Paint Another Murder: The Cold Brush Stroke 3

Paint Another Murder: The Cold Brush Stroke 3

Kobo ebook | January 10, 2014

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SHE IS THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY... OR SO SHE THOUGHT A GROTESQUE PANORAMA DRENCHED IN BLOOD The serial killer has again pounced, and again has hit on the wrong woman. Kit has now whisked Sarah away to his own formidable penthouse, with his select cops as guards, and the security top notch. A bit more about the killer is revealed, and he is very near, watching and planning. As Sarah and Kit reveled in the security of the penthouse, they also reveled in the consummation of their desire for each other, over and over, the same way that they let the feelings take over. And as they glory in each other’s arms, the killer is loose, penetrating their defenses in a way they never thought he could. And he is just a breath away from painting the gruesome image of Sarah’s murder that has already played in his mind over and over and over.... If you wish to read more, download now! This series contains GRAPHIC sexual content that readers may find objectionable, including explicit language, violence, and erotic themes. EXCERPT I took a deep breath myself. “So what are you saying?” “I suppose I was feeling a little bit insecure, because most women... when they find out that I have money... only date me because of it.” He was looking at me, too, and the slight frowning of my eyebrows seemed to worry him. “Oh God, I’m botching this. Not that I believe you’re like that... what I’m saying is that... I’m not sure how to make you happy. I hadn’t had enough practice at a lasting relationship and I really want this to work.” “You do?” He nodded. “I do.” “Oh... for a moment there I thought you’re breaking up with me.” He groaned. “I just told you, didn’t I? I suck at this.” I was laughing. “No, you’re perfect. But what if I am indeed a gold digger? You don’t really know me that well. We’ve only known each other for a few days...” He was smiling at me so tenderly that it took my breath away. “Deep down, I know that you are not like that, and I think that I'm more afraid that you are going to leave me. If I could make it so that you never do, I would gladly give up my entire fortune to be with you.” “Oh, Kit... no, you didn’t have to. I only dig books, not gold. Your fortune’s safe.” “I can buy you boatloads of books.” I laughed again. “But you see, you’re lying.” The smile left his face. “What?” “It’s not true that you suck. What is true is that you’re a natural at this. I’ve never felt so... special. I feel so lucky that I’ve met someone like you, Kit.” I sighed. “I lied, too, you know.” “About what?” he asked, more confused now since he seemed to be not over yet about what I first had said. I couldn’t believe that someone like him, handsome and sensitive and rich, could be so insecure! “It’s not true that I only dig books... I also dig you, Kit Sorensen.” Download and discover why readers follow Lily Green. Scroll up and get the book now!
Title:Paint Another Murder: The Cold Brush Stroke 3Format:Kobo ebookPublished:January 10, 2014Publisher:Sandra RossLanguage:English

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