05-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander 850 pages of action, heartache, good sex and really getting to know the characters. DG has done a splendid job in taking the reader back to 1743 Scotland and describing what life was like back then; not exactly a honeymoon for women.
Date published: 2008-05-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Gripping series The Outlander series is one that grabbed me right from the start. This story is so compelling that it is hard to put down, and the characters draw you right into their complicated lives.
Date published: 2008-04-08
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Filled with Romance and Passion Also known as “Cross Stitch” to the UK market The year is 1945, Claire Randall a WW11 combat nurse is reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon. On a solitary walk she innocently touches a boulder and finds herself transported back in time to the middle of a violent skirmish in the year 1743. Claire is befriended by a group of Scottish outlaws who are suspicious of her dress and speech; they assume she is a British spy. She gains their trust when she takes care of their wounded and saves the life of some of their comrades. The Scots decide in order to protect her from the other clans she must marry James Fraser, although not thrilled, she eventually marries him. James shows her a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between two vastly different men in two vastly different worlds. This is a novel with a lot of twists taking us deep into the highlands during a time when Scotland was at war with the British and dealing with raiding border clans. The story is filled with romance and passion told with a touch of humor. The author tackles the themes of violence and of sexual nature tastefully and in a realistic way. The characters Claire and James are definitely likable and the villain Jonathan Randall is very well described as ruthless and a masochistic scoundrel. Although Outlander is a historical fiction I would categorize it better as a book of romance with an overabundance of graphic sex. I found this novel way too long and I struggled to finish the last 200 pages. At this point I am uncertain if I will continue with the series.
Date published: 2008-03-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Phenomenal storytelling The first installation in a fantastic series, Outlander tells the story of Claire, an Englishwoman on vacation with her husband in post-WWII Scotland, who steps through standing stones and travels back in time to the 1740s. She immediately gets caught up in the politics and violence of Clan MacKenzie and their British nemeses as well as the smoldering Jacobite sentiments that are now beginning to catch fire. There is also plenty of passion and romance as love blossoms between Claire and Jamie, a handsome young Scot. The author's attention to historical detail is impressive and Claire is a spunky protagonist who will not leave you disappointed as you follow her on her adventures. There is something for everyone - action, intrigue, romance, humor, lush descriptions, and the mystery of time travel. Outlander is a definite must-read!
Date published: 2008-02-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing Book I am an avid reader and collector of novels. I first read this novel in the early 1990's and have read it at least a dozen or more times since then. I loved the character build up. Diana Gabaldon made, not just the main characters of Jamie and Claire come alive, but the time to which Claire travelled through the stones as well. The graphic scenes between Jamie and Jonathan Randall were horrifying as the scenes between Jamie and Claire were heartfelt.
Date published: 2008-02-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Pain. Pain. Fights. Wounds. Pain. First, I am drawn to laughing because I never thought I'd ever get to finally read this book. In the end, I read it in French and I'm grumbling because I still hate reading translations. But, I laugh. Let me see, I read, in order, first Fiery Cross, then Drums of Autumn, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, and now Outlander. I am totally absurd, and yes I know it. Hey, I get my hands on whatever's available at the time ;) Anyway, the book is completely compelling. Having read many Scottish and Irish historicals (either in French or English), Outlander, the series, is still very dear to my heart because it is what had me discover my love/hunger for Scottish historicals. And Outlander, the novel, stands near the top of my list now. The love, the lost hope, the fear, the violence, they were obviously ever-present during the Jacobite Rebellions. But Gabaldon, thankfully, does not tone it down, and it is neither as toned-down as many authors write it. Jamie, the eightteenth century "pigheaded Scot", is forced to live with pain and reminders of pain every moment in this novel. It is honestly disheartening, but as a reader one is absolutely sympathetic to him and continues to cheer him on: "Keep going... Keep your eyes open. Live."
Date published: 2008-01-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from I loved this book a beautifuly told story of love over 200 years. Claire and Jamie are an amazing couple and i can't what to read the next book. It take you on a history quest throught scotland. The discription and detail that Diana Gabaldon put in is just right to go with the story.
Date published: 2008-01-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from An outstanding read A riveting adverturous journey. I selfishly put aside all to get time to read the whole series. I'm impatiently awaiting the next journey with Claire and Jamie... Diana is simply an outstanding read!
Date published: 2008-01-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic Series I've just completed reading the entire series since receiving it from my sister for christmas. Obviously I don't have a TV! The books are very thick but I couldn't put them down. The main premise sounds so ridiculous but the author manages to make time travel seem plausible. She's obviously done a great deal of research as there is as much entertainment as there is a history lesson. I enjoyed reading this series for the same reason that my favourite author is Jean Auhl (Susan Harrison and Ruth Beebe Hill are up there too) I have coined this type of work as Socialogical Fiction where you can be thoroughly entertained but also learn something about another culture. Until I can travel the globe I will meet other peoples through literature!
Date published: 2008-01-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome thrill ride The plot, the depth of the characters and the romance are interwoven so dangerously into time travel that I could hardly put it down! Its a must read!
Date published: 2008-01-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A MUST READ This book was a challenge for me to get into. It was recommended to me as a great read. I was hung up on the idea of time travel in a book - but once I got through the first couple chapters I was hooked. This book is historically accurate, and has very intricate plot lines. I've heard it described as "escapism" reading - and I agree. I have read this book about 15 times and the rest of the series many times as well. The characters feel so real. If you are up for a challenge (Scottish language and descriptive paragraphs) with great satisfaction then buy this book. This is book 1 out of 6. It doesn't hurt that the lead male character is Scottish, very handsome and runs around in a kilt........
Date published: 2008-01-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Couldn't put it down! I'm not usually one who likes the fantasy-type of storyline, so when this book was recommended to me and I saw that it involved time travel, I almost left it on the shelf. Wow - am I ever glad I didn't. Yes, the time travel aspect is an integral part of this series, but Gabaldon has done such a great job with her characters and plot lines that she makes it so believable, I'm almost considering going to Scotland to check these rocks out! I couldn't put the book down, and after finishing the whole series have gone back to book one to refresh my memory on Claire and Jamie's meeting. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. One of my favorite books of all time and I recommend it to anyone who likes historical fiction or romance. You won't be disappointed! I highly recommend the other books in the series too...
Date published: 2008-01-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome! This book is absolutely amazing! It incorporates action, adventure, history, love, family and fantasy all in one. Though the book is long, I flew through it. The plot never runs dry. There is just something special about Diana Gabaldons books that makes them a must read!
Date published: 2008-01-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A must read!!!!!!!! I have been an avid reader all my life and I have never been taken on such a journey by an author the way Dianna manages to do. You won't be able to put it down, you will lay awake reading till dawn when you should sleep, you will laugh, you will cry, you will be shocked by human nature, you will be inspired by the strength and endurance of the characters, you will feel like you know the characters. You wiill miss them even reading the series you will be left wanting more. She will not dissapoint, she never does the expected, you cannot predict what will happen next you are always wondering what will happen next. She has the ability to have you almost feel like you have met the character or acutally know them as well as you know yourself. I read the entire series one after the other and I had a very hard time adjusting and reading other authors they where just too light and predictable there wasn't the substance. Don't worry this will pass! Dianna will also educate you about the British conflict in the1700's. My mom was born in Scotland comes from a Scotish Highland Clan is now Canadian. I was corrected my whole life when ever I considered Scotish and English to be the same thing, never understanding why it was a big deal....well I sure understand why now!!! I have never feel the desire to meet an author or go to a book signing and I went to one of Dianna's appearances that says a lot! Read it you will be glad you did!
Date published: 2008-01-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Absolutely wonderful This is one of very few books that I have read more than once. Diana Gabaldon's style makes you feel that you know the characters personally. She is very descriptive and also very informed about the time period she is writing about. Claire and Jamie's lives become important to you. Could hardly wait for the next book of series to come out.
Date published: 2008-01-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander Is The Best!!!! What a fantastic book!! The Outlander series is wonderful. Such a great story to escape too from the rest of world. You will definetly have a hard time puting this book down. This story has a little of everything; love, drama, action, history, magic, science fiction....EVERYTHING :) I dont want to talk about the story.....just because there's so much to it....but in a nut shell....it's about Clair and Jamie who fall in love in strange circumstances, and the caotic life they live to stay together and to stay alive. There are 5 books to the series so far....but by the way the last one ended I would be shocked if a 6th doesn't come out soon. You MUST buy this book.....you wont regret it.
Date published: 2008-01-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Awesome book! It is hard to go back to other books when you have started reading this book. You can't put it down and when you're done you run to the book store to get the next one
Date published: 2007-12-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Well written! I first read this book 5 years ago and I fell completly in love with it. Since then I have been an avid Outlander supporter. I own all the books in this series and impatiently await the 7th and 8th! I adore Claire's spunk, how she says everything that comes to mind and Jamie, well, lets just say that if all men were as capable as he the world would be a far happier place! My copy of Outlander is falling apart I have reread it so many times and that alone speaks for itself! Highly recommended! Do yourself a favor though, buy or borrow all the books at the same time, waiting for the next book has become one of the hardest things I have ever done!
Date published: 2007-11-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Entertaining This book is excellent because I think it has it all. It has romance, history, action, and suspense.
Date published: 2007-10-13
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Very popular ?? I'm going to stick with teh series and have yet to read #2. The story is great conceptually, however, I was really annoyed by the "harlequin-style" sex scenes. They just don't do it for me, and I was also irritated by the fact the protagonist seems to take well to the misogynistic\chauvanistic practices of the time. I have it on good authority that the rest of the series only gets better and that the books are highly addicting. So we'll see.
Date published: 2007-10-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Don't Hesitate! Once I had heard about this book it took me about 3 years to actually pick it up and read it. My only regret is waiting so long. It's such an entertaining story and I'm looking forward to reading the others in the series. Although it is quite lengthy, so make sure you aren't rushed for time when you decide to read it. It's a commitment but a worhwhile one!
Date published: 2007-07-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from All time favourite! I read this book for the first time about 2 years ago and since then have worn out my first copy and have had to buy another! Probably one of the best books I have ever read, I even know the page numbers of my favourite parts! The whole series is good but this is the best one for sure!
Date published: 2007-01-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Page turner I loved this book! It is a great love story -mixed with adventure- and it just keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you don't read it for the mushy bits, read it for the steamy parts and to simply fall in love with the manly Jamie Fraser! :) It is well worth the read.
Date published: 2006-12-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Get it now!!! This book is absolutly the best I've ever read. Humor, tears and on the edge of your seat. And you will fall in LOVE with Jamie. I suggest you read the whole series of 'Outlander' Amazing.
Date published: 2006-09-07
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Couldn't put it down! This book starts out a tad bit slow but picks up quickly. It has a great blend of humor, adventure, and romance that will keep you captivated. I had a really time putting this book down and can't wait to read the others in the series.
Date published: 2006-07-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Exciting and Unforgetable I was expecting this book to be a romance novel after reading the back cover. I was pleasantly surprised! Although there is some romance, which can never hurt, the book delves deep into the lives of the kind of people we should all have in our lives. Honest, honorable and loving. Diana has an amazing way of making one think they are right there, amongst the action. Could not put the book down, an amazing find!
Date published: 2006-07-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from It will suck the life out of you... ... in the best way possible. Gabaldon has written one of the best books I have ever read. I couldn't eat or sleep because I was dying to know what was going to happen next. Once you pick up this book, you can't put it down, so be prepared to spend every waking moment thinking about it. And the rest of the books in the series are just as good. No wonder there's practically a cult waiting breathless for her next one.
Date published: 2006-07-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from You Won't Be Able to Put it Down! This book is an amazing mix of history, romance, and even a dash of science fiction. You've got time travel, a love that transcends time, and the history of the 2nd scottish rising (war). Once you get used to the author's use of description, you'll be hooked on the story and the characters lives! This is definetly a "Must Read".
Date published: 2006-07-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from What a READ!! Wow, i was totally captivated with this book from the beginning!!! I cannot wait to see how this love story with Claire and Jamie continues!!! Recommend it to everyone!!!
Date published: 2006-07-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from AMAZING!! If you are reluctant to read this, just give it a whirl, and i swear that you wont be dissapointed!! It's my favorite book. (I have the whole series now!) I recommend it to everyone, and they all agree that it's amazing!
Date published: 2006-07-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from One of the best stories i've read in a LONG time!! I fell in love with Claire and Jamie right from the beginning. This book made me laugh and cry! What an incredible story! Anyone who hasn't discovered this series is seriously missing out. This book has romance, history and humour. I started reading and couldn't put it down.
Date published: 2006-07-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Great Adventure This book starts out a tad bit slow but picks up quickly. It has a great blend of humour, adventure, and romance that will keep you captivated. I had a really hard time putting this book down and can't wait to read the others in the series.
Date published: 2006-07-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from it's a 3 day fast this book was just the best I've ever read, I could not put it down, Jamie was just the best man ever and ohh what a MAN he was!!!!
Date published: 2006-06-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from BEST EVER!!! This book is a must read - I couldn't put it down, its so addictive! I've recommended this series to all my friends, and they too have loved the story. The characters and scenes are so vivid, its like you're there. This book is a definite gem.
Date published: 2006-06-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing! Outlander is a fascinating story - it's so hard to put it down! It's exciting, romantic, and suspenseful. I'll definitely read the rest of the Outlander series!
Date published: 2006-06-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic This book allows you to be swept away to another time and place, I didn't want to put it down for a moment. I immediately found the next book in this series. I only just started and it is just as wonderful. Highly recommended!
Date published: 2006-06-02
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Not so great... Sorry to be the one to post something negative about a very popular series, but I honestly couldn't find anything I liked about this book. It was slow paced, boring and, time-travelling aside, unrealistic. I felt no connection to the characters whatsoever. I also found myself extremely aggravated when I tried to read through the dialogue of the Scottish characters. It takes place in the past, in Scotland, I think it's fairly safe to say the characters are going to speak with Scottish accents. To replace a word like 'cannot' with 'cannae' is completely unnecessary. One or two here or there is not so bad, but honestly, I found the dialogue completely unreadable. Writing down the dialect as it sounds slowed the flow of the story to a halt every time there was dialogue.
Date published: 2006-06-02
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Couldn't put it down! Don't let the length of this book scare you because it is definitely worth every page. The language is enthralling, great character development and easy to read. Gabaldon grabbed my attention immediately and kept it through til the end.
Date published: 2006-06-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best Series since Earth's Children Enter the world of Claire and Jamie... a world you won't ever want to leave. This series captivated me from Claire's first walk thru the stones that transported her back in time to the war torn Scottish Highlands of 1745. I found this book about four months ago... and haven't put it down since. I am now on the fourth Installment and over 3000 pages into the lives of the most magnificent heroine Claire and her commanding husband Jamie... move over Scarlett & Rhett... I've found new favorites. I can only say 'trust me' you have got to pick up this book. I dare you not to read every one of its successors. I am so engrossed that I risk telling you that, not only do I read this book every lunch hour & before I go to bed every evening... but I read it when I have to pee.. I read this book at red lights as I drive home from work... Just to get in a few more sentences makes me happy. And I have a life! It's just that good. I implore you... buy the Outlander today and join Claire and Jamie on their incredible journey. You won't regret it.
Date published: 2006-05-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fabulous I was given the entire set of books by a friend as a Christmas gift. Not being much of a reader and seeing how big the books were I figured it would take me a couple of years to read. That didn't happen. Once I started the books I couldn't put them down. I was captivated. Jamie and Claire have the most wonderful relationship. I recommend the entire series of books. They are worth the read.
Date published: 2006-04-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Can't put it down!!! I am a long time fan of these novels - I've re-read them countless times, and I am starting once more after just finishing the 6th in the series. If you like historic stuff, time-travel, suspense and a touch of romance, along with a good long read, THIS IS FOR YOU! Don't worry, its not the typical fantasy or romance novel - it is different than anything I've ever read. Dragonfly in Amber (2nd book) is just as good, the books never lose their quality. They will make you laugh, cry, be unable to put them down and crave more. I cannot explain how much I love them, and I've recommended them to everyone I know! Diana Gabaldon is now one of my favorite authors, and the fact that there are 6/7 books so far makes it much better: if you love this book, you won't be disappointed with the others!
Date published: 2006-04-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander I am rereading this series of books - they are my all time favourite - I highly recommend them - be prepared to read all six as you will never be able to stop once you start
Date published: 2006-03-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from AMAZING This book was absaloutly brilliant. The tale of Jamie and Claire leaving you in suspense and wanting to read more for fear of a lost detail. I couldn't put this book down. The author is absaloutly amazing. I would recommend this book to my friends. You just fly through this book whether you want to or not.
Date published: 2006-02-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Stunning!!! This story absolutely captivated me! I couldn't put the book down. The author does such an amazing job of storytelling. The life giving & sustaining passion and love between Claire and Jamie haunts me. I can't wait to read the rest of the series and see what becomes of these two amazing characters!
Date published: 2006-02-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best book Ive ever read (and I had read a lot) This is the best series I have ever read. Wonderfully absorbing, without a dull minute. I always feel sad when I get to the end the books, I dont want the story to end. I'm at the end of A Breath of Snow and Ashes and I keep trying to put it off! A MUST READ.
Date published: 2006-02-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing book When someone recommended this book to me I was a little wary about the whole romance thing, but this novel is so much more. Time-travelling, adventure and suspense. One of my top five books!
Date published: 2006-01-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A must-read! The sypnosis at the back cover made the book sound like any other romance but once I started into it, I am sold! It is not of romance as most would think of, but it is a tale love, passion, of family, honesty, loyalty, and of sacrifices one made for all that were mentioned. The adventures were heartstopping and at times heartwrenching. A very brilliantly crafted tale by an extremely gifted storyteller. I thank Diana Gabaldon for giving us this beautiful story.
Date published: 2006-01-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Absolutely awesome I couldn' t put it down. I'm now on this website because I want to know if there is a sequel? There has to more, it can't end ....
Date published: 2005-12-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A book not to be missed This book was one of the top 10 readers' favourites in the poll conducted by Chapters and as a result, I thought I would give it a try. The jacket looked intriguing - I anticipated a good time travel story with some adventure and romance and the reality far exceeded my expectations. I lived in Scotland for 3 years and thoroughly enjoyed the setting - it was obviously very well researched. As an aside, it's a great pity that I didn't meet my own Jamie Fraser! I read the whole thing in 2 days and I plan to go out tomorrow and get Book 2 in the series. I am hugging myself at the thought that there are several more big fat books in the series. A word of caution - if you are looking for a fluffy romance and get queasy at scenes of violence, then this is probably not for you. Personally, I thought that the gritty scenes only enhanced the book's realism - 18th century Scotland was a brutal place. Suffering along with the hero and heroine made me even more attached to them. Diane Gabaldon is an excellent storyteller.
Date published: 2005-11-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Completely enthralling! I couldn't put this book down!
Date published: 2005-07-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Read this book NOW Diana Gabaldon is a wonderful author. My friend lent me this book during school one day when I had nothing to read, and once I started I couldn't stop. I would spend my spares reading instead of doing my homework. When my friend told me about this book I was a little worried because of the time travelling. After about the first 3 pages I saw this was not a fantasy book, so don't let the time travelling fighten you. If you're a lover of historical fiction and romance this is definately THE book for you. I'm going nuts waiting for the 6th book to come out in Sept. This is not a book to pass by. And don't worry about the size, you'll finish faster then you want to.
Date published: 2005-07-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from amazing!!!!! I am not a person that likes to read. My friend told me about Jamie Fraser, and I got interested. I started to read it and couldn't stop! It is a wonderful series filled with adventure, and I love the romance. Diana Gabaldon writes in the way that you can imagine everything that is happenning in the book. I'm on the second book of the series Dragonfly in Amber and it's still awesome!!! Love Jamie!!!!!!
Date published: 2004-11-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from You gotta read it!! If you only read one book your whole life, make it this one. If you really want to live a great life read the whole series. I cannot say enough about it. It is the most absorbing story you will ever read. I have re-read every book in the series about 8 times. I cannot get enough!!
Date published: 2004-11-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from An Exemplary Achievement This book is certainly one of the most stunning books I have ever read. It is so captivating as to keep not only myself, but every other person I know who has read it, up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it. After reading this book, I bought and finished the rest of the series in less than a week. It also put me on a mission to become Scottish, and has significantly added to the amount of my chapters.ca wishlist with Scottish history textbooks. A definite recommendation to add to any home library!
Date published: 2004-01-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Pure literary genius This novel is one of the best I have read in my life, and I read non stop. Jamie is one of the most appealing men ever captured in writing, while Claire is everything a woman should be; intelligent, beautiful, determined, and courageous. Outlander is fabulously written. I couldn't put it down and then was sad when I was done.
Date published: 2003-07-09
Rated 4 out of 5 by from couldn't put it down Read this on a friends reccomendation for a holiday book. Not a romance novel fan but I do like historical fiction so I figured, why not? Stayed up till three AM one night because I just could't stop! Was actually pleased when it rained the next day because it gave me an excuse to lay in bed reading more when by rights I should have been doing vacation stuff !! It would take a true volume of brilliance to get a five star rating out of me, hence the four, but well worth picking up. Not sure yet if I'll try the next in the series or not. Have to read some reviews first! Would also suggest The Eagle and the Raven by Pauline Gedge (have to special order it) for those who like more history than throbbing hearts etc.!
Date published: 2003-04-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic Read!!!! I have never been one for reading a “romance” type book, but I am a girl who regards a friend’s opinion in the highest. A friend recommended I get my hands on “Outlander” and give it a whirl. To my surprise I actually had the book in a bag of books my mother in law gave me (because I read constantly and am always looking for new authors to keep me company) so it seemed fate had laid a hand on me and destined me to read on. Well I was quickly held captive by the book, bringing it to work with me, laughing and crying (to the shock of my co-workers) as though I was there. The book came alive in my mind and in my heart, so when I finished it I went directly to the book store and bought the next two books, I read the three books in less than two weeks and today I head back the bookstore for the next two books. If you want to read books that move your heart than this is definitely the series for you.
Date published: 2003-03-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from An engrossing tale. I was a little wary about reading this book because of the whole 'time-travelling' aspect. However, once the heroine was firmly established in the past, I became captivated with the story. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
Date published: 2003-03-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Throw away your TV remote! This book made me quit watching TV! I picked up this book in August this year and have now read all 5 in the series. It was totally addictive and captivating so much so that my husband couldn't wait to get his hands on the book. Once he started into Outlander, he couldn't stop! He kidnapped the next in the series and made me wait until he was finished before I could continue on my reading journey.
Date published: 2002-09-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from MEN - Don't miss out on these books !!! These books are not just for women. They are often misplaced in the Romance Section when they are among the BEST written Adventure books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. They are even more General Fiction or Sci-fi [for the brief time travel element] or Historical Fiction or even Fantasy than Romance.... you have really missed something if you do not read and savour every word in this series.
Date published: 2002-07-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from History & Drama, with a touch of Harlequin This book is the most potent addiction I have ever had. How can a single book captivate me so quickly? I don't know, but within a month of reading Outlander, I had read all the rest of Gabaldon's sequels. This book is an excellent summer read. Gabaldon's writing is highly creative and illustrative. I am so happy to have read her lovely books.
Date published: 2002-04-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Riveting! I am so madly in love with Jamie - I think my husband's jealous! :) I've looked everywhere for the second book, Dragonfly in Amber, and have found it nearly impossible to find (second-hand). This tells you something, no? I can't wait to read the rest and am going to do a little shopping tomorrow. I can hardly wait to see what's in store for Claire and Jamie!
Date published: 2002-02-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellentay It was really good
Date published: 2002-01-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from MUST READ!!!!! The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon was recommended to me by a friend. When I read the back cover I was a little unsure that I would like the book. Right from page one I couldn't put it down. I finished this book in a day and a half. Before I even finished reading it I went out and bought the rest in the series. Anyone who enjoys history, romance, sex, and adventure will love this book!
Date published: 2002-01-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent....Excellent....Excellent I can't say more than that. Diana Gabaldon has written a series of 5 books that has made me hungry for more. The Scottish history becomes rich, colourful and passionate (just as it was in real life) through her writing. I have recommended these books to EVERYONE I know. This is a must read. These will be the "re-read" books I never tire of.
Date published: 2002-01-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Romance Novel for Those Who Hate Romance Novels This novel has it all. Romance, adventure, time travel, and accurate historical references. Claire is a practical and realistic character and Jamie is the quintessential hero. Diana Gabaldon's writing is extremely detailed and it is very easy to lose yourself in the well delivered story. There is not a dull moment! This is definitely one of those books which you will not want to put down. This will make you forget the passing hours. Although a thick book, I found I couldn't put it down because there was never a lull in the action where it seemed okay to stop; not to mention-there is something about 18th Century Scots in kilts! The best part is-there are more books that follow in the series.
Date published: 2001-06-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from The Harry Potter for Women The Outlander series by Diana Galbadon is the Harry Potter for women. Once you've read one, you will be addicted. These books were recommended to me by many of my friends and colleagues, and despite my insistence that they were not the &quot;kind of books I usually read,&quot; I was given &quot;The Outlander.&quot; I was hooked! It is best to read them in order, because you will want to follow and savour all the adventures, passions and heartbreaks of Jamie and Claire. As you follow the story line, you will also follow the growth of the characters and Galbadon's development as a writer, as she experiments with different writing techniques. The strength of these books is the characters. They are so human and vulnerable as they experience joy and pain. Sometimes the events are a bit much as the characters journey across time, from the Highlands of Scotland, to France, to the Caribbean and the New World. But as with all escapism literature, the reader accepts the world the writer creates and has good fun.
Date published: 2001-05-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Read all 4 books The only set back with reading Claire and Jamie's story (all 4 books) was in finishing them too soon (less than 1 month.) I could not put it down. Once I finished one book I went right to the next one. I immediately fell in love with Jamie. Diana you wrote about the man every woman dreams of. What a series. I certainly hope it's not the end of it. Everything about it was great...the history, the people, the passion but most of all, the honest to goodness true love. Thanks so much for a great read. Looking forward to the next story!!
Date published: 2001-05-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander As a university student, free time to read books for FUN doesn't occur very often. But, OUTLANDER is the type of book you MAKE time for! Living in a house with three other girls, we were all consumed by the novel. We couldn't get enough. We ALL fell in love with Jamie! Now I try and get everyone I know to read the novel. It's certainly one of the best ones I've read in a long time. I'm so glad that the semester is over, because now I'll have time to read the rest of the series!
Date published: 2001-04-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from AWESOME It was a great book...great series. Can't wait for the 5th book to come out. Full of romance and comedy and mystery...everything that makes a book great!
Date published: 2001-03-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A great read! I have been an avid novel reader for as long as I can remember and I have never felt the need to publically proclaim my enjoyment of a story until now. Outlander is by far the best; I can't wait to turn the page and find out what happens next; it i sthe best novel that I have ever read! The combination of history, romance, adventure, and pure fiction sets this book apart from most. Thanks to the author for a great read.
Date published: 2001-02-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander I am not a reader of romance type novels and yet I've really enjoyed the first in the series. This is an historical romance and it's based in the Scotish Highlands in 1945 and 1743. It focuses on the customs and mores of the era and follows a woman named Claire Beauchamp Randall. The main part of the story is set prior to the famine and what brings that about. It's a wee bit airy fairy but, it really gets to the emotions at some moments OR maybe I'm on the &quot;haven't had a relationship that meant that much and I'm living vicariously through other people&quot; kick. Who knows ... I like the story even though it's a &quot;romance&quot; novel. I think that the mix of the passionate moments (in and out of the bedroom) and the main story are good. It's very entertaining!
Date published: 2001-01-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outlander I have to agree - this is the BEST book ever. I think every woman wants to find their &quot;Jamie&quot;... I could not put this book down, nor any of the books that follow in the series. Hurry up Diana, we want more of Claire &amp; Jamie!!
Date published: 2000-12-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from I'm not alone I thought I was the only person alive this consumed by two characters. I was wrong!!!I've read the other previews to this book, and the follow-up books, and I must agree. They are the most romantic books ever written next to Jane Austin. Carry on Diana!
Date published: 2000-12-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Pass it On! A friend of mine told me to read this series. I'm sure glad she did! I passed it on to my two sisters, and now they are hooked too. A great find. Just when you think you have it figured out, she throws in a new twist.
Date published: 2000-11-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing! I was given Outlander to read from a friend, and quickly went out and bought the rest of the books. I have now read through the series 2 times, my books are starting to wear out! I've had the luck of seeing Diana at a book signing, she is just as amazing as her books are....a real delight! We want more!!!
Date published: 2000-11-01

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Jamie made a fire in a sheltered spot, and sat down next to it. The rain had eased to a faint drizzle that misted the air and spangled my eyelashes with rainbows when I looked at the flames.He sat staring into the fire for a long time. Finally he looked up at me, hands clasped around his knees."I said before that I'd not ask ye things ye had no wish to tell me. And I'd not ask ye now; but I must know, for your safety as well as mine." He paused, hesitating."Claire, if you've never been honest wi' me, be so now, for I must know the truth. Claire, are ye a witch?" I gaped at him. "A witch? You — you can really ask that?" I thought he must be joking. He wasn't.He took me by the shoulders and gripped me hard, staring into my eyes as though willing me to answer him."I must ask it, Claire! And you must tell me!" "And if I were?" I asked through dry lips. "If you had thought I were a witch? Would you still have fought for me?" "I would have gone to the stake with you!" he said violently. "And to hell beyond, if I must. But may the Lord Jesus have mercy on my soul and on yours, tell me the truth!" The strain of it all caught up with me. I tore myself out of his grasp and ran across the clearing. Not far, only to the edge of the trees; I could not bear the exposure of the open space. I clutched a tree; put my arms around it and dug my fingers hard into the bark, pressed my face to it and shrieked with hysterical laughter.Jamie's face, white and shocked, loomed up on the other side of the tree. With the dim realization that what I was doing must sound unnervingly like cackling, I made a terrific effort and stopped. Panting, I stared at him for a moment."Yes," I said, backing away, still heaving with gasps of unhinged laughter. "Yes, I am a witch! To you, I must be. I've never had smallpox, but I can walk through a room full of dying men and never catch it. I can nurse the sick and breathe their air and touch their bodies, and the sickness can't touch me. I can't catch cholera, either, or lockjaw, or the morbid sore throat. And you must think it's an enchantment, because you've never heard of vaccine, and there's no other way you can explain it." "The things I know — " I stopped backing away and stood still, breathing heavily, trying to control myself. "I know about Jonathan Randall because I was told about him. I know when he was born and when he'll die, I know about what he's done and what he'll do, I know about Sandringham because ... because Frank told me. He knew about Randall because he ... he ... oh, God!" I felt as though I might be sick, and closed my eyes to shut out the spinning stars overhead."And Colum ... he thinks I'm a witch, because I know Hamish isn't his own son. I know ... he can't sire children. But he thought I knew who Hamish's father is ... I thought maybe it was you, but then I knew it couldn't be, and..." I was talking faster and faster, trying to keep the vertigo at bay with the sound of my own voice."Everything I've ever told you about myself was true," I said, nodding madly as though to reassure myself. "Everything. I haven't any people, I haven't any history, because I haven't happened yet."Do you know when I was born?" I asked, looking up. I knew my hair was wild and my eyes staring, and I didn't care. "On the twentieth of October, in the Year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and eighteen. Do you hear me?" I demanded, for he was blinking at me unmoving, as though paying no attention to a word I said. "I said nineteen eighteen! Nearly two hundred years from now! Do you hear?" I was shouting now, and he nodded slowly."I hear," he said softly."Yes, you hear!" I blazed. "And you think I'm raving mad. Don't you? Admit it! That's what you think. You have to think so, there isn't any other way you can explain me to yourself. You can't believe me, you can't dare to. Oh, Jamie..." I felt my face start to crumple. All this time spent hiding the truth, realizing that I could never tell anyone, and now I realized that I could tell Jamie, my beloved husband, the man I trusted beyond all others, and he wouldn't — he couldn't believe me either."It was the rocks — the fairy hill. The standing stones. Merlin's stones. That's where I came through." I was gasping, half-sobbing, becoming less coherent by the second. "Once upon a time, but it's really two hundred years. It's always two hundred years, in the stories. ... But in the stories, the people always get back. I couldn't get back." I turned away, staggering, grasping for support. I sank down on a rock, shoulders slumped, and put my head in my hands. There was a long silence in the wood. It went on long enough for the small night birds to recover their courage and start their noises once again, calling to each other with a thin, high zeek! as they hawked for the last insects of the summer.I looked up at last, thinking that perhaps he had simply risen and left me, overcome by my revelations. He was still there, though, still sitting, hands braced on his knees, head bowed as though in thought.The hairs on his arms shone stiff as copper wires in the firelight, though, and I realized that they stood erect, like the bristles on a dog. He was afraid of me."Jamie," I said, feeling my heart break with absolute loneliness. "Oh, Jamie." I sat down and curled myself into a ball, trying to roll myself around the core of my pain. Nothing mattered any longer, and I sobbed my heart out.His hands on my shoulders raised me, enough to see his face. Through the haze of tears, I saw the look he wore in battle, of struggle that had passed the point of strain and become calm certainty."I believe you," he said firmly. "I dinna understand it a bit — not yet — but I believe you. Claire, I believe you! Listen to me! There's the truth between us, you and I, and whatever ye tell me, I shall believe it." He gave me a gentle shake."It doesna matter what it is. You've told me. That's enough for now. Be still, mo duinne. Lay your head and rest. You'll tell me the rest of it later. And I'll believe you." I was still sobbing, unable to grasp what he was telling me. I struggled, trying to pull away, but he gathered me up and held me tightly against himself, pushing my head into the folds of his plaid, and repeating over and over again, "I believe you." At last, from sheer exhaustion, I grew calm enough to look up and say, "But you can't believe me." He smiled down at me. His mouth trembled slightly, but he smiled."Ye'll no tell me what I canna do, Sassenach." He paused a moment. ... A long time later, he spoke."All right. Tell me now." I told him. Told him everything, haltingly but coherently. I felt numb from exhaustion, but content, like a rabbit that has outrun a fox, and found temporary shelter under a log. It isn't sanctuary, but at least it is respite. And I told him about Frank."Frank," he said softly. "Then he isna dead, after all." "He isn't born." I felt another small wave of hysteria break against my ribs, but managed to keep myself under control. "Neither am I." He stroked and patted me back into silence, making his small murmuring Gaelic sounds."When I took ye from Randall at Fort William," he said suddenly, "you were trying to get back. Back to the stones. And ... Frank. That's why ye left the grove." "Yes." "And I beat you for it." His voice was soft with regret."You couldn't know. I couldn't tell you." I was beginning to feel very drowsy indeed."No, I dinna suppose ye could." He pulled the plaid closer around me, tucking it gently around my shoulders. "Do ye sleep now, mo duinne. No one shall harm ye; I'm here." I burrowed into the warm curve of his shoulder, letting my tired mind fall through the layers of oblivion. I forced myself to the surface long enough to ask, "Do you really believe me, Jamie?" He sighed, and smiled ruefully down at me."Aye, I believe ye, Sassenach. But it would ha' been a good deal easier if you'd only been a witch."

Editorial Reviews

"Absorbing and heartwarming...lavishly evokes the land and lore of Scotland." Publishers Weekly"Stunning!" Los Angeles Daily News"It is a large canvas that Gabaldon paints, filled with strong passions and derring-do. Strong willed and sensual, Claire is an engaging modern heroine plopped down in a simpler, more primitive time.... Great fun...marvelous and fantastic adventures, romance, sex...perfect escape reading!" San Francisco Chronicle