Paediatric Rheumatology by Helen E. FosterPaediatric Rheumatology by Helen E. Foster

Paediatric Rheumatology

EditorHelen E. Foster, Paul A. Brogan

Paperback | July 6, 2012

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Paediatric Rheumatology is an indispensible resource for the identification and management of specific rheumatological disorders. As well as covering common and rare rheumatological problems, there are also chapters on investigations and emergencies, designed for quick reference.This new, updated edition includes dedicated topics on systemic diseases affecting rheumatology; the relevant clinical guidelines and information needed for a rheumatologist to successfully management a young patient; and, a coloured section for guidance on rash-related investigations. PaediatricRheumatology is also fully endorsed by the British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology and the UK Paediatric Rheumatology Clinical Studies Group.
Helen Foster is Professor Paediatric Rheumatology at Newcastle University and Honorary Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She trained initially in adult rheumatology and subsequently paediatric rheumatology with a Clinical Fellowship in Vancouver, Canada. She was appointed Consultant in paed...
Title:Paediatric RheumatologyFormat:PaperbackDimensions:480 pages, 7.09 × 3.94 × 0 inPublished:July 6, 2012Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

IntroductionHelen Foster and Paul Brogan: The purpose of this bookPrefaceMichael Beresford: The UK Paediatric Rheumatology Clinical Studies GroupJoanna Worsfield, Katherine Ventnor and Sharon Douglas: The role of the consumer in clinical researchGavin Cleary: The British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent RheumatologyHelen Foster: Training in paediatric rheumatology in the UKClinical skills and assessmentSabrina McHale and Kimme Hyrrich: Epidemiology of musculoskeletal conditionsSharmila Jandial and Helen Foster: History taking and approaches to assessmentLiz Hardy, Alwyn Abraham and Helen Foster: Normal variants and approaches to assessmentTalal Ibrahim, Helen Foster and Alwyn Abraham: The Gait Cycle and abnormal gait patternsSharmila Jandial and Helen Foster: pGALS - A screening musculoskeletal assessmentTim Rapley and Helen Foster: pREMS - A regional musculoskeletal assessmentMadeleine Rooney: Musculoskeletal ultrasound and inflammatory arthritisTariq Chaudry and Alex Tabor: Autoantibodies and rheumatic diseaseBeverly Almeida: Thermography in rheumatic diseaseTaunton Southwood: Capillaroscopy in rheumatic diseaseNick Wilkinson: Outcome measures in paediatric rheumatologyNick Wilkinson: The Childhood Health Assessment ScoreCommon and important clinical problemsKate Martin: Non-accidental injury and musculoskeletal presentationsOrla Killeen: MalignancyTom Beckinsale and Craig Gerrand: Bone tumoursAnne-Marie McMahon: Bone and joint infectionsSanjay Patel and Mario Abinun: Infections and immunocompromisedTalal Ibrahim and Alwyn Abraham: FracturesEve Smith and Helen Foster: Limping childJo May, Helen Connell and Jacqui Clinch: Pain syndromesHelen Foster: Growing painsMark Wood: Pyrexia of unknown originKirsty Haslam and Sue Wyatt: Back painKirsty Haslam and Sue Wyatt: ScoliosisAkhila Kavirayani and Penny Davis: Hip pain and hip problemsAndrea Myers and Liz Hardy: Knee painRichard Brough: Foot and ankle problemsKate Armon: Joint hypermobilityJuvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)Anne Hinks and Wendy Thomson: Genetics and JIAKiran Nistala and Lucy Wedderburn: Immunology and aetiology of JIAMary Cruikshank and Paul Galea: JIA classificationsTania Amin and Joyce Davidson: JIA subtypesMary Cruikshank and Joyce Davidson: Prognostic indicatorsJanet Gardner-Medwin: Adult JIA and practical surgical issuesRichard Hull: Treatment approaches in JIATania Amin and Jo Walsh: Treatment pathways for the management of JIADaniel Fishman and Flora McErlane: The Juvenile Arthritis Disease Activity ScoreSystemic diseases: VasculitisAlex Tabor and Paul Brogan: Vasculitis classificationAlex Tabor and Paul Brogan: Vasculitis epidemiologyKaren Wynne and Paul Brogan: Vasculitis investigationDespina Eleftheriou and Paul Brogan: Vasculitis treatmentStephen Marks and Paul Brogan: Henoch Schonlein purpuraDespina Eleftheriou and Paul Brogan: Kawasaki diseaseDespina Eleftheriou and Paul Brogan: ANCA associated vasculitidesMichael Dillon and Paul Brogan: Polyarteritis nodosaMichael Dillon and Paul Brogan: Cutaneous polyarteritis nodosaDespina Maritsi and Paul Brogan: Takayasu arteritisEmily Boulter and Paul Brogan: Behcet's DiseaseDespina Eleftheriou and Paul Brogan: Cerebral vasculitisDespina Eleftheriou and Paul Brogan: Other vasculitidesDespina Eleftheriou and Paul Brogan: Vasculitis mimics: Non-inflammatory vasculopathiesSystemic diseases: Juvenile systemic lupus erythematosusClare Pain and Michael Beresford: Epidemiology and aetiologyClare Pain and Michael Beresford: Clinical features and diagnostic criteriaClare Pain and Michael Beresford: Assessment and disease monitoringClare Pain and Michael Beresford: General approach to managementStephen Marks and Paul Brogan: Lupus nephritisClare Pain and Michael Beresford: Neonatal lupusPaul Brogan: B-Cell depletion therapyClare Pain and Michael Beresford: BILAG 2004Clare Pain and Michael Beresford: SLEDAI 2000 Disease Activity IndexClare Pain and Michael Beresford: SLICC/ACR Paediatric Damage IndexSystemic diseases: Connective tissue diseasesDaniel Hawley and Eileen Baildam: Scleroderma and morphoeaClodagh Lowry, Sue Maillard and Clarissa Pilkington: Juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM)Jimmy Peters and Debajit Sen: Overlap syndromesDespina Eleftheriou and Paul Brogan: Antiphospholipid syndromeAlison Kelly, Athimalaipet Ramanan and Clive Edelsten: UvetisSystemic diseases: Autoinflammatory diseases and immunodeficiencyHelen Lachmann and Patricia Woof: Periodic fever/Auto-inflammatory syndromesFlora McErlane and Gavin Cleary: Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitisNeil Martin and Paul Brogan: SarcoidosisAlison Kelly and Athimalaipet Ramanan: Macrophage activation syndromeSanjay Patel and Mario Abinun: Primary immunodeficiencySystemic diseases: MiscellaneousAlice Chieng and Edmond Wraith: Mucopolysaccharides and mucolopidosesMary Cruikshank and Janet Gardner-Medwin: Chromosomal disordersKhulood Khawaja: Cystic fibrosisKathy Bailey: Inflammatory bowel diseaseBone diseases, skeletal dysplasias and disorders of collagenNick Bishop and Madeleine Rooney: Metabolic bone diseaseJennifer Campbell and Michael Wright: Skeletal dysplasiasDeborah Eastwood: OsteochrondrosesNeil Martin and Nathan Hasson: Heritable disorders of connective tissueInfection and immunisationValentina Leone and Julia Clark: Tuberculosis and mycobacterial infectionsAnand Patel and Rangaraj Satyapal: Rheumatic feverAlice Leahy and Sue Connell: Lyme diseaseSophie Hambleton: Varicella zosterKishore Warrier and Mario Abinun: Immunization schedules and the immunocompromisedThe multi-disciplinary approach to managementTania Amin and Jo Walsh: The multi-disciplinary teamGill Jackson and Ruth Wyllie: The role of the clinical nurse specialistSue Maillard: The role of the physiotherapistCarolyn McTimoney: The role of the occupational therapistJill Ferrari: The role of the podiatristAmparo Cavelle and Janet McDonagh: Transitional careSpecialised therapeutic approachesClive Ryder: Intra-articular injectionsJane Kelly and Liza McCann: Biological therapiesLiz Stratton and Helen Venning: Approvals for use of biologics (NICE)Catrin Barker and Utpal Shah: Drug formulations for childrenSanjay Patel and Mario Abinun: Haematopoetic stem cell rescueBSPAR clinical guidelines and protocolsKaren Davies: BSPAR standards of careHelen Strike and Pam Whitworth: BSPAR drug information leaflets for parents and familiesMark Friswell: BSPAR clinical guidelines for medicationsSophia King: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugsDaniel Hawley and Rangaraj Satyapal: MethotrexateAkhila Kavirayani and Jacqui Clinch: SulphasalazineTania Amin and Jo Walsh: HydroxychloroquineMark Friswell: Mycophenolate mofetilEthan Sen and Athimalaipet Ramanan: CyclosporineJoanne May and Jacqui Clinch: AzathioprineMark Friswell: CyclophosphamideMark Friswell: PamidronateMark Friswell: IloprostMark Friswell: EtanerceptMark Friswell: InfliximabMark Friswell: AdalimumabMark Friswell: AnakinraMark Friswell: CanakinumabMark Friswell: AbataceptMark Friswell: TocilizumabFlora McErlane and Liza McCann: RituximabMark Friswell: CorticosteroidsNeil Martin and Sophia King: MethylprednisoloneMary Cruikshank and Joyce Davidson: Intra-articular corticosteroidsMark Friswell: Intra-muscular corticosteroids