Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology by Neil TurnerOxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology by Neil Turner

Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology

EditorNeil Turner, David Goldsmith, Christopher Winearls

Paperback | November 29, 2015

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This fourth edition of the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology builds on the success and international reputation of the publication as an important resource for the practising clinician in the field. It provides practical, scholarly, and evidence-based coverage over the full spectrum ofclinical nephrology, written by an global faculty of experts.Unequivocally the most relevant and important European textbook of clinical nephrology, this is an authoritative and comprehensive textbook combining the clinical aspects of renal disease essential to daily clinical practice with extensive information about the underlying basic science and currentevidence available. Each section of the textbook has been critically and comprehensively edited under the auspices of one of the leading experts in the field.This new edition has been significantly expanded and reapportioned to reflect developments and new approaches to topics, including treatment algorithms to aid patient care where possible. The fourth edition offers increased focus on the medical aspects of transplantation, HIV-associated renaldisease, and infection and renal disease, alongside entirely new sections on genetic topics and clinical and physiological aspects of fluid/electrolyte and tubular disorders.The emphasis throughout is on marrying advances in scientific research with clinical management.Richly illustrated throughout in full colour, this is a truly modern and attractive edition which reinforces the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology's position as an indispensable reference work of consistent quality and reliability. Enriched and refined by careful revision, this new editioncontinues the tradition of excellence.
Neil Turner has been Professor of Nephrology at the University of Edinburgh since 1998. After broad experience of general medicine he worked in renal units in Oxford, Hammersmith and Aberdeen before moving to Edinburgh. His major research and clinical interests are currently in genetic diseases of the glomerular basement membrane, and ...
Title:Oxford Textbook of Clinical NephrologyFormat:PaperbackDimensions:3000 pages, 10.87 × 8.62 × 0.03 inPublished:November 29, 2015Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

VOLUME 1Part 1: Assessment of the patient with renal disease1. Aminu K. Bello, Marcello Tonelli and Kitty J. Jager: Epidemiology of kidney disease2. Chris Winearls: Clinical assessment of the patient with renal disease3. Chris Winearls: Presentations of renal disease4. Chris Winearls: Kidney disease focused history taking5. Chris Winearls: Kidney disease focused features on examination6. Walter P. Mutter: Urineanalysis7. Joris Delanghe and Marijn Speeckaer: Kidney function8. Joris Delanghe and Marijn Speeckaer: Measuring kidney function/ assessing dysfunction for clinical purposes9. Michael Weston: Brief introduction to radiology10. Jeannette Kraft and Peter Howells: Ionising radiation and radiation protection11. Akira Kawashima and Andrew J. LeRoy: Plain radiography, excretion radiography, and contrast radiography12. Steven Kennish: Intervention13. Toby Wells and Simon Freeman: Ultrasound14. Eugene Teoh and Michael Weston: CT15. Kazuhiro Kitajima, Akira Kawashima and James F Glockner: Magnetic Resonance Imaging16. Ramya Dhandapani and Sobhan Vinjamuri: Radioisotopes in diagnostic imaging in nephrology17. Jo H.M. Berden and Jack Wetzels: Immunological investigation of the patient with renal disease18. Ian Roberts, Phil Mason and Agnes Fogo: The renal biopsy19. Richard Haynes, Martin J Landry, William G Herrington and Colin Baigent: Clinical trials- how and why in nephrologyPart 2: The patient with fluid, electrolyte and renal tubular disorders20. Matthew A. Bailey: An overview of tubular function21. Laurent Schild: Sodium transport and balance: A key role for the distal nephron22. David Marples and Soren Neilson: Water homeostasis23. Alain Doucet and Gilles Crambert: Potassium homeostasis24. Carsten Wagner and Olivier Devuyst: Renal acid-base homeostasis25. Heini Murer, Juerg Biber and Carsten Wagner: Phosphate homeostasis26. Francesco Trepiccione and Gianni Capasso: Calcium homeostasis27. Pascal Houillier: Magnesium homeostasis28. Ewout Hoorn and Bob Zietse: Overview and hyponatraemia29. Bob Zietse: Hypernatremia30. Jean-Marie Krzesinski and Eric P. Cohen: Approach to the patient with oedema: assessment, pathophysiology and treatment31. Detlef Bockenhauer and Robert Kleta: Approach to the patient with salt-wasting tubulopathies32. Daniel Bichet: Approach to the patient with polyuria33. David Ellison and Arohan R. Subramanya: Clinical use of diuretics34. Charles Wingo and I. David Weiner: Approach to the patient with hypo-/hyperkalaemia35. Mitch Halperin and Kamel Kamel: Approach to the patient with metabolic acidosis or alkalosis36. Stephen Walsh: Approach to the patient with renal tubular acidosis37. Dennis Jose Joseph and Theresa A. Guise: Approach to the patient with hypercalcaemia38. Agnes Linglart and Anne-Sophie Lambert: Approach to the patient with hypocalcaemia39. Judith Blaine, Hector Giral-Arnal, Sabina Jelen and Moshe Levi: Approach to the patient with hypo-/hyperphosphataemia40. Martin Konrad and Karl Peter Schlingmann: Approach to the patient with hypomagnesaemia41. Detlef Bockenhauer and Robert Kleta: Approach to the patient with renal Fanconi syndrome, glycosuria or aminoaciduriaPart 3: The patient with glomerular disease42. Alexander Woywodt and Diana Chiu: The glomerulus and the concept of glomerulonephritis43. Marlies Elger and Wilhelm Kriz: The renal glomerulus - the structural basis of ultrafiltration44. Jean-Claude Dussaule, Martin Flamant and Christos Chatziantoniou: Function of the normal glomerulus45. Neil Turner: Mechanisms of glomerular injury: an overview46. John Neary and Neil Turner: The patient with haematuria47. John Neary: Loin Pain Haematuria Syndrome48. John Neary and Neil Turner: Nutcracker syndrome and phenomenon49. Neil Turner: Exercise-related pseudo-nephritis50. Neil Turner and Stewart Cameron: Proteinuria51. Neil Turner: Postural proteinuria (Benign orthostatic proteinuria)52. Premil Rajakrishna, Stewart Cameron and Neil Turner: Nephrotic syndrome53. Neil Turner and Premil Rajakrishna: Pathophysiology of oedema in nephrotic syndrome54. Patrick Niaudet and Alain Meyrier: Idiopathic nephrotic syndrome: Overview55. Patrick Niaudet and Alain Meyrier: Minimal change disease: Clinical features and diagnosis56. Patrick Niaudet and Alain Meyrier: Minimal change disease: Treatment and outcome57. Patrick Niaudet and Alain Meyrier: Primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS): Clinical features and diagnosis58. Patrick Niaudet and Alain Meyrier: Primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS): Treatment and outcome59. Patrick Niaudet and Alain Meyrier: Pathogenesis of proteinuria in minimal change disease and FSGS60. Daniel Cattran and Heather Reich: Membranous glomerulonephritis: Overview61. Daniel Cattran and Heather Reich: Membranous glomerulonephritis: Clinical features and diagnosis62. Daniel Cattran and Heather Reich: Membranous glomerulonephritis: Treatment and outcome63. Daniel Cattran and Heather Reich: Secondary membranous glomerulonephritis64. Daniel Cattran and Heather Reich: Pathogenesis of membranous glomerulonephritis65. Kar Nen Lai and Sydney C. W. Tang: IgA nephropathy: Overview66. Kar Nen Lai and Sydney C. W. Tang: IgA nephropathy: Clinical features and diagnosis67. Kar Nen Lai and Sydney C. W. Tang: IgA nephropathy: Diagnosis68. Kar Nen Lai and Sydney C. W. Tang: IgA nephropathy: Treatment and outcome69. Kar Nen Lai and Sydney C. W. Tang: Pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy70. Neil Turner: Crescentic (rapidly progressive) glomerulonephritis71. Ciao Zhou, Neil Turner and Ming-hui Zhao: Anti-glomerular basement membrane disease: Overview72. Ciao Zhou, Neil Turnera and Ming-hui Zhao: Anti-glomerular basement membrane disease: Clinical features and diagnosis73. Ciao Zhou, Neil Turner and Ming-hui Zhao: Anti-glomerular basement membrane disease: Treatment and outcome74. Ciao Zhou, Neil Turner and Ming-hui Zhao: Pathogenesis of anti-glomerular basement membrane disease75. Neil Turner: Alport post-transplant anti-glomerular basement disease76. Bernardo Rodriguez-Iturbe and Mark Haas: Post-infectious glomerulonephritis: Overview77. Bernardo Rodriguez-Iturbe and Mark Haas: Post streptococcal glomerulonephritis78. Bernardo Rodriguez-Iturbe and Mark Haas: IgA dominant post-infectious glomerulonephritis79. Bernardo Rodriguez-Iturbe and Mark Haas: Glomerulonephritis associated with endocarditis, deep-seated infections and shunt nephritis80. T. Cook and Daniel Gale: Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis and C3 glomerulopathy81. Stephen Korbet, Melvin M.Schwartz and Edmund J. Lewis: Fibrillary and immunotactoid glomerulopathy82. Alexander Woywodt and Diana Chiu: Drug induced and toxic glomerulopathiesPart 4: The patient with interstitial disease83. Richard Baker: Acute TIN- Overview84. Hassan Izzedine and Victor Gueutin: Drug-induced acute TIN85. Gregory L. Braden and Benjamin J. Freda: Other toxic acute TIN86. Adalbert Schiller, Adrian Covic and Liviu Segall: Chronic TIN- Overview87. Hassan Izzedine and Victor Gueutin: Drug-induced chronic TIN88. Patrick C D'Haese, Benjamin Vervaet and A Verhulst: Heavy metals-induced TIN89. Refik Gokmen and Graham Lord: Aristolochic acid nephropathy caused by ingestion of herbal medicinal products90. Milan Radovic and Adalbert Schiller: Balkan endemic nephropathy91. Lisa Phipps and David C. Harris: Radiation nephropathy92. D. H. Kang and M. Kanbay: Urate nephropathy93. Liviu Segall and Adrian Covic: Immune-mediated TINPart 5: The patient with reduced renal function94. Ashish Upadyhah, Lesley Inker and Andrew Levey: Chronic kidney disease: Definition, classification and approach to management95. Morgan Grams and Josef Coresh: Chronic kidney disease in the Developed World96. LuXia Zhang and Haiyan Wang: Situation of chronic kidney disease in low income countries97. M. Beaulieu, C. Weber, N. Zalunardo and Adeera Levin: Chronic kidney disease long term outcomes: Progression, Death, Cardiovascular disease, hospitalisations and infections98. David Goldsmith: Overview of cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease99. Charles Ferro and Khai Ping Ng: Recommendations for management of high renal risk CKD100. Teena Tandon and Rajiv Agarwal: Hypertension as a cause of chronic kidney disease- what is the evidence?101. Juan Jesus Carrero, Xu Hong and Bengt Lindholm: Diet and the progression of chronic kidney disease102. Alan Jardine and Rajan Patel: Lipid disorders of patients with chronic kidney disease103. Stephan R. Orth: Smoking in chronic kidney disease104. Edmund Lamb and Finlay MacKenzie: Analytical aspects of measurements and laboratory values in chronic and acute kidney disease105. Andrew Williams, Robert Fassett, Erin Howden and Jeff Coombes: Effect of lifestyle modifications on patients with chronic kidney disease106. Naveet Kumar, Peter McCulloch, Heather Henderson and Beverly D. Cameron: Malnutrition, obesity and undernutrition in Chronic Kidney Disease107. Carmine Zoccali, Francesca Mallamaci and Davide Bolignano: Left ventricular hypertrophy in chronic kidney disease108. Reza Hajhosseini, Kaivan Korvath and David Goldsmith: Sudden cardiac death in chronic kidney disease109. Patrick Biggar, Hansjoerg Rothe and Markus Ketteler: Epidemiology of calcium, phosphate and PTH disturbances in chronic kidney disease110. Juan Jesus Carrero and Peter Stenvinkel: The role of inflammation in chronic kidney disease111. John Townend and Charles Ferro: Vascular stiffness in chronic disease - pathophysiology and implications112. Nostratoli Vaziri: Oxidative stress and its implications in chronic disease113. Thimoteus Speer and Danilo Fliser: Abnormal endothelial vasomotor and secretory function114. Neeraj Dhaun and David Webb: Endothelins and their antagonists in chronic kidney disease115. Stuart Sprague and Menaka Sarav: Overview of chronic kidney disease- mineral and bone disease116. Paulo Raggi and Luis'Marco Gascon: Imaging for detection of vascular disease in chronic kidney disease patients117. Alexandra Voinescu, Nadia Iqbal and Kevin Martin: Pathophysiology of chronic kidney disease- mineral and bone disorder118. Alexandra Voinescu, Kevin Martin, Nadia Iqbal and David Goldsmith: Management of chronic kidney disease- mineral and bone disorder119. Orlando Gutierrez: Fibroblast growth factor 23, klotho and phosphorus metabolism in chronic kidney disease120. Adrian Covic, Mugurel Apetrii , Luminita Voroneanu and David Goldsmith: Vascular calcification121. Alastair Hutchison and Michael L. Picton: Fractures in patients with chronic kidney disease122. Stuart Sprague and James Pullman: Spectrum of bone pathologies in chronic kidney disease123. Iain Macdougall: Clinical aspects and overview of renal anaemia124. Iain Macdougall and Jolanta Malyszko: Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in chronic kidney disease125. Jolanta Malyszko and Iain Macdougall: Iron metabolism in chronic kidney disease126. Iain Macdougall: Iron management in renal anaemia127. Kaivan Khavandi, Halima Amer, Sarah Withers and Behdad Afzali: Pleoitropic effects of Vitamin D128. Behdad Afzali and Claudia Kemper: Immunity129. Fabrizio Fabrizi and Michel Jadoul: The liver and chronic kidney disease130. Rishi Goel, Kamal Patel and Terry Wong: Gastroenterology and renal medicine131. Timur A. Galperin, Kieron S. Leslie and Antonia J. Cronin: Cutaneous manifestations of end-stage renal disease (ESRD)132. Tomas Agustsson and Paul Carroll: The patient with reduced renal function: Endocrinology133. Tomas Agustsson and Paul Carroll: Sexual dysfunction134. Fred Finkelstein and Susan Finkelstein: Health related quality of life and the patient with chronic kidney disease135. Seema Shrivastava, Beverley Hunt and Tony Dorling: Coagulopathies in chronic kidney disease136. Neil Turner: Mechanisms of progression of chronic kidney disese- overview137. Jeremy Hughes: Proteinuria as a direct cause of progression138. Valerie Luyckx: Nephron numbers and hyperfiltration as drivers of progression139. Wilhelm Kriz: Podocyte loss as a common pathway to chronic kidney disease140. Jeremy Duffield: Disordered scarring and failure of repair141. Raj Thuraisingham and Cormac Breen: Modality selection for renal replacement therapy142. Sue Cox and Nicola Thomas: Patient education and involvement in pre-dialysis management143. Muh Geot Wong, Bruce A. Cooper and Carol A. Pollock: Preparation for renal replacement therapy144. Karthik Tennankore and Chris Chan: Choices and considerations for in-centre versus home based renal replacement therapy145. Aine Burns and Fliss E.M. Murtagh: Conservative care in advanced chronic kidney disease146. Katie Vinen, Fliss E.M. Murtagh and Irene Higginson: Palliative care in end stage renal disease147. Bernadette Thomas and Christopher Blagg: Patient selection when resources are limited148. Muhammad Magdi Yaqoob: Acidosis in chronic kidney diseaseVOLUME 2Part 6: The patient with another primary diagnosis149. Luigi Gnudi, Giorgio Gentile and Piero Ruggenenti: The patient with diabetes mellitus150. Pierre M. Ronco: Kidney involvement in plasma cell dyscrasias151. Fabrizio Fabrizi and Patrice Cacoub: Cryoglobulinemia and kidney152. Helen J. Lachmann and Giampaolo Merlini: The patient with amyloidosis153. Efstathios Kastritis and M. A. Dimopoulos: The patient with myeloma154. Dirk R. J. Kuypers and Morie A. Gertz: Light chain deposition disease155. Fernardo Fervenza, S. Vincent Raj Kumar and Sethi Sanjeev: Other consequences from monoclonal immunoglobulins/fragments: Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis and Acquired Fanconi Syndrome156. Ravi Rajakaria and Muhammad Magdi Yaqoob: The patient with Sarcoidosis157. David Jayne: The patient with vasculitis- overview158. Peter Heeringa and Coen A. Stegeman: Pathogenesis of vasculitis159. Alan Salama: Primary systemic vasculitis: Clinical aspects160. Lorraine Harper and David Jayne: Treatment and outcome of the patient with vasculitis161. Johan van der Vlag and Jo H.M. Berden: The pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus162. Marie Condon, Philippa Dodd and Liz Lightstone: Clinical and investigations163. Frederic Houssiau: Treatment and outcome164. Bassam Alchi and David Jayne: Anti-phospholipid syndrome with or without lupus165. Aine Burns and Bernadette Lynch: The patient with scleroderma-systemic sclerosis166. Lesley-Anne Bissell, Dwomoa Adu and Paul Emery: The patient with RA, mixed connective tissue disease, polymyositis, Sjogren's syndrome and overlap syndrome167. Jean-Philippe Haymann and Francois Lionnet: The patient with sickle cell anemia168. Maarit Korkeila, Bengt Lindholm and Peter Stenvinkel: The obese patient (metabolic syndrome)169. Andres Cardenas and Pere Gines: Hepatorenal syndrome170. Paul Goodyer: Kidney/ear syndrome171. Friederike Mackensen, Vedat Schwenger and Heiko Billing: Kidney/eye172. Tim Eisen: Renal carcinoma and other tumors173. Christopher D. Mitchell: Wilms' tumor174. Marina Noris and Tim Goodship: The patient with HUS/TTPPart 7: The patient with urinary tract infection175. Neil Sheerin: Urinary tract infection in the adult176. Ased Ali and Rob Pickard: Infection of the lower urinary tract177. Mark Harber: Upper urinary tract infection178. Ased Ali and Rob Pickard: Complicated urinary tract infection179. Mark Harber: Urinary tract infection in a patient with a kidney transplant180. Heather Lambert: Urinary tract infection in infancy and childhood181. Rashad Barsoum: Schistosomiasis: The parasite and the host182. Rashad Barsoum: Schistosomiasis: Clinical impactPart 8: The patient with infections causing renal disease183. Vinay Sakhuja and Harbir Singh Kohli: Protozoa184. Marion Muche and Seema Baid-Agrawal: Hepatitis B185. Fabrizio Fabrizi: Hepatitis C186. Saraladevi Naicker and Graham Paget: HIV and renal disease187. Hung-Chun Chen, Jung-San Chang, Jan Clement and Piet Maes: Hantaviral infections-general introduction188. Jung-San Chang and Hung-Chun Chen: Dengue and other viral haemorrhagic fevers189. Norbert Lameire: Other viral diseases190. Emmanuel A. Burdmann: Spirochaetal diseases and diseases caused by Rickettsiae191. Rashad S. Barsoum: Schistosomiasis192. Raja Ramachandran and Vivekanand Jha: Nematode infections193. John Eastwood, Catherine M. Corbishley, John M. Grange: Mycobacterial infections194. John Eastwood, Catherine M. Corbishley, John M. Grange: Leprosy195. Raja Ramachandran and Vivekanand Jha: Renal involvement in other infectionsPart 9: The patient with urinary stone disease196. Eric Taylor and Gary Curhan: Epidemiology of nephrolithiasis197. Bhavna Chopra and Stanley Goldfarb: Approach to a patient with kidney stones198. David A. Bushinsky and Orson Moe: Calcium stones199. Michel Daudon and Paul Jungers: Uric acid stones200. Michel Daudon and Paul Jungers: Cystine stones201. Benjamin A. Vervaet and Marc E. De Broe: Cell biology of nephrocalcinosis/-lithiasis202. Bridget Sinnott, Naim Maalouf, Khashayar Sakhaee and Orson W. Moe: Medical management of nephrocalcinosis and nephrolithiasis203. Gauthier Raynal and Olivier Traxer: Imaging and interventional treatment - Urolithiasis from the surgeon's point-of-viewPart 10: The patient with hypertension204. Karlhans Endlich and Rodger Loutzenhiser: The structure and function of renal blood vessels205. Karlhans Endlich and Rodger Loutzenhiser: Regulation of vasomotor tone in the afferent and efferent arterioles206. Karlhans Endlich and Rodger Loutzenhiser: Tubuloglomerular feedback and autoregulation of renal blood flow and GFR207. O. Gonzalez-Albarrana and Luis M. Ruilopeb: The Kidney and control of blood pressure208. Ulrich Wenzel, Thorsten Wiech, Udo Helmchen: The effect of hypertension on renal vasculature and structure209. Helen Alderson, Constantina Chrysochou , James Ritchie, Philip Kalra: Ischaemic nephropathy210. James Ritchie, Darren Green, Constantina Chrysochou , Philip Kalra: Renal artery stenosis: clinical features and diagnosis211. James Ritchie, Darren Green, Constantina Chrysochou , Philip Kalra: Diagnosis of renal artery stenosis212. James Ritchie, Darren Green, Constantina Chrysochou , Philip Kalra: Management and outcome of renal artery stenosis213. Caroline Whitworth and Stewart Fleming: Malignant hypertension214. David Webb and Ian MacIntyre: Resistant hypertension215. Wolfgang Rascher: The hypertensive child216. Wolfgang Rascher: Treatment of hypertension in childrenPart 11: The patient with acute kidney injury (and critical care nephrology)217. Eric AJ Hoste and John A Kellum: Definitions, classification , epidemiology and risk factors of Acute Kidney Injury218. Michael S Goligorsky and Julien Maizel (with contributions by R Vasko, M Rabadi, and B Ratliff): Pathophysiology of acute kidney injury219. Norbert Lameire, Raymond Vanholder and Wim Van Biesen: Clinical approach to the patient with acute kidney injury: Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of AKI220. Norbert Lameire: The role of novel biomarkers in acute kidney injury221. Norbert Lameire: Prevention of acute kidney injury222. Achim Jorres, Dietrich Hasper and Michael Oppert: Non-dialytic management of the patient with acute kidney injury223. Achim Jorres, Dietrich Hasper, Michael Oppert: Fluid overload224. Achim Jorres, Dietrich Hasper, Michael Oppert: Electrolyte and acid-base disorders225. Achim Jorres, Dietrich Hasper, Michael Oppert: Coagulation disturbances226. Jang Won Seo and Ravindra L. Mehta: Renal replacement therapy in the patient with AKI (General introduction)227. Mark R Marshall: Intermittent acute renal replacement therapy228. Miet Schetz and Andrew Davenport: Continuous renal replacement therapy229. Wim Van Biesen: Peritoneal dialysis in acute kidney injury230. Angel Candela, Teresa Tenorio, Aurora Lietor, Fernando Liano: Scoring systems in acute kidney injury patients231. Norbert Lameire, Wim Van Biesen, Raymond Vanholder: Short and long-term overall outcome and renal prognosis of AKI232. Norbert Lameire: Overall and renal prognosis of acute kidney injury233. Alexander Fichtner and Franz Schaefer: Acute kidney injury in children234. Dinna N. Cruz, Anna Clementi and Mitchell H. Rosner: Acute kidney injury in the elderly235. Vivekanand Jha: Acute kidney injury in the tropics236. Jan Clement and Piet Maes: Acute kidney injury and hantavirus disease237. Norbert Lameire: Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) and acute kidney injury238. John Prowle and Rinaldo Bellomo: Acute kidney injury in severe sepsis239. Jeremiah R. Brown and Chirag R. Parikh: Cardiovascular surgery and acute kidney injury240. Douglas Stewart, Gaurav Shah, , Jeremiah R. Brown, Peter A. McCullough: Contrast induced acute kidney injury241. Vicente Arroyo, Monica Guevara, Javier Fernandez: Renal failure in cirrhosis. Pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment242. Dinna N. Cruz, Anna Giuliani and Claudio Ronco: Acute kidney injury in heart failure243. Soo Young Yoon and Ravindra L. Mehta: Acute kidney injury in specific situations: Pulmonary diseases244. Duska Dragun and Bjorn Hegner: Acute kidney injury in pregnancy245. Gilbert W. Moeckel, Veena Manjunath and Mark A. Perazella: Acute kidney injury in the cancer patient246. Mehmet Sukru Sever and Raymond Vanholder: Acute kidney injury in Polytrauma, and Habdomyolysis247. Nele Brusselaers, Eric AJ Hoste: Acute kidney injury in patients with severe burn injuryVOLUME 3Part 12: The patient on dialysis248. Griet Glorieux, Nathalie Neirynck, Anneleen Pletinck, Eva Schepers and Raymond Vanholder: Overview of uraemic toxins249. Jonathan Himmelfarb: Hemodialysis: An Overview250. Michael Allon: Vascular access251. Claudio Ronco and William R. Clark: Principles of hemodialysis252. Scott D. Bieber and Jonathan Himmelfarb: Hemodialysis prescription and assessment of adequacy253. Victor F. Seabra and Bertrand L. Jaber: Hemodialysis: Acute complications254. Francesco Locatelli, Celestina Manzoni, Giuseppe Pontoriero: Hemofiltration and Haemodiafiltration255. Arkadiy Pinkhasov, Michael J Germain and Lewis M. Cohen: Dialysis withdrawal and palliative care256. Alan S. Kliger and Rita Suri: Frequent Hemodialysis257. Rajnish Mehrotra and Jonathan Himmelfarb: Peritoneal dialysis: An overview258. Joanna Stachowska-Pietka, Jacek Waniewski and Bengt Lindholm: Principles of peritoneal dialysis and peritoneal physiology259. Anjali Bhatt Saxena: Peritoneal dialysis adequacy and prescription management260. Sara Dunsmore, Joanne Bargman: Non-infectious complications of peritoneal dialysis261. Allen R. Nissenson, John Moran and Robert Provenzano: Overview of dialysis patient management and future directions262. Gerard M. London: Cardiovascular complications in ESRD patients: Pathophysiological aspects263. Laura Labriola, Michel Jadoul and Eric Goffin: Infections in dialysis264. Manjula Kurella Tamura, Mark L. Unruh and Ea Wha Kang: Cognitive function, depression and psychosocial adaptation265. Rajiv Agarwal: Volume assessment and management in dialysis266. Carla Maria Avesani, Juan Jesus Carrero, Bengt Lindholm and Peter Stenvinkel: Nutritional screening and nutritional management in dialysis patientsPart 13: The transplant patient267. Peter J Morris and Jeremy R Chapman: The evolution of kidney transplantation268. Christophe Legendre: Pre-transplant assessment of the recipient269. Thomas Mone: Organ donation270. Richard DM Allen and Henry CC Pleass: Donor and recipient kidney transplantation surgery271. Thangamani Muthukumar,Darshana Dadhania, Choli Hartono and Manikkam Suthanthiran: Immunology, sensitisation and histocompatibility272. Simon R Knight and Rutger J Ploeg: Immediate post-transplant care and surgical complications273. Dirk R J Kuypers and Maarten Naesens: Immunosuppression, drugs and protocols274. Simon Gruenewald and Philip Vladica: Renal transplant imaging275. David N. Rush and Peter W. Nickerson: Rejection276. Camille Nelson Kotton: Infection: prophylaxis, diagnosis and management277. Emily P McQuarrie, Hallvard Holdaas, Bengt Fellstrom and Alan G Jardine: Cardiovascular disease: prophylaxis, diagnosis and management278. L.K. Henderson, B.J. Nankivell and J.R. Chapman: Chronic allograft dysfunction279. Germaine Wong and Angela C Webster: Cancer after kidney transplantation280. Grahame J Elder: Metabolic Bone Disease: prophylaxis, diagnosis and management281. Philip Clayton and Steven Chadban: Recurrent Renal Disease: prophylaxis, diagnosis and management282. Minnie M. Sarwal and Ron Shapiro: Paediatric renal transplantationPart 14: Renal disease at different stages of life283. Lesley Rees: Growth and development284. Stephen D Marks: The adolescent with renal disease: transition to adult services285. Kate Wiles and Catherine Nelson-Piercy: Contraception in patients with kidney disease286. Kate Bramham and Catherine Nelson-Piercy: Pregnancy and renal physiology287. Kate Bramham and Catherine Nelson-Piercy: Pregnancy in patients with chronic kidney disease and on dialysis288. Kate Wiles and Catherine Nelson-Piercy: Pre-eclampsia and related disorders289. Kate Wiles and Catherine Nelson-Piercy: Acute renal disease in pregnancy290. Kate Bramham and Catherine Nelson-Piercy: Specific renal conditions in pregnancy291. Kate Bramham and Catherine Nelson-Piercy: Pregnancy after renal transplantation292. Richard J. Glassock and Andrew D. Rule: The kidney in aging: Biology, anatomy, physiology and clinical relevancePart 15: The patient with genetic renal disease293. Frances Flinter: Ethical aspects of genetic testing294. Frances Flinter: Antenatal diagnosis and pre-implantation genetic testing295. Wolfgang Kuhn and Gerd Walz: The molecular basis of ciliopathies and cyst formation296. Yves Pirson and Olivier Devuyst: The adult with renal cysts297. Carsten Bergmann, N. Ortis-Bruchle, V. Frank, Klaus Zerres: The child with renal cysts298. Albert CM Ong and Richard Sandford: Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD)299. Albert CM Ong and Timothy Ellam: Clinical Features of Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease300. Richard Sandford: Diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease301. Young-Hwan Hwang and York Pei: Management of Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (including strategies to slow progression)302. Yves Pirson and Dominique Chauveau: Intracranial aneurysms in polycystic kidney disease: screening and management303. Joost Drenth and Tom Gevers: Management of cystic liver disease304. Carsten Bergmann and Klaus Zerres: Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) in children and young adults305. Carsten Bergmann and Klaus Zerres: Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD)306. Lukas Foggensteiner and Philip Beales: Bardet Biedl and other ciliopathies307. Coralie Bingham: Hepatocyte nuclear factor-1B (HNF1B; TCF2)308. John A Sayer: Nephronophthisis / medullary cystic kidney disease (overview)309. John A Sayer and Roslyn J Simms: Nephronophthisis including juvenile and infantile variants310. John A Sayer: Medullary cystic kidney disease and other autosomal dominant inherited interstitial kidney diseases311. Brunella Franco: Oral-facial-digital type I syndrome: a rare form of inherited renal cystic disease.312. Rachel Lennon and Neil Turner: The molecular basis of GBM disorders313. Laurence Heidet, Bertrand Knebelmann and Marie Claire Gubler: Alport syndrome: overview314. Laurence Heidet, Bertrand Knebelmann and Marie Claire Gubler: Clinical features of Alport Syndrome315. Laurence Heidet, Bertrand Knebelmann and Marie Claire Gubler: Diagnosis of Alport Syndrome316. Laurence Heidet, Bertrand Knebelmann and Marie Claire Gubler: Management of Alport Syndrome317. Laurence Heidet, Bertrand Knebelmann and Marie Claire Gubler: Thin GBM Nephropathy and other collagenopathies318. Laurence Heidet, Bertrand Knebelmann and Marie Claire Gubler: Nail-Patella syndrome319. Moin A Saleem and Corinne Antignac: Molecular Basis of Nephrotic Syndrome320. Tom Connor and Patrick Maxwell: The molecular basis of renal tumour syndromes321. Nick Hastie and Eve Miller-Hodges: WT1 and its disorders322. Bradley P. Dixon, J. Christopher Kingswood, and John J. Bissler: Tuberous sclerosis complex renal disease323. Tom Connor and Patrick Maxwell: HIF and renal disorders324. Tom Connor and Patrick Maxwell: Von Hippel Lindau syndrome: VHL disease325. Nicholas Medjeral-Thomas, Anna Richards and Matthew C. Pickering: The molecular basis of complement-mediated renal disease326. Robin Lachmann and Elaine Murphy: Inherited metabolic diseases and the kidney327. Stephen Waldek: Fabry disease overview and pathophysiology328. Stephen Waldek: Clinical Features of Fabry disease329. Stephen Waldek: Diagnosis of Fabry disease330. Stephen Waldek: Management and outcome of Fabry disease331. Elena N. Levtchenko and Mirian C. Janssen: Cystinosis332. Andrew Hall and Shamima Rahman: Mitochondrial diseases and the kidney333. Neil Turner, Teena Tandon and Rajiv Agarwal: ApoL1 and renal disease334. Neil Turner and Bertrand Knebelmann: MYH9 and renal diseasePart 16: The patient with structural and congenital abnormalities335. Paul Winyard: Human kidney development336. Oren Pleniceanu and Benjamin Dekel: Kidney stem cells337. Michiel Schreuder: Anatomical types of congenital anomalies: Overview of obstruction338. Michiel Schreuder: Renal agenesis339. Michiel Schreuder: Renal dysplasia340. Michiel Schreuder: Renal hypoplasia341. Michiel Schreuder: Normal variation in nephron numbers342. Michiel Schreuder: Renal tubular dysgenesis343. Michiel Schreuder: Congenital solitary functioning kidney344. Michiel Schreuder: Duplex, ectopic and horseshoe kidney345. Michiel Schreuder: Pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction and megaureter346. Michiel Schreuder: Posterior urethral valves347. 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Editorial Reviews

"A superb reference for nephrologists. Comprehensive, authoritative, well referenced and succinctly written text. Generously illustrated and delightfully bound in three volumes for the old fashioned reader with a CD-ROM of equal quality for the more modern. I would hate to be without it." --BMA Medical Book Competition 2006