Oxford Handbook of Transcranial Stimulation by Eric WassermannOxford Handbook of Transcranial Stimulation by Eric Wassermann

Oxford Handbook of Transcranial Stimulation

EditorEric Wassermann, Charles Epstein, Ulf Ziemann

Hardcover | February 15, 2008

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Since becoming commercially available in 1985, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has emerged as an important tool in several areas of neuroscience. Originally envisioned as a way to measure the responsiveness and conduction speed of neurons and synapses in the brain and spinal cord, TMShas also become an important tool for changing the activity of brain neurons and the functions they subserve and an important adjunct to brain imaging and mapping techniques. Along with transcranial electrical stimulation techniques, TMS has diffused far beyond the borders of clinicalneurophysiology and into cognitive, perceptual, behavioural, and therapeutic investigation and attracted a highly diverse group of users and would-be users. This book provides an authoritative review of the scientific and technical background required to understand transcranial stimulation techniques and a wide-ranging survey of their burgeoning application in neurophysiology, perception, cognition, emotion, and clinical practice. Each of its sixsections deals with a major area and is edited by an international authority therein. It will serve researchers, clinicians, students, and others as the definitive text in this area for years to come.
Dr. Wassermann is a clinical neurologist and neurophysiologist and a leading expert in the uses of transcranial brain stimulation to measure and modulate brain function. His research interests include neurobehavioral disorders and the control of action and emotion by the frontal lobe. He heads the Brain Stimulation Unit at the Nation...
Title:Oxford Handbook of Transcranial StimulationFormat:HardcoverDimensions:664 pages, 9.69 × 6.73 × 1.77 inPublished:February 15, 2008Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Section I: Physics and Biophysics of TMS1. Charles M Epstein: Electromagnetism2. Martin Sommer and Walter Paulus: TMS waveforms and current direction3. Mark E Riehl: TMS stimulator design4. Charles M Epstein: TMS stimulation coils5. Kent Davey: Magnetic field stimulation: the brain as conductor6. Paul Maccabee and Vahe E Amassian: Lessons learned from magnetic stimulation of physical models and peripheral nerve in-vitro7. Eric M Wassermann: Direct current brain polarization8. Vedran Deletis, Francesco Sala and Sedat Ulkatan: Transcranial electrical stimulation and intraoperative neurophysiology of the corticospinal tractSection II: TMS Measures of Motor Cortical and Corticospinal Excitability: Physiology, Function and Plasticity9. Kai-M Roesler and Michel R Magistris: The size of motor-evoked potentials: influencing parameters and quantification10. Alexander Wolters, Ulf Ziemann and Reiner Benecke: The cortical silent period11. Ritsuko Hanajima and Yoshikazu Ugawa: Paired-pulse measures12. Zafiris J Daskalakis and Robert Chen: Evaluating the interaction between cortical inhibitory and excitatory circuits measured by TMS13. Ulf Ziemann: Pharmacology of TMS measures14. Vincenzo Di Lazzaro: Transcranial stimulation measures explored by epidural spinal cord recordings15. John C Rothwell: TMS measures and voluntary motor function16. Joseph Classen and Katja Stefan: Changes in TMS measures induced by repetitive TMS17. Michael Nitsche, Andrea Antal, David Liebetanz, Nicholas Lang, Frithjof Tergau and Walter Paulus: tDCS-induced neuroplasticity18. Cathrin Butefisch and Leonardo Cohen: Use-dependent changes in TMS measuresSection III: The Motor Evoked Potential in Health and Disease19. Friedhelm Sandbrink: The MEP in clinical neurodiagnosis20. Laverne D Gugino, Rafael Romero, Marcella Rameriz, Marc E Richardson and Linda S Aglio: TMS in the perioperative period21. Alfredo Berardelli and Mark Hallett: TMS in movement disorders22. Marjorie Garvey: TMS - neurodevelopment and perinatal insults23. Bertram Moeller, Andrea J Levinson and Zafiris J Daskalakis: Using the TMS induced MEP to evaluate the neurophysiology of psychiatric disorders24. Jean Schoenen, Valentin Bohotin and Alain Maertens de Noordhout: TMS in migraine25. Donald L Gilbert: Design and analysis of MEP data in pediatric neurobehavioral disorder investigations26. Eric M Wassermann: Inter- and intra-individual variation in the response to TMSSection IV: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Perception and Cognition27. Alan Cowey: TMS and visual awareness28. Jacinta O'Shea and Matthew Rushworth: Higher visual cognition: search, neglect, priming, cortico-cortical interactions29. Lofti Merabet and Alvaro Pascual-Leone: Studies of cross-modal functions with TMS30. Simone Schutz-Bosbach, Patrick Haggard, Luciano Fadiga and Laila Craighero: Motor cognition: TMS studies of action generation31. Joseph T Devlin and Kate E Watkins: Investigating language organisation with TMS32. Simone Rossi, Stefano F Cappa and Paolo Maria Rossini: Higher cognitive function: memory, number processing, learning33. Elena Rusconi and Carlo Umilta: Mathematics and TMSSection V: TMS and Brain Mapping34. Tomas Paus: Combining brain imaging with brain stimulation: causality and connectivity35. Hartwig R Siebner, Martin Peller and Lucy Lee: TMS and PET: Methods and current advances36. Sven Bestmann, Christian C Ruff, Jon Driver and Felix Blankenburg: Concurrent TMS and fMRI: methods and current advancements37. Risto Ilmoniemi and Jari Karhu: TMS and EEG: Methods and current advancementsSection VI: Therapeutic Applications of TMS38. Stanislav R Vorel and Sarah H Lisanby: Therapeutic potential of TMS induced plasticity in the prefrontal cortex39. Mark Demitrack and Sarah H Lisanby: Methodological issues in clinical trial design for TMS40. Colleen Loo: TMS in the treatment of major depressive disorder41. Nimrod Grisaru, Bella Chudakov, Alex Kaptsan, Alona Shaldubina, Julia Applebaum and Robert Belmaker: TMS in bipolar disorder42. Ralph Hoffman and Arielle Stanford: TMS clinical trials involving patients with schizophrenia43. Benjamin Greenberg and Sarah H Lisanby: TMS in the study and treatment of anxiety disorders44. Mark Hallett and Alfredo Berardelli: Movement disorders45. Friedhelm Hummel and Leonardo Cohen: Brain stimulation in neurorehabilitation46. Jean-Pascal Lefaucheur: TMS and pain