Pancatantra: The Book of India's Folk Wisdom by Patrick OlivellePancatantra: The Book of India's Folk Wisdom by Patrick Olivelle

Pancatantra: The Book of India's Folk Wisdom

EditorPatrick Olivelle

Paperback | September 27, 2009

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The Pancatantra is the most famous collection of fables in India and was one of the earliest Indian books to be translated into Western languages. No other Indian work has had a greater influence on world literature, and no other collection of stories has become as popular in India itself. Asignificant influence on the Arabian Nights and the Fables of La Fontaine, the Pancatantra teaches the principles of good government and public policy through the medium of animal stories. Its positive attitude towards life and its advocacy of ambition, enterprise, and drive counters anypreconception of passivity and other-worldliness in ancient Indian society. Patrick Olivelle presents the Pancatantra in all its complexity and rich ambivalence, examining central elements of political and moral philosophy alongside the many controversial issues surrounding its history, including its numerous versions and translations, and the reconstruction of the originaltext by Franklin Edgerton. This new translation vividly reveals the story-telling powers of the original author, while detailed notes illuminate aspects of ancient Indian society and religion to the non-specialist reader.
Patrick Olivelle is Director of the Center for Asian Studies and Professor of Sanskrit and Indian Religions at the University of Texas, Austin. He translated and edited Upanishads is World's Classics.
Title:Pancatantra: The Book of India's Folk WisdomFormat:PaperbackDimensions:256 pages, 7.72 × 5.08 × 0.62 inPublished:September 27, 2009Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

IntroductionSoruces, Author, and DateStructure and ContentThe Characters of the PancatantraThe Political and Moral Philosophy of the PancatantraVersions and TranslationsNote on the TranslationBibliographyGuide to the Pronunciation of Sanskrit WordsPANCATANTRAThe Prelude to the StoryBook I: On Causing Dissension Among AlliesStory 1: The Monkey That Pulled the WedgeStory 2: The Jackal That Tried to Eat a DrumStory 3: The Adventures of an AsceticSub-Story 3.1: The Ascetic and the RogueSub-Story 3.1.1: How the Battling Rams Killed the Greedy JackalSub-Story 3.2: A Weaver Cuts the Nose of a BawdStory 4: How the Crows Killed the SnakeSub-Story 4.1: The Crab Cuts Off the Heron's HeadStory 5: The Hare That Outwitted the LionStory 6: How the Louse Got Killed Trying to be Nice to a BugStory 7: How the Lion's Servants Got the Camel KilledStory 8: How the Sandpiper Defeated the OceanStory 8.1: The Turtle and the GeeseStory 8.2: The Fate of Three Fish: Far-sighted, Quick-witted, and InevitableStory 9: The Bird That Tried to Advise a MonkeyStory 10: Two Friends and Betrayed TrustSub-Story 10.1: How the Mongooses Ate the Heron's ChicksStory 11: The Iron-Eating MiceBook II: On Securing AlliesStory 1: The Ascetic and the MouseStory 1.1: The Woman Who Traded Sesame for SesameSub-Story 1.1.1: How the Greedy Jackal Died Eating a BowstringStory 2: How Cigtranga Got Caught in a TrapBook III: On War and Peace: The Story of the Crows and the OwlsStory 1: The Ass in a Leopard's SkinStory 2: The Owl is Elected King of BirdsSub-Story 2.1: The Hare Bluffs the ElephantSub-Story 2.2: Partridge and Hare Take their Case to the CatStory 3: How the Rogues Tricked the BrahminStory 4: The Old Merchant and his Young WifeStory 5: The Thief, the Ogre, and the BrahminStory 6: How the Unfaithful Wife Tricked her Foolish HusbandStory 7: The Mouse That Turned into a GirlStory 8: Frogs Go for a Ride on the Back of a SnakeBook IV: On Losing What You Have GainedStory 1: The Ass without Ears or a HeartBook V: On Hasty ActionsStory 1: Building Castles in the AirStory 2: The Barber Who Killed the MonksAppendicesI: Concordance of StoriesII: Stories in Other Pancatantra VersionsExplanatory NotesGlossary of NamesIndex