Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology by Richard A. WattsOxford Textbook of Rheumatology by Richard A. Watts

Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology

EditorRichard A. Watts, Philip Conaghan, Chris Denton

Hardcover | November 15, 2013

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The field of rheumatology has undergone numerous exciting advances in recent years, especially the development of biological drugs with novel targets, made possible by rapid advances in the basic science of musculoskeletal diseases together with improved imaging techniques. This thoroughlyrevised fourth edition of the Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology reflects the changing face of the specialty and the many recent advances in the science, treatment, and understanding of rheumatic diseases. The focus of this comprehensive reference work is the presentation and management of rheumatic conditions at all ages. Where relevant, treatment approaches are evidence-based and cross-referenced to national and international guidelines. Each clinical chapter provides up-to-date treatment adviceillustrated with clinical vignettes as appropriate, and the authors consistently emphasize the overlap of rheumatology with other disciplines. With full colour illustrations throughout and a complementary online version, the Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology, Fourth Edition is an essential referencefor all trainees and specialists in the field.
Richard A. Watts is Clinical Senior Lecturer at University of East Anglia and Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, UK. Philip Conaghan is Consultant Rheumatologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK. Chris Denton is Professor of Experimental Rheumatology, Inflammation in the Division of Medicine at University College London, UK. Helen F...
Title:Oxford Textbook of RheumatologyFormat:HardcoverDimensions:1472 pages, 10.87 × 8.62 × 0 inPublished:November 15, 2013Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Section 1 Clinical presentations of rheumatic disease in different age groups1. Lori Tucker: The child patient2. Janet E. McDonagh: Young people and transitional care in rheumatology3. Paul Thompson: The adult patient4. Fraser Birrell: The elderly patient5. Helen Foster: Principles of clinical examination in children6. Lesley Kay: Principles of clinical examination in adultsSection 2 Common clinical problems of rheumatic disease7. Marc Lillicrap: Monoarticular disease8. Andrew Keat: Oligoarticular disease9. Ade Adebajo: Polyarticular disease10. Raashid Luqmani: The systemically ill patient11. Karl Gaffney: Spinal pain12. Candy McCabe and Helen Cohen: Pain and Fatigue13. Yuki Kimura: The limping child14. Athimalaipet Ramanan: The systemically unwell child15. Elspeth Wise: Primary care presentationSection 3 Clinical presentations: Views from different perspectives16. Monika Oestensen: Obstetrics and pregnancy17. Christopher Griffiths: The skin18. Andrew Graham and Clare Galton: The nervous system19. Gerry Coghlan: The cardiovascular system20. The respiratory system21. Gerhard Rogler: The gastrointestinal system22. Rainer Straub: The neuroendocrine system23. Clive Kelly: Malignancy24. Miles Stanford: The eye25. Mark Little: The kidney26. Stanton Newman: PsychologySection 4 The impact of rheumatic disease27. Deborah Symmons: Epidemiology of rheumatic diseases28. Piet van Riel: Assessment of rheumatic disease29. David L. Scott: Outcomes30. Vibeke Strand: Design of clinical trials in rheumatology31. Sonja Merkesdal and Wilfried Mau: Health economics32. Tuulikki Sokka: Co-morbidities of rheumatic disease33. Ross Wilkie: Social aspects (work)34. David Isenberg and Angela Zink: Biologics registries35. Kirsten Minden: Outcomes of paediatric rheumatic disease36. Ciaran Duffy: Assessment of paediatric rheumatic diseaseSection 5 Genetics and environment37. Anne Barton: Basics of genetics38. Cyrus Cooper: Environment39. Steffen Gay: Epigenetics40. Jane Worthington: Genetics of rheumatoid arthritis41. Matthew Brown: Genetics of Spondyloarthropathies42. Tim Vyse: Genetics of Connective tissue diseases43. Wendy Thomson and Anne Hinks: Genetics of juvenile rheumatic disease44. Alexander Macgregor: Genetics of osteoarthritis45. John McBeth: Genetics of chronic musculoskeletal painSection 6 Tissue in health and disease46. Mike Benjamin: The normal functional anatomy of joints47. Lindsey Hooper: Measuring movement and gait48. Reinhard Voll: Innate vs. acquired immunity49. Pierre Miossec: T Cellular side of acquired immunity (T cells)50. Thomas Dorner: Cellular side of acquired immunity (B cells)51. Chris Buckley: Fibroblasts and mesenchymal cells52. Costantino Pitzalis: Synovial pathology53. Georg Schett: Bone turnover54. Martin Rudwaleit: Enthesitis55. Robert Dinser: Skeletal muscle physiology and damage56. Thomas Pap: Joint biochemistry57. Justin Mason: Vascular biology58. Elena Neumann: Acute phase responses and adipocytokines59. Rainer Straub and Hans-George Schaible: Pain neurophysiology60. Lucy Wedderburn: The pathogenesis of juvenile idiopathic arthritisSection 7 Practical investigation of rheumatic disease61. Patrick Kesteven: Haematology62. Patrick Twomey: Biochemical investigation of rheumatic diseases63. Neil McHugh: Auto-immune serology64. Matthew Pickering: Complement65. Mike Benjamin: Limb anatomy and medical imaging66. Andrew Grainger: Radiographic imaging67. Phil Platt: Ultrasound68. Phil O'Connor: Magnetic resonance imaging69. Geoff Hide: Computed tomography70. Adil Al-Nahhas: Nuclear medicine71. Karl Johnson: Imaging in children72. Tony Freemont: Assessment of synovial joint fluid73. Benjamin Schreiber: Cardiopulmonary investigation74. Julian Blake: ElectrophysiologySection 8 Management of rheumatic disease75. David Walker: Patient education76. Sarah Ryan: Multidisciplinary treatment77. Kay Brune: Cyclooxygenase inhibitors78. Philip Conaghan: Analgesics79. Frank Buttgereit: Glucocorticoids80. Joanna Ledingham: Immunosuppressants81. Roy Fleischmann: Signalling pathway inhibitors82. Andrew Ostor: Anti-cytokine biologics83. John Isaacs: Cellular therapies84. Daniel Lovell: Biologics in paediatric rheumatic diseases85. Alan Tyndall: Stem cell therapies86. Andrew McCaskie: Tissue engineering87. Phil Platt: Injection therapy88. Dorothy Pattison: Diet and obesity89. Edzard Ernst: Alternative therapies90. Ian McNab: Principles of upper limb surgery91. Damien Griffin: Principles of lower limb surgery92. Jeremy Fairbank: Principles of spine surgery93. Loreto Carmona: Perioperative management of immunosuppression94. Van Assen: Vaccination in immunocompromised adults95. Nico Wulffraat: Vaccination in immunocompromised children96. Ravelli and Ruperto: Principles of management of juvenile idiopathic arthritis97. Tarnya Marshall: Anti-rheumatic drugs in pregnancy and lactationSection 9 Infection in rheumatic disease98. Max Field: Septic arthritis in adults99. Julia Clark: Bone and joint infections in children100. Jeremy Field: Osteomyelitis101. Andreas Krause: Lyme disease102. Stanley J. Naides: Viral arthritis103. Rita Abdulkader: Mycobacterial diseases104. Eliseo Pascual: Brucellar arthritis105. Yusuf Patel: Parasitic involvement106. Richard Watts: Fungal arthritis107. Susan Hopkins: Opportunistic infection108. Andrew C. Steer: Rheumatic feverSection 10 Rheumatoid arthritis109. Andy Cope: Pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis110. Daniel Aletaha: Rheumatoid arthritis - diagnosis111. Gerd Burmester: Rheumatoid arthritis - clinical features112. Chris Deighton: Rheumatoid arthritis - managementSection 11 Spondyloarthropathies113. Joachim Sieper: Ankylosing spondylitis114. Philip Helliwell: Psoriatic arthritis115. J.S. Hill Gaston: Reactive arthritis and enteropathic arthropathySection 12 Arthropathies primarily occuring in childhood116. Eileen Baildam: Juvenile idiopathic arthritisSection 13 Systemic lupus erythematosus117. Caroline Gordon: Systemic lupus erythematosus - clinical features and aetiopathogenesis118. David Isenberg: Systemic lupus erythematosus - management119. Michael Beresford: Paediatric onset systemic lupus erythematosus120. Munther A. Khamashta: The antiphospholipid antibody syndromeSection 14 Scleroderma121. Chris Denton: Systemic sclerosis122. Francesco Zulian: Paediatric scleroderma and related disorders123. Cate Orteu: Nephrogenic systemic fibrosisSection 15 Myositis124. Hector Chinoy: Polymyositis and dermatomyositis in adults125. Clarissa Pilkington: Paediatric polymyositis and dermatomyositis126. Mark Roberts: Non-inflammatory myopathiesSection 16 Sjogren's syndrome127. Simon Bowman: Sjogren's syndrome: clinical features128. Wan-fai Ng: Sjogren's syndrome: managementSection 17 Overlap/undifferentiated syndrome129. Ariane Herrick: Overlap/undifferentiated syndromeSection 18 Vasculitis130. Richard A.Watts: Classification and diagnosis131. Julia Holle: Clinical features of primary ANCA-associated vasculitis132. David Jayne: Treatment of ANCA vasculitis133. Carlo Salvarani: Large vessel vasculitis134. Bhaskar Dasgupta: Polymyalgia rheumatica135. Hasan Yazici: Behcet's syndrome136. Paul Brogan: Paediatric vasculitis137. Richard A. Watts: Miscellaneous vasculitidesSection 19 Osteoarthritis138. Tonia Vincent: Pathogenesis of osteoarthritis139. Mike Doherty: Clinical features of osteoarthritis140. Phil Conaghan: Osteoarthritis managementSection 20 Crystal arthropathies141. Nicola Dalbeth: Gout142. Ed Roddy: Calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition (CPPD)Section 21 Diseases of bone and cartilage143. David Reid: Osteoporosis144. Stuart Ralston: Paget's disease of bone145. Nick Bishop: Paediatric metabolic bone disease146. Ashok Bhalla: Disorders of bone mineralisation: Osteomalacia147. Craig Gerrand: Bone Tumours148. Stefan Rehart: Avascular necrosis149. Thomas Bardin: Renal osteodystrophy150. Paul Wordsworth: Skeletal dysplasiasSection 22 Regional rheumatic disease151. Andrew Ostor: Shoulder152. Karen Walker-Bone: Elbow153. Karen Walker-Bone: Forearm, hand and wrist154. Cathy Speed: Pelvis, groin and thigh155. Roger Wolman: Knee156. Tony Redmond: Foot and ankle157. David Walsh: Cervical and lumbar spine158. Kristin Houghton: Childhood regional conditions159. Alan Hakim: Hypermobility syndromes160. Nick Shenker: Fibromyalgia and chronic widespread pain syndromes: adult onset161. Jacqui Clinch: Fibromyalgia and chronic widespread pain syndromes: adult onset162. Nicola Maffulli: Sports and exercise injuriesSection 23 Miscellaneous conditions163. Phil Hawkins: Amyloidosis164. Helen Lachmann: Auto-inflammatory diseases165. Cord Sunderkotter: Panniculitides166. Thomas Krieg: Neutrophilic dermatoses167. Joachim Mueller-Quernheim: Sarcoidosis168. Alexei Grom: Macrophage activation syndrome169. Hermann Einsele: Multicentric reticulohistiocytosis170. Bernard Manger: Inherited metabolic diseases171. Gerry Rayman: The rheumatological manifestations of endocrine disorders172. David Rees: Haemoglobinopathies173. Graeme Carroll: Haemochromatosis