Oxford Latin Course, College Edition: Grammar, Exercises, Context by Maurice BalmeOxford Latin Course, College Edition: Grammar, Exercises, Context by Maurice Balme

Oxford Latin Course, College Edition: Grammar, Exercises, Context

byMaurice Balme, James Morwood

Paperback | February 14, 2012

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Adapted to better meet the needs of students, The Oxford Latin Course, College Edition, retains its trademark reading-based approach, but does so now in two companion volumes - Readings and Vocabulary and Grammar, Exercises, Context - that cover all of the topics essential to a first-yearLatin course.
Maurice Balme is the former Head of Classics at Harrow. He is the coauthor of Athenaze, the #1 book in the US for first-year courses in Greek, and the author of many other books. James Morwood has been a Lecturer of Classics at Wadham College, Oxford, since 1996. Before that, he taught Classics for 30 years at Harrow.
Title:Oxford Latin Course, College Edition: Grammar, Exercises, ContextFormat:PaperbackDimensions:336 pages, 9.25 × 7.5 × 0.68 inPublished:February 14, 2012Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Introduction1. Scintilla in casa laboratVerbs: transitive and intransitive; 1st conjugation, 3rd sing.; est; pl complement; nouns and adjectives: 1st declension sing. nom. and acc.Quintus2. Quintus Flaccum iuuatNouns and adjs 2nd declension nom. and acc. sing. and plural; gender: masc., fem. and neuter; agreement of adjs; verbs: 3rd plural -- all conjugationsWomen3. NundinaeVerbs: all persons; prepositions with acc. and abl. (in, ad, a/ab, e/ex)Nundinae and Farming4. Ludus FlauiInfinitives and imperatives; vocative; possum, eo; compound verbs; adverbs; questionsEducation5. Flauius fabulam narrat3rd declension, nouns and adjectives; genitives of first three declensions; some uses of the genitive and ablativeThe Iliad6. Graeci Troiam capiuntDative case; complete declensions 1,2,3; ego, tu, nos, uos; uolo, noloVirgil's Aeneid7. PolyphemusDeclensions 4 and 5; review of all five declensions; pronouns -- is, ille, hic, ipseHomer and Virgil8. Aeneas in AfricaSubordinate clauses, including relatives; reflexives9. Infelix DidoComprehension Exercise10. ComitiaImperfect and perfect tensesElections11. Quintus Romam aduenitPluperfect tense; more perfect stems and the meaning of the perfect; numerals 1-10, expressions of time and place; locative caseRome12. Ludus OrbiliMore perfect endings; fero; uses of the ablative caseGreece and Rome13. Marcus Quintum domum suam inuitatComparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs; more perfect stemsCicero14. Caesaris triumphiPresent participle; further uses of the ablative case; more perfect stemsThe Roman Triumph15. Idus MartiaeThe future tense, the future perfect tense; more perfect stemsThe End of the Republic16. Caesaris funusPassive voice; perfect passive participle and indicative; future perfect passive; pluperfect passive; future participle (active)17. AthenisPresent, future, and imperfect passiveStoic and Epicurean18. Brutus Athenas aduenitComprehension Exercise19. Horatius Delphos uisitThe subjunctive mood, the present subjunctive; the jussive subjunctive; purpose clauses; sequence of tenses; indirect commandsDelphi20. Horatius militatPassive forms of subjunctive; pluperfect subjunctives active and passive; deponent verbs; passive infinitives and imperativesThe Roman Army21. PhilippiAblative absoluteBrutus and Cassius22. Horatius ad Italiam reditIndirect questions; the perfect subjunctive; semi-deponent verbsThe Confiscations23. Horatius Romam reditIndirect statement; all infinitives active and passiveLatin Poetry24. Horatius carmina scribitResult clausesBooks25. Horatius Maecenati commendaturSummary of uses of ut cum and dum26. Horatius iter Brundisium facitConditional clausesTravel27. Maecenas poetas fouetGerunds and gerundivesVixi puellis28. Horatius rusticus fitImpersonal verbs; impersonal use of passive; subjunctive in main clausesPatrons and Clients29. AugustusVerbs of fearing; connecting relativeCleopatra30. Horatius amicus fit principisPredicative dative; relative with the subjunctiveSome Glimpses of Augustus31. Indomita morsDeathComprehension ExerciseAppendix 1. Continuous Indirect SpeechAppendix 2. Uses of the Indicative and the SubjunctiveAppendix 3. Quin and quominusGlossary of Grammatical TermsMetrical AppendixReference GrammarEnglish-Latin Vocabulary